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Hi, been reading the "why I am here" and just had some thoughts.

In post 18685 http://blasphemy-blue.insanejournal.com/ commented 'and never let Livejournal isolate us again.'

I think that was what always bugged me about LJ. I was given "codes" early on, and one I filled out. Never posted. Never felt really welcome there. Joined a yahoogroups list that was heavily into LJing. So I reactivated (read: started using) my 2nd account set up over there. But still, LJ felt like a clique. "all the cool people are on LJ" and that just bugged the crap out of me. And JF doesn't appeal to me, cause the "fen". I do a lot of FYI about my RL. Welcome or not, that puts me off.

Maybe IJ is just still small enough, but it feels more comfortable. I tried GJ; it always took to long to load and stuff. Plus. GJ has it's own problems (loading/downtime/Missing icons...) I know part of it is Squeaky. He's very friendly, and sent me personal thanks early on for supporting the site. That meant a lot to me.

I did come over during the strikethrough. I was not personally affected, but know some folks who were. IJ was mentioned somewhere...Stewardess, maybe, as a good, cheap alternative. And after filling out 1 trouble ticket about a weird screen, I used another code, and it works fine.

I moved my unused comms here, too. TheGenGate and AtlantisGenGate. For Gen Stargate stuff. Got a couple members. Not concerned. *GG* Thinking about a seperate journal, too, for just my writing. Should have thought about that before Squeaky raised his rates *gasp!* :-))

Hope that was enough rambles for you guys. I'm hot and tired and kinda grumpy.


Sticky, hot hugs back!

That line just kinda made something snap in my brain. I am only allowed 1 rambly rant per day. I think IJ made me exceed my quota. :-))
I did come over during the strikethrough. I was not personally affected, but know some folks who were.

I came here at that time for the same reason.

Maybe IJ is just still small enough, but it feels more comfortable. I tried GJ; it always took to long to load and stuff. Plus. GJ has it's own problems (loading/downtime/Missing icons...) >

I never could settle at GJ, most of the time I can never post or read anything because it always times out on me.
During the first lj fuck up this year I watched and figured hey they eventually sorted it all out, most people were back up, everyone makes mistakes, right? What worried me most was the way they handled it, they talked to the media before their customers, they had non lawyers 'clarifying' their legal guidelines and so on.

And now they're messing up again, I see Brad is jumping ship, the down time was not entirely their fault but who the hell doesn't have back ups and besides the status page barely said anything about LJ beyond whether it was working or not, made me feel like LJ isn't that high on their list of priorities....

IJ is so nice and friendly, everyone is welcoming, squeaky seems like a great guy ... I bought my permanent account just in case back during the first mess and now I'm moving everything here. I'll still post on lj (I'm in too many lj challenges not to) but in my heart (and head) lj is now my second journal, the place I mirror things to, not my main journal. That's my IJ.

If fandom get something set up then I'll probably sign up there too, but IJ feels more like home. And it seems remarkable free of the annoying squeeing teenagers who insist on text speak, which is what I alway associated LJ with.

If it hadn't been for my adorable cowriter finding the slashmetwice LJ challenge and using her puppy eyes on me until I agreed to sign up I likely wouldn't have got an LJ in the first place because I always associated it with stupid teenagers.

*smooches the gator again* Thanks for pointing me towards this place hon.

Oh and all my challenge comms are here now too.
Smootchies you back!

If a certain Gator were to get your coauthor a perm account, you think we could convince her to move her cute little butt over here?

I found all your comms. Allie has some catching up to do! And Allie just signed up for a new one here. Trying to support IJ comms.

I am mainly putting my fic, when I get back to it, here. Will link back over here at LJ. And check my friends there. Gotta have the quizzes. *GG*
Currently her main problem is lack of time I think. she says she barely has time to keep up with LJ, but since I am posting our fic over here I'm sure we could talk her into it.

You're a very generous gator *tossesa burrito*. *huggles*

I just posted to the promo comm about my four asylums and I love that bit on the front page with the most recent asylums created and most recent asylum posts. I already got a member from that!
I like your rambles here so much I added you. I hope you don't mind.
Yeah, I friended you back. Not always so rambly, though. Odd sort of day today.

Your pic looks familiar... any idea why? I am SnufflesDBear on LJ.

You asked me about Taco Cabana in Fort Wayne a few weeks back. Perhaps that's why?
AH, yes. I have a very bad memory problem. Now I remember. :-)

Taco Cabana always makes me start singing Barry Manilow and the CopaCabana.
LMAO!!!!! Me too!!!!

"At the Taco.... Taco Cabana...."
Meh. The whole Strikethrough mess is kind of why I made [info]rubyfruit_taste. I kind of didn't want to wind up getting banhammered for my 'fics, so I moved 'em all on over to IJ.

I have many friends on LJ, and I did not want to lose touch with them, so my LJ's still up. I also have a decent number of communities over there as well. Fortunately, some of my friends have either made InsaneJournal their home, or at least their Worse Case Scenario bunker.

I think I like it better here than LiveJournal. I don't know why, though.

(I think I'm rambling...)
(....Ah, whatever)

BGM: "Danzai no Hana ~Guilty Sky~" by Kosaka Riyu

I have three permanent accounts here now, and also bought one for a friend.