June 2020



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March 15th, 2020

[info]numberfour in [info]thedisplaced

WHO: Ava & Klaus
WHERE: Food….place?
WHEN: March 9th before Diego/Ava
WHAT: Getting cake b/c reasons
WARNINGS: Mostly just emotions, talk of Ava’s problems and Klaus’s addictions
STATUS: Complete

It really adds to my aesthetic. Gives me that sexy ‘just been kidnapped’ look )

[info]chainsawheart in [info]thedisplaced

WHO: Ronan Lynch & Adam Parrish
WHAT: Adam arrives!
WHEN: February 25, 2020 (backdated)
WHERE: Bureau -> Barns

... )

[info]whynonna in [info]thedisplaced

New people (? beings?) after the space mall. IDK, it's kinda neat.

Alright, so we can't sleep together 'cause that's just fucking weird. So I'm proposing: we be each other's wingman. And we put a damn sock or something on the door when we got someone inside.

[info]altean in [info]thedisplaced

Sunday, Mar 15

This was the first time I have ever gone to a space mall!

And I know that sounds a bit silly considering I have spent most of my life in space, but 10,000 years of it was in stasis on my ship anyway. And it's supposedly, not a place that princesses are supposed to go, so the last time we had a chance, my father's advisor had told me to stay back on the ship.

I wish I had had the opportunity to get some of what I would have liked because I was having trouble with my account. Has anyone else felt like they had money to spend and then in the next day, there was nothing? I hadn't even spent too much to even begin with. At least I don't think so, unless meals are far more expensive than I thought.

I'm also a little disappointed there were no cows in this mall.

[info]behindthemask in [info]thedisplaced

(062) Ben Waugh-Solo


El, you can't like magic a cabinet to put all this stuff in so we don't have to walk around it, can you?

Fen, do you want me to bring anything back to the room?

And do we want to ask Grandmother if she'd like to spend an afternoon with us on Naboo? I'm thinking of doing so, but I don't know if you two would want to join us? Or if you're feeling up to it Fen?

[info]spidergwen in [info]thedisplaced

Sunday, Mar 15

Filter: Stephen Strange
So, how about doing The Thing on Naboo?