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Me, too.

I remember back when LJ started. I didn't sign up because I thought it was a Star Trek fan community (it's that little baldy guy that gave me that impression; don't ask why). Later on I learned it was a bloggish community, and a lot of fans were there because they felt they could freely express themselves without persecution there.

How things have changed.

I wasn't totally taken aback by the first strikethrough. That one was obviously a knee-jerk reaction by corporate big-heads. They made a mess and a messier cleanup. Very unprofessional for such a supposedly professional company. I've seen this kind of mess before in the corporation where I work when they were trying to impress another corporation to buy them out. Thankfully, the new corporation was far more professional and their cleanup efforts are finally paying off. I'm glad I stayed with them.

LiveJournal, on the other hand....

This second strikethrough bothers me because after just one post they simply suspend all accounts of the user...and disallow any further future accounts from that user! What? What ever happened to a fair warning? Were any of the members who were recently permanently suspended been in trouble before? It's one thing to be a repeat offender of policy, but a one-time offender? Is this what it's like in, say, heaven? "Oh, I'm sorry," says Saint Peter at the pearly gates. "You said 'Goddamn' once, and I'm afraid you can't go in. Dem's the rules." He points to the posted sign of the Ten Commandments and "Thou shalt not use God's name in vain," and boots you out of line to wander eternity.

I've got until November before my paid account runs out there, and since I only bought it for some userpics, the creation of polls to use with my community, and to do fancy stuff with my journal customisation, I won't cry in my milk over losing that functionality.

*heads over to LJ to turn off automatic payments*


Welcome. This here is a great place.