Nov. 29th, 2007


so far, RSS feeds are unaffected

I used an old RPG account on LJ, wrote a fairly smutty entry, and marked it as Adult Explicit. But the feed seems to be just fine. Maybe they'll do something to it later, but in the meantime, any minor could read any journal via rss without going through an age challenge. My example: [info]mean_prof.

Sep. 23rd, 2007


Open ID and friends locked posts

I was hoping someone here could help with a problem.

I understood, perhaps wrongly, that someone on LiveJournal could friend an InsaneJournal user's open ID and then, if the IJ user subscribed to the LJ user's feed, she would see friends-locked posts on her IJ friends page.

However, [info]happier_bunny logged into LJ with as her OpenID identity, and made a comment on a post on my LJ. Then she subscribed to a feed of my LJ, but cannot see my friends locked posts, even though I friended her open ID.

Did we do this wrong?

Should we have used instead, for instance? Or did we just get the whole process wrong?

Thank you.

Aug. 12th, 2007


RSS Feeds

How to set how much of your LJ posts are visible via RSS:

and probably

There's an admin console command, set synlevel < level >, which allows you to choose how much of your journal posts are syndicated via RSS feeds. The < level > can be "full", for the entire entry, "summary" for the first paragraph, or "title" for only the entry subject.

So if you have friends using RSS NewsReaders and you'd like them to be able to read your entire post (especially if they're using FeedReader and can see flocked posts) then: set synlevel full

Aug. 9th, 2007


link list: site features and settings

A while ago I did a post in my journal trying to list helpful links concerning Insanejournal.

Right now there are links about:
basics (for example searching the FAQ, ToS and sitemap), insanejournal (settings and viewing options), rss feeds, client(s), abuse (how to report abuse and protect your journal from harassment), mood theme, to-do-list and posting via email.

I'm going to update the list regularly.
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Aug. 6th, 2007


Important- Caution about creating RSS feeds

We’re trying to get the word out that folks should NOT use actual usernames when creating RSS feeds from LJ to other services, as it may block those folks from creating new accounts at IJ (and presumably GJ and JF as well). Seems the RSS feed creates a “dummy account” at in order to feed out the incoming entries. More info at and in comments further down the entries.

Some of these RSS feeds at IJ now have a number of people who have picked them up. According to the response I got from IJ support, no one can delete the actual RSS feeds but the sysadmin. Anyway, I suggest that if you have tried to create an IJ (or GJ) account and found yourselves blocked, leave a comment here, so there is a list for the support ticket. Or even just to see if there are enough folks to affected to put in a support ticket.

And, just in case, if you're at IJ and have subscribed to a feed for someone who appears on the suport ticket list, you might want to check for a username variant in already place and switch to that instead, just in case the IJ sysadmin will delete some feeds for folks.

Aug. 1st, 2007


RP-related feeds from LJ

Cross-Posted to [info]syn_promo.

Most of these are related to RPing on LJ, with one exception:

[info]nexus_rpg_lj (Please note that [info]the_nexus_rpg exists on IJ as well, RP community)

[info]d_m Dear Multiverse @ LJ (RP community)

[info]dmooc_lj Dear Multiverse OOC @ LJ (RP community, OOC)

[info]sages_lj Sages of Chaos @ LJ (RP community)

[info]elric_apts_lj Elric Apartments @ LJ (RP community)

[info]fandomtossed_gj Fandomtossed @ GJ