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I figured I would drop a line in here, as my friends list is so dead that posts drop off because they're so old, leaving a cold, bare page.


Been 'round these parts for quite some time, though I only started posting more recently.

~ 32 years old
~ musician - I sing, play guitar, bass, piano, mandolin, flute.
~ until recently, I was a full-time student and part-time retail worker. I'm currently taking a break from getting my nursing degree (after switching my major to music and then back again) and working graveyards at the lovely neighborhood OfficeMax.

Urm... anything other than that can pretty much be revealed in my user info and/or posts.


Hi from spike

Nice to have ya here.

What kind of music do you play?
I used to play mostly folk on guitar with bits of harmonica, piano, and I found banjo to be 'easy' to pick up.
I haven't played in years though.

I enjoy most kinds of music.

Re: Hi from spike

i hereby promise to send you the mercury trees next album when its finished

Musician is very cool!

And so is nurse, we need more nurses, that's for sure.
Isn't the night shift fun? I do home care, and have practically become nocturnal as a result...