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September 12th, 2017

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I'm trying all the seasonal cocktails at the Bronze. Even though alcohol doesn't work for me.

Rustic Manhattan: Apple whiskey and raspberry vermouth. Sort of sweet.
Pumpkin Martini: Creamy. Very creamy. Sometimes the liqueur is a little too sweet.
Hunter's Cocktail: Whiskey and cherry brandy. It could use a better whiskey but it's not bad.
Mulled Spice Cheribundi: Another cherry one. I like this better, but I always like spice anyway.
Green Dublin: Sweet and sour appletini with a bit of berry taste.
Pear Naked Sailor: Better for warm afternoons than cold nights, like a rummy juice mix.
Caramel Apple Mule: Like a liquid candy apple.
Apple Cider Sangria: Exactly what it sounds like. Sangria with apple, pear and cinnamon.
Vanilla Vodka Chai Tea: I would drink this all year.

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I never thought I'd say this, but I'm actually glad that I have a full-time teaching job. It, along with a lot of wine, has helped to distract me from the fact that Pansy has disappeared. I haven't talked about it, but I rarely talk about these things. A quirk of mine, I guess.

Art History Students — please make sure you've completely read Chapter 2 of your text. We will be discussing it in class over the next few days, and may or may not be having a quiz on it.

Art class students — we will be working with water colors this Thursday. Don't worry about bringing your own set if you don't already have one. I ordered plenty for the class.

[ooc: if you have a student that would like to be in either of his classes please feel free to assume as much! Me and Neal will go along with it!]

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Steve was always real good at the speeches.

Well. Sixteen years ago I was in college in New York. My sister was still in high school but Tuesdays were a late start for her. I remember I made her stay home and we went up onto the roof of the building with some neighbours and stared down towards Manhattan listening to the news on someone's radio. I remember wishing my dad was still alive because he'd know what to say.

I worked on the Ground Zero planning committee for a while, later. I've been to Gitmo. I know kids serving in the same parts of Afghanistan as their dads did and kids who never came home. It's been sixteen years and I still don't know what to say. Mostly I just feel really old and really tired. The only solution I got is just to be good to each other. Be brave enough to be kind. And come round for drinks tonight if you want, promise I'm done trying to be inspirational.

That's all. Cap out.

There's a room for you at the Avengers place. Your lab's in the basement, we got a pool, a grill and a bouncy castle, and way too many pets.

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WHO: Rogue (1610) & Wolverine (616)
WHAT: Small talk
WHEN: A day or two after this
STATUS: Closed/Complete

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WHO: Logan Howlett & Emma Frost
WHAT: Training, complaining, usual X-Men stuff
WHEN: Backdated to last Friday
WARNINGS: None that I could see
STATUS: Closed/Complete

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[Texts to Betsy]
--Tell me you're up for a spa day

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[Dick Grayson]

You going stir crazy yet?