Dec. 29th, 2007


LJ Automatically Removes Videos Marked "Explicit Adult Content"

I am not sure if this issue was discussed here before, you are welcome to delete this post if it was.

I am on IJ now (going permanent soon)  but keep a basic LJ account to keep in touch with friends. Today I decided to post imbedded video in one of my entries. That video was a joke and had some naked Barbie Dolls having sex as explicit content *cough, cough*. OK, I know that I am immature! 

My journal is set to Adult Concepts because, frankly, I don't see why anyone under 14 would want to read my entries nor would I want them to. But I digress. I posted that "Barbie Porn" video in a f-locked post. And then I decided to use "Explicit Adult Content" setting for the first time. Just being a responsible adult and censoring my own entry.

LJ automatically removed a video in the entry marked "Explicit Adult Content"!!!
All I had left on my Recent Entries page was written staff.
So, I deleted the entry altogether.

Perhaps everybody already knows about this, but to me it was a total shock. My entry was never public, going from "private" to "friendslocked". But video content got removed as soon as marked "Explicit". And it's quite possible that the fact of auto-removal of "adult" video from my journal is tallied somewhere in my account stats. 

The very first use of Explicit self-censoring was a huge disappointment and I am not inclined to repeat this experience.
I used to think that it was a useful tool, a convenience, but the way it's implemented - no.

Dec. 26th, 2007



Hey there

My LJ may go poof real soon (Im ready to leave) but before I do, anyone know how OpenID works if Im only an insanejournal user but still want to comment in friends' journals?

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Sep. 20th, 2007


Wikipedia Question

Hi. I'm just wondering when did this whole "new user can't edit wikipedia article of Livejournal until September 30" thing started. I've been out of the loop for a bit, and am just wondering if it was because users are putting the drama on there and people from SA were deleting it or did something else happen post that whole thing that I missed.

Aug. 24th, 2007


A bit of confusion

I'm not sure if I wound up coming to this conclusion due to the part about membership in adult-oriented communities, or if I've read something on the matter somewhere else. I honestly cannot remember.

Is it, or is it not, more or less mandatory on IJ to flock explicit material? If it's not, I want to be able to correct my errors on the matter, because I've advised a few people that it is. I'm sure I remembered reading something on that, but it's not in that faq where I thought it was, so now I'm wondering if I'm just going crazy.

I'd ask in Support or somewhere like that, and I will if no one's certain at the moment, but with the new server move and the OpenID errors, it's really something that can wait until things settle down. In the meantime I figured I'd ask in here, since the boundary lines are a part of why we all came here from LJ.
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Aug. 6th, 2007


To get things rolling and to make some friends in this new site, I present the MULTIFANDOM FRIENDING MEME.

Fill it out, comment, and make friends on Insanejournal!



My Plans

Because a lot of people are discussing their plans with this whole deal, I've decided to put in my two cents over the matter.

Insanejournal appeals to me. Immensely. Almost more than GreatestJournal, but at the moment they're at about the same level.

As soon as NDK (the local con) is over, I will be saving money for my new laptop. The instant- The INSTANT I purchase that new computer, my next paycheck will be put toward a permanent account on Insanejournal.

This may take several months, but it is a realistic goal with priorities as they are. Until then, I will promote Insanejournal as much as possible. I will keep my journal both here and on Greatestjournal. And I will help get fandom grounded in both sites, so we can stay together even through the transitions that are occurring right now.

So let's all be friends with our fandoms. Let's go and bond together, and have a reason to stay on this site. Build your loyalties here, and never let Livejournal isolate us again.


Just a thought...

Something to ponder.

We all know that LJ has an auto-payments option for people with paid accounts. You give them your credit card information, they keep it on file, and your paid account ends up being about five bucks cheaper a year. Right?

I don't have that feature set up on my LJ (my paid time doesn't run out until December, but then I'm letting my account lapse) but I know that there are plenty of people who do.

Which raises a very interesting question. If LJ permanently suspends/bans a person with a paid account that has auto-payments set up, can they, in theory, get money from that person indefinitely? Especially since the account won't have been deleted, only suspended, and the person has no way to go in and turn the auto-payments off?

I'm half-tempted to write a support ticket to LJ about this, and then I have to wonder if it would even really matter considering their utter lack of anything approaching good customer service, especially as of late.

Jul. 31st, 2007


o la!

Hey guys! We made fandom_wank! Or at least, Vassilissa did. Oh, I am so amused, so very amused.

"As the ripples from the Great LJ Strikeout of 2007 continues, unh, lapping at the shores of fandom, a number of fandom folks have started looking for alternatives and setting up accounts (or at least cybersquatting their names) on those journaling sites...."

Jul. 24th, 2007


Blackout Edition of Metafandom

There's a special Blackout Edition of Metafandom up.

On Greatest Journal.

On JournalFen.


In honor of the LJ power outage!

Unrelated, I know, but I couldn't resist!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

More behind the cut )

Jul. 21st, 2007


Talk about a hysterical coincidence!

This was too good to not screen print and share:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I happened to spot it when I logged into a free account I have for RPing. Is that not spot on or what? And here is the article from the cap -- it's old news that I think everyone's seen.

Jun. 19th, 2007


WFI update

I know that some of you are still watching the whole Warriors For Innocence drama at LJ.  So, here is a little update.

Apparently WFI is writing letters via email to people that advertise with LJ.  So, what everyone has been saying all along is true...we haven't seen the end of this.

You can find this reference here:

The apathy after the apology just killed me...I don't expect people to leave now...but I am hoping that we can persuade some more (the ones we care about) to jump ship before it completely sinks.

Thank you for your time.