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September 4th, 2015

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I died. I died, I died, I died. I was crushed to death by my own stupid house, and I died.


August 30th, 2015

Filtered To Friends

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[Not sure who's left at this point, but last time I was here that'd be Rose, McCoy, Regina, Robin, Georgina, Faith...I'm probably forgetting a few but if you've been on his filter before you're still on it! And if you're not sure, comment anyway. Chances are you probably are.

EDIT: Charming, you're on this list, FYI, even though I don't think we've talked in game much!]

I'm sorry I've been a crap friend lately. I'm sorry I pushed pretty much all of you guys away when Kenzi got taken back and just kind of retreated into this black hole. I'm just real tired of losing the people I care about. I know I should be used to it by now but I'm not, and when it's the people who I'm really close to it hurts more. And I'm just tired of all of this crap happening all the time.

I promise, though, when I get back I'm going to try and be a better friend. And you guys can hold me to that.

August 29th, 2015

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I haven't said anything before now because there was enough strange stuff going on but I seem to have lost my shadow. I don't know how that works but it's weird not seeing it behind me. Although nothing should surprise me anymore.

But I'm happy to report that the Seal left me one of my favorite cameras from home. So Piper and Phoebe, we're doing a sispters photoshoot.

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After glancing at the calendar this morning it dawned on me that a very special little boy will be turning 5 in 47 days. I want this birthday to be unlike any that he has ever had and so therefore it will be a grand affair. The proverbial floor is open for theme suggestions.

You are also all cordially invited to come join us on September 7 for a Labor Day celebration. All you need bring is yourself and proper pool attire.

August 26th, 2015

netpost: snow white

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It feels good to be teaching again, even if Lawrence is very different from Storybrooke. The school is much larger and it's been an adjustment, but I don't think I realized how much I missed it until the school year began again.

[ David ]
Regina has offered us use of her private island in the Caribbean whenever we feel like taking a break from our lives here. She has even offered to keep Neal here with her so we can enjoy the time alone. What do you think?

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[Filtered to Friends of Rose and Kirk]
Rose and Jim will soon be out of the country and enjoying a forced vacation. I'll pass messages along to them should you all need to get in contact with them. Or you can wait until they return. They should be home in a week.

August 22nd, 2015

No Known Threats

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Right. Please tell me everyone's the proper age and everything, now.

So, me and Skye are creating two different types of patrols. Skye's still organizing the Welcome Patrols. I'm organizing defence ones. To keep an eye on the graveyard, so what happened with the earthquake can't happen again. As well as the other displaced areas for security reasons.

If you're happy to take a shift for the Security Patrols let me know below. You have to have done the basic classes, for your own safety more than anything. It's best you know what you're likely to come up against,

And, I know Skye could do with more volunteers for the Welcome Committee. Which is more about greeting new arrivals, than fighting. So, the main criteria for that is being able to explain what's going on.

Security Patrols )

Welcome Patrols/Committee )

Manning the Surveillance Equipment )

August 15th, 2015

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Thanks everyone who helped Adrian. I'm feeling a bit better now. Might even get out of hospital next week.

I'm Sydney. I promise I'm not usually so dramatic

August 3rd, 2015

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[(Backdated to shortly after Regina is herself again) Texts to Robin Hood:]
-- foest boy
-- youe invitd 2 shae a dnk with ose nd i

[(Backdated to shortly after Regina is herself again) Texts to Snow White:]
-- Snow
-- I ned yu to wach the boyz

Public Post after Regina's head stops spinning
First, I'd like to apologize for threatening to hurt anyone who stood in my way. I may not have been in control of my actions but I am still responsible for them. I'd also like to apologize for following through on my threat to cause harm. Those who were hurt did not deserve what happened to them. My path to redemption has not been easy but I had been doing quite well this last year. I suppose now I will have to start all over again.

Second, I now rank whiskey on the same level I do rum. I'll never drink another glass of it again.

Third, have any of you happened to run into a boy claiming to be Peter Pan?

[Magic Users + Winchesters]
My son asked me this afternoon why he had a shadow and I didn't. Were it not for Roland I wouldn't have noticed it was missing. I've a theory all ready in mind but I'm open to hearing what you all have to say.

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At first I thought I was imagining things... But I'm not, my shadow is really not here.

Does that even make sense?

July 27th, 2015

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Hello all you fantastic people, I'm afraid I've woken up a bit amiss, has anyone seen my love or any of my brothers around here I appear to be lost in this fair and very magnificent town but had the feeling someone here might help.

July 14th, 2015

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So the plans for the new Youth Center are being drawn up, and while we don't have as many displaced kids here as we used to I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for improvements they'd like to see since we all make use of it for community functions sometimes. Just keep in mind it's still going to be roughly the same size as before, so we can't add on too much more. I've also talked to the kids who are going to be coming back when it's rebuilt, so they had ideas too which we're going to try and incorporate. But it's looking like, barring any really big complications, it should be finished being rebuilt end of October or beginning of November.


Settling in okay?

July 12th, 2015

No known Threats

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I guess I've been avoiding the network for a while since coming back. Still getting used to this whole concept of being not so dead.

Is there an area that seems to be in need of an extra set of hands?

July 10th, 2015

netpost: thea queen

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Hey, everyone! You might remember that I posted about doing a charity date auction at Verdant. We've decided to make it a benefit to help all the quake victims, both displaced and locals. I haven't set a firm date, yet, but I'm looking at maybe early August. I do have a few people signed up to be auctioned off, but I could use some more, so please consider signing up. We could especially use some more women, since there are only a few on my list so far.

This is really just all fun, so don't think you can't sign up if you're seeing someone. People will be bidding for a few hours of your time, but it absolutely doesn't have to be a real date, okay?

Proxy signups will be allowed, but I WILL be confirming with people that they are okay with it.

So far, the auctionees are
James Rogers
Clint Barton
Ben Skywalker
James Kirk
Damien Thorn
Zane Donovan
Marcel Gerard
Tony Stark*
Stefan Salvatore
Caroline Forbes
Georgina Kincaid
Alicia Spinnet
Faith Lehane
Katie Bell
Barry Allen
Chloe Sullivan
Angelina Johnson
Buffy Summers
Robin Hood
*firm maybe

I could also use some volunteers to work the event. We'll need servers and kitchen staff for the evening, so please let me know if you have any relevant experience and could use a job, even if it's just for a night.

July 9th, 2015

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Phil Coulson was sent home within the past few days. I apologize for not announcing it sooner. We've bee And May...she ended up in a coma after the quake - and she never woke up. The Seal sent her home, too.

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Glad to have back those of you who were taken.

This place is a mess. We very nearly lost it. But I remember we were always at our best when we pulled together, the Complex, the Sanctuary, somewhere that could be our own. And we can do that again.

I'm holding a meeting. On the 11th at 8pm in the bunker at my place. Anyone with an interest in rebuilding, come and talk to us.

I might even streach to beers.

June 29th, 2015

Voice Post - 12:20 PM

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[Emma's voice is strained and weak]


[OOC: She's going to respond a few times, but if she cuts off in the middle, it's because she's dead. I'll be posting a narrative to go along with this shortly.]

June 22nd, 2015

No Bad Guys

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Boredom's setting in again, and I figured I'd put it out there that I'm a hacker and really good at coming up with fake IDs and getting people set up with identities and credentials and stuff, if anyone needs it.

[Anyone Involved With Science Stuff]

I'm dying not being able to do any of the science stuff I used to do back home here. Absolutely dying. Is Stark Industries still up and running? Are there private labs anyone knows about in the area? I need something to do before I go nuts.

June 20th, 2015

No Known Threats

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Alright, Lawrence. Looks like we're back then.

Uhmmm, if you don't know me. I'm Tom, I was here before and all. And, with me mates. And we all seem to have arrived together.

Anywhere, yeah. Hi.

June 18th, 2015

No Known Threats

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Pepper Potts, Peggy Carter and Edwin Jarvis have all been sent home.

Just in case anyone wanted to know.

Now I'm going to go and drown myself in whisky
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