[info]0vary in [info]07refugees

on livejournal, i was the mighty 0vary.

but a couple stoopid "spam" problems,
and she was killed with permanent suspension.
i didnt leave after that, though i wanted to --

but after this last thing that went down,
oooooo, i was OUT.

my names there were
mosspiglet, prantives, preservedmoose, && f0lll0w ...

i hope to meet more people, preferrably awesome, so thank you

(i like art and photography and knitting and crochet and general art of "making stuff" -- any ij art journal recommendations will be taken appreciatively)


Hi Ov

Yes I remember Moss Piglet from the lj_news comments.
Did you get killed from there agin or just left cuz of the bullcrap?
I swear Barat Berko must be married to one of them women over at W4I.

I do computer art, digital photography, and crocheting. My journal at ij I am just setting up.
What kind of art do you like?