Dec. 23rd, 2007


Poll time!

Poll #740 Reasons for migration
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Which was the worst journaling experience that made you migrate here to Insanejournal?

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Livejournal strikethrough, 07?
167 (69.9%)

Greatestjournal's owner system's constant unpredictable restrictions?
58 (24.3%)

48 (20.1%)

Aug. 17th, 2007


LJ poll

As all of you all settle in here, will you please go back to LJ just once more to give me some information in this poll? It's at least a way to gauge what business they had, have lost, or might be losing - and in what coveted demographic groups.

Please feel free to pimp/pass around. Thank you!

Aug. 9th, 2007


InsaneJournal Poll

[info]ceruleagos has a poll about IJ here -- it's about general usage; what features would you want, do you like the site themes, stuff like that.