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Intro Post

Hey all!

I'm an 07 refugee who is making a fresh start with a new identity :)

My interests are pretty broad and I'm really looking forward to meeting new and interesting people.


Welcome to the camp then. I'm not making a completely new id here (same user name), but I'm looking to be more involved in differing interests. Some are the same and some are add ons. Here's to hoping ij always protects free speech.
Yeah, coming here is a great way to get out of a corner, metaphorically speaking.

OP: friended you if that's cool :)
That's totally fine :) Like I said, looking to make new friends :)
Hear hear on the free speech thing.

I'm hoping to branch out into some areas that I've been vaguely interested in but haven't had time for.
Thanks :)

It's nice to be here.
Yay for IJ ex-pats! :D
Welcome to the neighbourhood!
Yeh, ok, I got click happy and replied to comment instead of entry. It's Friday, it's late, it's almost Pub O'clock and I really got no excuse. Sorry.

But, hi anyway!
No problem! And hi! :D
*grins and waves*

Thanks :) It's good to be here!