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January 13th, 2015

No Evil Threats

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I feel this sunscreen company should be sued for misleading information. This is the strongest number they carry. I am still a rather sore reddish colour. I believe Molly is attempting to not laugh at me

I highly disapprove.


How is he, really?

December 23rd, 2014

No Threats

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I know we are all preparing for the impending holiday and no one likes to consider things that are less than cheerful this time of year. However, this time last year, we had just fought a war. An important one that determined the fate of humanity as we know it. People lost their lives, people have been changed forever. Many are still dealing with the aftermath. And that deserves a day of remembrance.

Whatever may come, none of you are forgotten. Your sacrifices were not made in vain.

Many of you have only arrived in the last year. Please know that the only reason you were able to do so is because the Earth remains under the hands of the human race and their free will.

December 22nd, 2014

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And yet another friend gone. Damn it.

I need a distraction, I have unlimited funds in my checking account and I have a trip to London coming up. I would love to go shopping for new clothes and a few Christmas gifts before I go. Would anyone like to join me tomorrow? And don't worry about bringing money of your own. If you like something it will be my treat as thanks for helping to distract me.


And I would like it very much if you came over tonight. Another one of my friends got taken back today, and I don't really want to be alone. And besides, I inherited another cat and we should see if she likes you more than Annabelle does.

December 19th, 2014

Melissa, Harry & Khan

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Tell me you're all still here. Please, don't be gone too. I can't lose any more people I care about.

December 18th, 2014

No Under 21s

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Fuck you, Seal.

I need to go find a bar and drink for a while. A really long while. And it probably wouldn't be a good idea if I'm shitfaced while on my own because then I generally tend to do stupid things. Anyone up for keeping me from doing anything stupid?

[Rose T.]

I'm preemptively calling in sick tomorrow.

December 15th, 2014

No Evil

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Would anyone be willing to petsit for me from the 26th of December to the 4th of January? I'll be out of the country those days. I'm willing to pay someone if they'd like to earn a little extra money.


So I made the flight reservations. The first flight leaves at nine on the 26th and it will take nine hours to get there. I specifically made sure we aren't flying coach. I haven't made the hotel reservations yet, mostly because the hotel I would like to stay at, The Bloomsbury, only has single bed rooms. They're large beds, so we would have space, but I just wanted to make sure that was all right.

[OOC: Backdated to noonish!]

December 11th, 2014

Filtered to Ruby Winchester, Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, and Crowley

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It seems we have a bit of an emergency on our hands.


Would you happen to be available tonight? It seems I could use the distraction.

Filtered from known threats.

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I get a bunch of people killed, no one wants to tell me why or how it happened, and the world just moves on. How do you all even

I've been quiet lately. Personal reasons. I'm sorry about that.

I'm usually a lot better at introducing myself to newcomers. Helping you guys get settled in and all. I'm gonna work on that.

For those of you that I haven't met yet: I'm Sam Winchester. I'm one of the natives here, so I know a few things about how this world works. If you have any questions or just want to talk, I'm always happy to help.


December 1st, 2014

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My students were surprisingly agreeable to the idea of having their final exams a week early, so tomorrow is a review and then the exam is Thursday. I'm just thankful because it's one extra week that I have off until the new term starts.

[Friends Filter]

I'm debating taking a trip after Christmas. I would like to go back to London for New Year's Eve. I know it won't be my London but I hope it's similar enough to still be enjoyable.


Would you be at all interested in coming with me? If not I can ask Livvy. But I'd like it if you'd come with me.

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I'm trying to decide if I resent being written out of existance for the sake of the Lucas bank account.

I'm leaning to yes

...also what kind of kriffed up loser needs what, I'm sorry look like a training hand guard on their lightsaber.

Unless Luke installed it, a lot of the family do lose limbs

November 20th, 2014

Texts to Khan

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[OOC: Forward dated to around 6 PM.]

>> they're gone. first john, now them. ic'm thae only one l
>> tef.i don't awnt to lose anyoyne else.
>> i hfate the seal pso much mright now.

October 8th, 2014


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May I ask your opinion about something I read on the boards a few days back? I just need to hash this out with someone to see if I should even ask anything about it.

ETA: [Khan]

Out of curiosity, how do you feel about the idea of going to a masquerade party?

October 5th, 2014

21+ Filter

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Okay. You know you're homesick when you feel like rewatching the premiere of a mediocre sitcom because the facetwin of one of your friends is in it. Anyone feel like joining me for a few beers somewhere before I decide to rewatch my movies instead of Selfie? Or before I rewatch Selfie?


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Do you have plans for tomorrow evening? I was thinking it might be nice to go out to supper. And, if you're willing, maybe see a film? I'll even let you choose, if that interests you.

[Texts To Harry]

>> I baked chocolate chip biscuits today.
>> Check outside the door of your apartment.
>> They're for you and Perry, if he wants any, for a housewarming gift.
>> How is he settling in?

September 28th, 2014

John, Jacen, Sherlock, Harry (guy friends, basically!)

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I find myself a bit confused.

Where, exactly, does the line fall between joining a friend for outings and dating? What does one do on a date? And how do you know if you're on one?


It seems I need a woman's advice.

I need a gift. For a special person. One I care for. But I do not want it to send any sort of message that may be awkward.

What do I do?

[Bo H]

Are you enjoying school?

Livvy & Harry

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The reservations for my birthday supper are set for 6:30 at [business name] on Wednesday. I got a table for six just in case either of you would like to bring someone, but if you don't that's okay. It's at [address] and it's not a very dressy place so no worries on that front. I can't wait to see you there.


Would you like to have supper with me on Tuesday? One of my students told me about a newer Thai restaurant that sounded interesting. I know you like spicy food so you might enjoy it.

September 13th, 2014

No evil

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I know we just had the whole, being sent to the Shire and Hogwarts and the Hunger Games bullshit, but... does anyone else have this weird feeling like something bad is going to happen any minute now? Or is it too soon after the last round for that yet? I don't know, I just can't shake it. Maybe I've just been stuck here too long or something.

So. Baby makes three? Talk to me man, how's upcoming fatherhood looking?

Hey. Can we talk? I mean, I know you don't know me or anything now, but I was hoping we could... I don't know, reconnect, I guess?

September 9th, 2014

Filtered to Khan

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I know its dumb. But its a thing we...well Cap is here. And there was a theory once, some of us.

Who would win in a fight.

And okay so fighting would be bad.

BUT would you arm wrestle Captian America to put our minds at rest?

September 5th, 2014

None of the Proposed Evils

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[ooc: backdated to the evening of the 4th, it isn't Khan's fault I coma napped!]

That was entirely unpleasant. I think I have it in mind to sleep for a week. Which I suppose it can be said is still better than three-hundred years.

I am home and conscious and I have an otter who refuses to leave my side. Now. I am looking for specific people and I imagine they know who they are. Check in, please. Are you all alright?

September 1st, 2014

Panem Filter

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Hold on to your hats kids.

There's another fire over here, and it's spreading fast.
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