[info]ex_juliette558 wrote
on June 16th, 2007 at 11:19 am


This is my first post here, and it's good to see you all. *waves* Anyway, I'm obviously a refugee from "over there", too. It's actually a good feeling, making a new start, including a new username.

I wasn't personally affected by the strikethrough travesty, apart from its wider implications. But while I'm here, I have to get this one off my chest. Among so many other issues that prompted my move, what I find really insulting has to be the whole "we're doing it for the children" line. Of course, they weren't doing it for the children. They were doing it out of fear of losing their advertising $$$. (duh!) Well, they get no more money out of me. Unfortunately, my paid account there doesn't run out till December :/ But I wish, as someone else suggested in some of the comments I read here, that I could get them to revoke that, too. And all of 6A/LJ's so-called 'news posts' that have come out since have made me feel a little queasy and a whole lot angry. Especially when combined with all the responses by apathetic users with free accounts whining about how 'LJ loves you' and 'you should all get over it'. Riiiight.

So, anyway, I welcome myself and everybody else to InsaneJournal. Where the gun-toting right-wing nazi-hugging rednecks can't hear you scream. Or bitch about your taste in literature. I'm sure there's an icon in that somewhere... *wink*


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