Dec. 23rd, 2007


Poll time!

Poll #740 Reasons for migration
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Which was the worst journaling experience that made you migrate here to Insanejournal?

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Livejournal strikethrough, 07?
167 (69.9%)

Greatestjournal's owner system's constant unpredictable restrictions?
58 (24.3%)

48 (20.1%)

Dec. 18th, 2007


GJ: What Is Going On?

During Strikethrough (#2) this last summer, one of the options that I looked into (but was non-plussed about) was GreatestJournal. The thing that discouraged me from wanting to jump over to them was the fact that GJ didnt seem like it was very good in the technical aspects of things. Sure it had features that I would of had to pay to have if I stuck with LJ, but alot of glitches, slow access speed, and downtime was happening there. I decided that if they were that buggy then, GJ would be REALLY BUGGY when more LJ people ran there for shelter.

I see that GJ had to refer people to this site due to overload (which would confirm the logic in the previous sentence). Now Im reading more about GJ admin being lax about notifying current customers regarding downtime, glitches and services that they have had to disable to handle the overwhelming flow of traffic. I know that with LJ that really pissed me off (the not telling you and letting you find out for yourself part).

Anyone have any other information about GJ and what is going on there?