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September 27th, 2013

No evil, no kids

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You guys someone just burned down the fucking orphanage. Look, it's fucking all over the news [Have links!]

September 26th, 2013

No wild things

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Soooo what's a 15 year old with an uuuuber over-protective werewolf father supposed to do for fun around here?

Omg okay hi! I'm Jesse and I already kinda talked to Tonks and Remus a tiny bit and I heard there's several of you here. I'm sorry if this is really weird but this is really awesome for me right now.

September 23rd, 2013

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I'm sorry.

September 21st, 2013

No evil

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Does anyone know

If someone thought I really needed to know what was going to happen to me and Remus in May of 1998, it would’ve been preferable to hear about it in person rather than in an anonymous note. I wasn't going to read the rest of the books and now I know everything so, really, thanks.

I don’t even know what to say right now.

[ETA: Filtered to Remus]

We should probably talk. ...Before you read through any of the comments on here.

September 19th, 2013

Filtered against evil/Death

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Lately I'd been thinking maybe I'd rather be here than back home, despite everything, but now I'm not so sure. Although I guess in a lot of ways it's not all that different than fighting Death Eaters. Just... bigger.

Still, I don't like waiting around. I always feel like I should be doing something else.

[Filtered to Hogwarts types]

One thing I've noticed about being here is that I've used magic a lot less than I would at home, so I have a feeling my dueling and spellwork are a bit out of practice. I'm sure I can't be the only one. So, if anyone else feels the need to brush up, let me know. I'm happy to be of help if you need it.

Also, it's the full moon tonight and I could use distractions. Not necessarily of the aforementioned sort, just... in general. Anyone around?

[Filtered to Remus]

I know it doesn't help all that much to say be careful out there tonight, but... please do. I'll be waiting up.

September 18th, 2013

No evil

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Okay, my turn for organising something.

Medical side of things. How many people here have any medical training? Doctors, medics, first aiders, anything.

Second question, who here has any special medical needs? Feel free to filter it if you want, but I want to be able to treat anyone who needs it most efficiently.

For anyone who doesn't know, I'm Doctor Martha Jones, I'm also an officer of UNIT, a military taskforce at home who defends the Earth from alien attacks. I work at the Medbay in the Complex here.

[Filtered to Who'verse peoples]

Is it worth mentioning the TARDIS to people? A place to keep some of the vulnerable safe?

September 17th, 2013

Magic Users/Witch filter

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With everyone starting to organize where their strengths are, we should as well.

First off, who is still here? Secondly, where do our strengths lie so that we can get a better picture for who goes where?

For those who are new, I'm Morgana. My strengths are elemental magic and spells. I have also been known to have sporadic visions.

Filtered from Evil

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When the attack comes, and it will. I need to know what we have to work with. Numbers, abilities, weapons. I want no secrets, and believe me trying to keep those from me is essentially pointless.

Because I refuse to sit and wait for meetings or decisions about who should lead the fight. Unless you can think of someone more qualified. I'm being tactical. Because we'll all die unless someone is.

September 10th, 2013

Filtered from Evil/Death

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I would like to make something abundantly clear here.

There are those of you volunteering for this task. To give yourselves to Death. And I have noted two distinct types. Those that seem to understand what is being asked and offer in spite of the pain it will inevitibly bring them. And those who believe it will be easy and offer themselves out of a belief that they can do it and be fine.

Now as I've said. I could do it. I would have no qualms about what he would ask of me because what he does, what he seems to have always done, is garden. Pluck the weeds, the dead, so that life may flourish. He understands when and why. Cause and Effect. Someone young, innocent, may die but in that, in not saving them springs a new host of possibilities for others that would not have been possible had he saved a life. I believe this planet equates it to stepping on a butterfly.

To make this choice I believe it needs to be hard. I believe it needs to be someone who has not killed so easily as I and others have. Pure in deed, he said. I do not believe that means purity or innocence in the conventional sense but rather understanding the gravity of what he asks you and not finding it easy.

Many of us do and I urge those people to step back from this as I have. There is too much at stake.

September 9th, 2013

Filtered against Evil. And Lucifer. And Death.

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It isn't someone's death that Death is seeking. He's seeking someone's life.

I believe he wants to switch places with someone. Whether it's temporary or permanent I don't know.

Filtered from evil.

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I'm glad I was busy at camp when the bulk of the 'to sacrifice or not to sacrifice' debate happened. It's exactly the kind of stupid thing I would've volunteered myself for, if I was innocent enough. Or as the one performing the sacrifice instead, since I'm not. Honestly, as much as I enjoy taking crazy risks to save the world, I don't think it's wise to let someone give their life without a lot more information. Which is a problem, because Death doesn't seem to be a fan of keeping people well-informed. Kinda seems like his instructions were intentionally vague, you know?

By the way, if anyone wants to practice their combat skills outside of classes, I'm available. If you're not used to fighting creatures with supernatural strength, it's a really good idea to get as much practice as you can. Just thought I'd offer in case anyone doesn't have a training buddy yet.


I think it's about time we got those anti-possession tattoos you mentioned. I'll hold your hand, I promise. If you ask really nicely I'll even buy you dinner after. And not just the usual Chinese takeout. I mean, unless that's what you're in the mood for.


Thanks again for helping Cordy with her visions. She seems to be doing a lot better. I'm not even sure how I could ever repay you for potentially saving her life, but if you ever need anything, let me know. Anything, I mean it. I could cook you dinner? I'm told I'm a surprisingly good cook. Granted, that was about my scrambled eggs, but it would've sounded weird if I offered to make you breakfast.

September 6th, 2013

Filtered Against Evil

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Not involving myself in the debate Not involving myself in

And as it seems most new arrivals post after they have adjusted, what are the options for work? I trained as a Healer back home. Would there be need of that here? Or is it already covered?


How are you feeling?

[Written in their code from Hogwarts. Because of reasons]

We're going on a library adventure. You're a Ravenclaw, I'm a Slytherin, between the two of us, I'm sure we could find out more information on everything that's suddenly happened.

August 31st, 2013

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[No Evil]

I am bored. I am half Weasley and I am bored. Anyone who knows my Uncles knows that this is not the best idea, because pranks happen and things end up exploded and possibly sparkling for several days. (That one was not my fault, it was Hugo's fault. So there.)

Anyway, I feel like I need some kind of Thing To Do. Maybe a job. I could totally have a job. Downside is I sort of only know how to do wizard jobs. I was thinking about applying for the Committee for Experimental Charms back home. Or being a singer. Either or really. Ideas?! Help?!

[Filtered to HP people]

We should do dinner some time. For reasons. Also because I know more of us have turned up and who doesn't love dinner?! Though maybe we should order food in because me + cooking = something burning.

[Filtered to Derek Hale]

So, did you want to meet up in person, or am I still a crazy girl on the internet to you?! I promise, no hugging. This time!

August 28th, 2013

Filtered to friends (and family!)

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Apparently there's karaoke! I can't say no to karaoke.

I'm meeting up with someone called Rose who I don't actually know, so you all should come too. Because karaoke! And fun! Who's in?

August 26th, 2013

Filtered to Ted and Andromeda

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Hello to the both of you. I'm sorry I didn't make my presence known sooner but I've been a bit busy. It's good to see you and I truly hope you're settling in well.

I imagine I'm considerably older than either of you remember. Things do change, after all, given the many years since you last saw me. Regardless, there is something I'd like to discuss with you both. Back home, in our world and in my time, many things were kept secret, and I'd rather be open and honest with you now.

Ted, you already know your daughter, though as the tiny thing who was all knees and elbows, I'm sure. And Andromeda, it seems you're only getting to know her, and you're incredibly lucky to have the chance to do so. She's an incredibly brave and strong woman with a heart too big for her own good and a sass to make Sirius proud.

And, if it isn't quite obvious, I'm quite taken with her.

I know I'm no one's first choice for their daughter's companion. If you've done the maths, you'll know I'm a good thirteen years her senior. I've barely a knut to my name, not even at home. And my condition is hardly a secret. But I do care for her. And, to my incredulous surprise, she for me. I wish I had more to offer but I've given all of myself and that may be the best I can manage, even here.

I suppose I simply wanted to be open with you. And to let you know that I'll do everything possible to make her happy. I'm not asking for your blessing-we're hardly at the point of marriage. But I do ask that, should you disapprove, you consider what I've said carefully.

August 25th, 2013

No evil; also filtered from Cordelia.

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I hate to do this, but I'm all out of options so I'm hoping somebody around here can help.

You guys know Cordelia Chase, right? The girl who's been getting visions about local demons?

Well, those visions are killing her. Literally. In our dimension, only demons are capable of handling visions -- if a human gets them long enough, they'll destroy her brain. She was made part-demon to fix that, but she got sent here from before that, and the guy who did it isn't here, and... she could be months, even weeks, away from a coma or death right now. Maybe less.

Is there anyone here who can heal people? Not just the pain but the physical damage too? Or if anybody can think of any other solutions. Is it even possible for a human to become part-demon here? Safely, I mean.

And please don't tell her about this. She knows what the visions are doing to her, but she doesn't exactly like talking to other people about it. I've been trying to respect her privacy, but I can't just sit back and let her die. I can't lose her.

August 22nd, 2013

Filtered against Biblical Evil?

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Ted, you don't have to hover

So let me see if I've got this straight. People randomly showing up in this place is so common that confused people are pointed to these muggle contrap computers for information.

And to add to that, those who find themselves here have been pulled into another dimension and even time by a magical seal and this Lucifer can read these boards if there is no filter? Have I actually gone mental from

That's what I've gathered from reading back anyway.
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