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February 14th, 2015

Filtered to Lois.

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I hope you don't have any plans tonight.

February 12th, 2015

No Evil

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So, I think I'm pretty much up to speed on this place now. Although, I get the feeling the comings and goings are going to be really confusing.

[Filtered to Lois]

You know anywhere I can set up Watchtower, Lois?

[Filtered to Bobby Singer]

Hey, I never said thanks for helping me when I arrived. So, thank you.

Also, I was wondering. What criteria do you use when finding hunts? I can probably set up an algorithm which can search the internet, police, FBI and Military databases to narrow down the search and make it faster. If you think that could help.

[Filtered to Thea Queen]

Hey! So, figured different universes and all, but some similar people. Might be nice to talk about the differences some more. And, I miss Ollie, and I don't know if I

Do you fancy a coffee?

January 20th, 2015

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So, I got the explanation from Bobby. Alternate Universe. Clark and Ollie, who aren't my Clark and Ollie.

But, he did say my cousin was here. Lois?

January 19th, 2015

blocked from garrett

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I found them.

Time to organize a rescue party.

Filtered from Garrett

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He's got her.


I couldnt...I tried. He had Simmons Icer

January 15th, 2015

No evil but open to jackasses who shoot innocent girls

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We're not going with the assumption that this is all a big coincidence anymore right? Cause two maybe. But four of us now--four freaking displaced--is entirely too much to be a damn coincidence.

And IDK about the rest of you but there are only so many others here who can handle the kind of gun needed to take down Davina from the range it did, would have happily researched ways to take me down (and supposedly Elena cause Rose got shot with the same kind of bullets that I did), gone after Lois like they did and not actually seemed like they intended to kill us. Wooden bullets through heart would've been fatal. Through other areas is just painful as hell.

There are only so many who are idiotic enough to even do this.

We might be big on second chances here but ask around about what happens when people decide to throw their chances away and hurt others.

It wasn't a monster.
Which means it was someone humanish and unless Superman decided to go all crazylike and attack his own girlfriend anyone got any ideas on who's genetically enhanced to be able to throw people through walls?

We get things done a hell of a lot better when we all work together instead of sticking to groups trying to get stuff done.

And knowing who it is and not warning people about it, makes you a jerk too. JSYK. I feel that needs to be said.

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I am so sorry to ask, but I'm on campus and my best friend was just shot, she's taken to the medbay, but it's going to take me a long time to get there, if you're busy I understand, and I would never ask like this if... if... She's my best friend.

Rose was shot.

January 14th, 2015

No Known Threats or People who are attacking other people

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So, with all these seemingly random attacks. I'm thinking of patrolling around the city. Obviously, it's a big city. So, anyone wanna help? Might help us catch the guy next time.

January 13th, 2015

No Evil

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I can't spend all my time thinki
I have to have something to
Idle hands and

I find myself in need of employment. I'm a teacher, and if my credentials are still good I can go back to that, but I would prefer not to. Too many memories of Danny even though I'm not home. I'm good at a variety of things and I can learn quickly, but the sooner I have something to do the better.

[Connor & Claudia]

Is there any chance the two of you could help me reestablish my identity here?

No known Threats

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How are you holding up?

Is there anything I can do? Is there anything you need?

I'm sorry I didn't really get to talk more yesterday, but I think there are some things we need to talk about. And I need to get silver

Hey, I just wanted to check in and see how you're doing.

I don't even-

I just wanted to say thank you, for coming to get Rose and I to get to Davina.

I hope whomever is behind the shootings is caught soon...

January 12th, 2015

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What the actual crap

So, people getting shot and thrown through walls, does that happens a lot?

What about actually seeing all the blood through someone else's

( Lissa )
I think we need to talk. At least, I really hope you have an explanation for what I just experienced, because the alternative is that I'm losing my mind.


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[Davina isn't entirely sure what just happened. It was all so fast, it barely registered. She got shot. She got shot! And the pain, oh god the pain. She hadn't been able to respond like she should have. She couldn't get her magic to cooperate between the wound and the blood loss and the pain. She had her phone, though. And she could post. She could get help.

She gets the video to work, because it would be easier than typing right now and on the feed is an obviously upset Davina.]
S-somebody help... please! I got shot.

January 11th, 2015

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I really don't appreciate when people decide to try and attack me while I am headed to my car and then throw me through A WALL when they can't manage to do any damage.

My body is fine but my heels are ruined.

I guess that invulnerability wish came in handy.

December 29th, 2014

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Clark gave me a gorgeous watch for Christmas. It's also a signal watch so that I can alert him whenever there's an emergency.

Things that I have learned are NOT considered emergencies so far:

1. We've run out of coffee.
2. The cows are in the orchard.
3. The traffic is terrible.
4. My stockings have a run in them and I need a new pair from home.
5. My heel broke.
6. It's cold and I need my scarf.
7. We're out of wine.
8. Wanting to know what we're doing for dinner.

Things that ARE apparently emergencies:
1. Kittens in trees
2. Being tied to a radiator.

I still maintain that running out of coffee is an emergency.

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At least the Christmas decorations are starting to come down. I imagine I'll have to wait until July until people stop putting on their lights...

December 15th, 2014

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[Filter to The Kents]
Hello! My name is Floki. I was told by Caroline that you might have a goat I could have for Jol?

I do not have any money, but I can make trees into the things they wish to be, if that is an agreeable exchange.

[Filter to Henrik]
5 flere netter inntil Oskorei begynner! Vet du ennå hva du vil Far Wotan å forlate i skoene dine?

November 27th, 2014

no evil

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settle something for me lawrence

which is the superior pie?




October 1st, 2014

No evil

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Moving forward with improving arrival encounters.

1. We need to buy a building/space in a building near the graveyard.
2. We need to figure out exactly what jobs there will be for anyone who is on a team for graveyard greeting duty.
3. Who all wants to be on a team.
4. Funding.
5. Rotations.
6. Security feeds--which I think are already done.
7. How goes those teleporter watches?

Anything else?

So for FUNDING who's willing to chip in?
1. Kirk
2. Robin
3. Lee
4. Peter Hale
5. Natasha
6. Belle
7. Elijah
8. Ariel
9. Peter V.

For being on a potential greeting team, who's in?
1. Robin Hood
2. Marcel
3. Lissa
4. Rose (of the Lissa's friends variety)
5. Jo
6. Buffy
7. Skye
8. Claire Danvers
9. Ana
10. Hale
11. Ginger
12. Peter Parker
13. Rose Weasley
14. Kirk
15. Sydney
16. Natasha
17. Belle
18. Ariel
19. Peter V.

September 20th, 2014

No evil. Especially cows. Which are evil.

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The cows are eating my apples.

I can tolerate a lot of things but this--NO--step too far.

I need coffee.

And liquor.

September 6th, 2014

No evil/bad Heaven/Asgardians/Grant

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What do you do when you thought you saw good in someone that others couldn't, and then they do something that seems to just prove everyone else right?
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