May. 11th, 2010


GJ 07 revisited?

It seems that as of this entry, ij is having little or no notifications, the icons are all down, the site is slowly loading up.

Sound familiar?

Dec. 10th, 2007


Re: GreatestJournal Refugees...

I noticed we have 2 (TWO) asylums for GJers to find each other: [info]findgjers and [info]gjmeetup. The first was created on 12/09, the second on 12/10.

None of them has GJ or GreatestJournal listed as an interest -- actually, there are no listed interests at all. One of the maintainers set up a welcome post, so I left a comment. The other, I don't know.

Again, please don't forget to list relevant interests, so users are able to find you via the interest search. Not only is it a great help for networking, it would also avoid redundancy.

To all the GJ RolePlayers: IJ STILL HAS COMMENT ROT. This means your comments might disappear without notice. (Eta: I don't mean the problem of comments sometimes not showing up right after you posted them; this can be solved simply by commenting again: both comments show up, delete the redundant one. What I mean is that weeks or months after posting, comments or whole comment threads are gone.)

It won't be fixed until the next code update goes live. I've written about this before ("Known Site Issues"). I know it sucks; at the moment there's always at least one downside no matter which journaling service you choose. :(


Dear [info]07refugees mod (*waves @ [info]keieeeye*): Would it be possible to update the profile page, and perhaps create a sticky post on top of the page (some journal styles, e.g. Unearthed, allow for that) with the most important rules, necessary information, and asylum links? (I'll gladly help if needed.)


Comment lag

Don't freak out if you post a comment and it doesn't appear right away - Squeaky added a second webserver and they're still coming into sync. The comment is there, you just need to wait a few minutes and refresh.

ETA, a whole few seconds later: Never mind, he thinks he's found the problem and fixed it. :)

Dec. 4th, 2007


"InsaneJournal: A Beginner's Guide"

(I hope this is appropriate for this place -- if not, feel free to delete it.)

With the recent influx of new users, I thought I'd post some sort of "Beginner's Guide" for InsaneJournal. The entry is divided into five parts: 1. a "prequel" on leaving LJ, 2. link roundups, 3. things to keep in mind before creating a new asylum or feed, 4. places to find asylums or users, and 5. known site issues. You can read it here.

Aug. 31st, 2007


Known bugs

I seem to still have some time before I'm dragged out to go ice-skating, so. These are the bugs that are coming through Support most often, and are being worked on. [info]squeaky is going to have a major update of the code pretty soon, and apparently it will fix the disappearing comments, among other things.

1. Disappearing comments on posts. *points up* Being fixed.

2. The "half logged-in" bug on the update page, where you can't choose the "post to:" journal or an icon. I've asked about this on Squeaky's post and I'll edit in later what he says, but it's a bad enough one that presumably it's pretty high on the list of things to fix. - This is a Firefox error. See comments for [info]snakeling's note on how to fix it.

3. The notification centre. Completely borked. I asked about this too, but I'm not sure of the status of it yet. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon, a lot of people have been asking about it. Will be in this coming update.

4. Error codes when accessing pages, I'm pretty sure most of that has already been fixed, but if you come across more obviously tell Support. I think there was something about 404 errors clicking links as well, and I had an idea that this was something to do with the Clean site layout.

The next site update will also allow for embedding videos in posts, for those of you who like those. :)


Aug. 11th, 2007


IJ sitescheme customisation

I've seen a lot of people saying that the siteschemes on InsaneJournal are eye-searing, so I made a tutorial on how to prettify them.

Unfortunately, this tutorial is only valid for people using Firefox, Opera or Epiphany. I *think* there's a way to make it work on Safari, so if someone could test it and write a tutorial, I could add/link to it from my post. I'm afraid IE users are stuck, though.

Feel free to pimp the tutorial far and wide, and to create new styles on

Aug. 9th, 2007


IJ info needed

I have several friends who are hesitant to come over to IJ because they're not sure the site can take it. Is there anyone who could point me to info about Squeaky's preparations for handling an influx of LJ refugees? As for the User Stats, it says there are 45,301 total members (atm) but only 1680 are "active." What does "active" mean? That they've posted in the last day/week/month?


Syn feeds and disappearing objects

I wanted to ask if others have been having problems with two issues:

(1) The first is that this morning I discovered comments missing from a post (mine and someone else's) and three of my posts had lost their icon links, reverting to my default (the icons are still loaded in my account). This afternoon another post lost its icon links. It had no comments so I don't know if the two issues are related.

(2) I've been having problems with syn feeds from LJ. I put in a support ticket on it and got a very prompt reply, but I'm rather wondering if it really explains things. The reply was Read more... )
Anyone else having these problems?