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June 7th, 2014

No Evil

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I've created a machine to detect magic.  But, it needs testing.  I was wondering if there were any magic users out there who were willing to help me test it out?

Once I've worked out if this machine works, I can adjust it to actually measure magic, not just adjust it.


How's your plan about organising the hunts going?  Do you want any help?

June 2nd, 2014

No Evil/Heaven

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This is messy. I know. Believe me. Heaven and Hell always is.

But you think about your angel choice. Think about what you'd be asking them to take on, think of their weaknesses, flaws, links to humanity if they have them. And please think about helping, even if you don't like the demons, just realise, there are worse, ones that would wipe you all out for the hell of it. Ones that if they got the power of purgetory unchecked they probably could, dooming invincible doombot of doom or not.

Actually would be easier to choose if we had more options that some dude in heaven Cas won't own up to knowing but whatever.

[Sam, Dean, Bobby]

Full disclosure. I had no idea Crowley was planning this. Truth be told, Purgetory terrifies me as a concept. Its the source of power most demons didn't believe existed, and those that did...well, put it this way, even Azazel wasn't willing to risk it.

But maybe, given the freaking archangel and distinct lack of the archangel of douchey life lessons, maybe its the only shot we have. 

Also. I'm taking Katherine Pierce hunting a shifter. She deserves a shot same as I got. Even if she is a leech dating a superleech

May 29th, 2014

No evil/heaven

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So. There's a thing. It's a big thing. It's not just one civil war, it's two. There are two civil wars. One in Hell and one in Heaven. Why should you all care, I hear you ask? Well, I'm glad you did, because if the wrong people win, then we get to have Apocalypse: The Sequel. There are still a lot of demon loyalists who want to kill murder death me. And over in the Heaven side of things, we have the fourth of the archangels, Raphael. He's like a mini Michael and wants to free Michael and make that a thing again.

I have a plan. It is a flawless plan, and one I am willing to share with an angel of your choice. Who wants to help?

April 26th, 2014

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I can't get used to this travelling by land thing.  I'd give anything for a decent swim in the sea. 

How do I get to the coast?

ETA: Would anyone else like to go on a trip to the beach? 

April 7th, 2014

Filtered against known threats. (What...are they now? Other than the usual?)

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Hi, everyone.

It's...been a while. Four months? I don't
Yeah, it's been about fo
I missed th

I guess me and the Cage didn't mesh so well.

March 30th, 2014

No evil or loyalists

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Unsure of my wish. Maybe something simple. Already have money, and my clothes from home. And have powers of my own so new ones aren't really needed. I could wish for a native identity, like to be seen by the normal people out there as a regular citizen of this place, probably with a similar lawyer gig as I had back home. But that could mean I'd be busy with work and not have as much free time to help with hunts or to be an emergency teleporter as much as I'm available for.

On the other hand, I could be a freelance type of attorney. Sign up for or take the cases I choose, instead of being on the clock for someone else. Maybe be my own boss Schedule might be more freed up that way instead Like I'd get a call if I want to represent a client and I can say yes or no without pressure from the firm's head people. So the wish, it could be an identity wish for here as was mentioned a couple times recently. Could also be helpful for the displaced as well. Anyone ever gets into legal trouble and if court is involved (or need a lawyer to help press charges or file complaints, or need info that someone can't get without courthouse connections), I'll fight for them, defend their cases to the best of my ability.

February 23rd, 2014

No Evil

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So, I'm relatively new here.  But, need to go somewhere.  How do you go about getting some ID's for travel?

December 19th, 2013

Filtered Against Lucifer

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The answers in war are never simple. I believe we can all agree, however, that it is time. We move. Now.

Detroit, Michigan is 801 miles away. Do we have a way to transport an army to this point? As many as are willing to fight with us. The front lines will, of course, take on Lucifer himself. He will be surrounded by supporters attempting to stop what we intend to do, and that is where the others will come in. Exorcise if you can, if there is time, but we may no longer have a choice. When under attack, quick thinking and intelligent decisions need to be made. Self-sacrifice is not an option unless it becomes a requirement.

You all have a part to play in this, and I would prefer to not deal with any bickering or in fighting. We stand together or we do not stand at all. You may choose to trust me or you may hate me, but you will follow or we will lose. And losing is not something I do well.

If you are all ready and willing to stand together to end this once and for all, we leave in forty-eight hours. Find transport and soon. Further strategy information will come, and suggestions will be looked at. I am not unreasonable and any help will be welcomed.

[Sam Winchester]

You, however, tie up your loose ends and go ahead of us. Do what it is you need to do. We will be there as your backup if needed. Jacen will accompany you and distract Lucifer to give you your edge on him.


Stay in touch. Do what needs to be done and let me know how it's going. If we don't have to move this weak and somewhat pathetic army at all, even better.

December 11th, 2013

No evil

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So the volcano kinda erupted.

Any teleporter willing to come and pick up Klaus and I from Italy? Flights are kind of nonexistant right now.

November 30th, 2013

No Evil

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Okay, I really hate this term, but can I play devil's advocate for a second? I know a lot of us have really crappy futures to return to, but what if we don't? What if going home will reunite us with friends and family we really miss here? I mean, I have a good life here. I have great friends I love who I wouldn't have met otherwise. But the only person here from my world hates my guts and every day I miss my friends and my crew and my ship. Eventually I want to go home. I know I can't be the only one. So what are we supposed to do? Leave Lucifer free so everyone else can stay and start praying the seal takes us back? Put him back in his cage and hope those that want to stay can stay and those that want to go home can leave? I don't want to start a fight but I'm just curious.

October 10th, 2013

Filtered against evil

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[OOC: Set during the chaos}

Heading over to complex now to do what I can. Anyone still trapped, or know anyone still needing an exit, let me know or just call out to me when I'm around. I can help teleport people out of places and to wherever they need to go. Just give me a location and where you'd want to arrive at. And if Stark Tower still needs help, please tell me if there's anything I can do that can help people there too.

September 17th, 2013

Filtered from Evil

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When the attack comes, and it will. I need to know what we have to work with. Numbers, abilities, weapons. I want no secrets, and believe me trying to keep those from me is essentially pointless.

Because I refuse to sit and wait for meetings or decisions about who should lead the fight. Unless you can think of someone more qualified. I'm being tactical. Because we'll all die unless someone is.

September 15th, 2013

No evil

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So... volcano. Who wants a look at it?

No evil no kids

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Okay. Becker and Robin didn't go through what was probably the worst day of their lives for us to drop the ball now.

We have all four rings.
The rings will trap Lucifer in his cage.

So. Where's the cage and how do we lure him the hell out and into it? Because I doubt this is easy.

September 14th, 2013

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[No Lucy and his stupid face and no Death and his lack of smiling face. Both are stupid faces and neither are allowed in this post]


Stoli fixes everything.

This has been proven time and again, over the centuries, by science AND magic.

I am possibly getting Ruby drunk. It's brilliant.

May 16th, 2013

No evil

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These wishes, they don't stop working randomly, do they?

I think my teleporting is broken.

Relatedly, I might need a lift. From ...apparently, Georgia.

May 14th, 2013

Filtered against evil, crazy vamps, Originals

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Well now, that was interesting. I was back home. Just.. not completely. Some parts were a little off. I had called the manor for a usual pow wow meeting like they do, none of the sisters knew me either. Leo.. well, he did at least but it wasn't knowing me personally, more like from reputation. I did some digging and found out about another witch family. Seems they raised me back in the 1890s to the 1920s, and then I'd helped out their descendants once in a while as time went on. I'd also taken a risk and went to the Underworld (place below ground where all the demons live and do their evil plots). Wasn't attacked. They actually didn't know me.

I'm guessing alternate timelines? Yeah, I'll go with that. Whoever I was supposed to be in that realm, he's who I'd have been had I not grown up in the Underworld and used for evil. I admit, I'm a bit jealous, he probably has none of that baggage I carry Plus he worked in media, not law. I've been to the very distant past before. And I'd even been to other planes of existence... so the idea of a parallel world is possible. But now that I'm back, anything needed? Any hunts? Or maybe any teaming up of people gearing up to stop something big, or maybe the services of a teleporter could be used too.

May 13th, 2013

Filtered against Hal, Mitchell, Clark, Lucifer

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Whoa, quakes? Shaky ground. I'd thought that was only common in California. I've lived there. San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other places in there. First time I've ever heard of it in the middle of the country. My boss back at the TV station would have liked some footage. But I'm here and not there, so probably doesn't matter now. My family would probably assume it's some omen or supernatural type stuff. But I don't remember seeing anything about that in their book. Probably a good idea to stay indoors wherever we are, in any case.

It's funny though, I think the other me that's from here, he was some kind of public figure. Maybe a lawyer. Or someone running for office, or maybe even a court employee. I could tell from the suits in his wardrobe. Got some nice ones, I'd never really had anything like that.

May 3rd, 2013

Filtered against evil, Hal, Lily Potter

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Well, this is an unusual situation. Though, not too unusual. Sort of used to this where I'm from. Magic and all that. But if it's one thing I learned from my family years ago, there's a reason for what happens and good usually wins out in the end. So.. hi, I'm Cole. I'm around to help fight if needed. Or to get places very fast but I mostly reserve those for emergencies.

April 20th, 2013

Filtered from Evil

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So, curiosity got the best of me, what the hell do you people do when there's nothing to kill?

I mean hunting and all, sure I can get behind that once I know a little more, but outside of that?


How're you settling in Chase?


Take any heed to what I said?

[Connor Temple and Sam Winchester]

Names Lindsey McDonald, I'm still settling into the place but I was told you guys were the go to for y'know, existing and making it so I can practice law here. What do you need from me to make that happen.
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