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I wasn't going to move from LJ at first - the whole strikethrough didn't affect me much personally. However, now I heard that Ponderosa, one of my favorite fanartist, has been banned because of her art, I got thinking. I mean, I gave LJ credit last time for designing a mass deletion thing that affected more people than they'd anticipated, but this time the ban was way deliberate. So, I decided to get an account here, because who knows if whether someday some dude would report me for abuse and LJ would decide to actually follow thorough and ban me, too.

Oh, who am I. Right. Well, on LJ I was solitaryjane, or more known as the chick who runs around with Vincent/Cloud stuff a lot. Hi everyone!!! :-) Right now my journal here is only going to be something for my fics and for the asylums. I also run an IJ version of [info]30_kisses, with an alternate list and different dates and stuff. *shameless pimp* So yeah, hopefully here I'll have loads more fun and meet more people and not have to worry about what I post as much. Ciao!


*waves* I lurk a lot in the FF7 fandom - glad you made it here. Welcome on IJ! *friends you*