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January 28th, 2015

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The doctor said Ares is fine. Just a doggy cold. He gave me antibiotics to give to him. His appetite is already starting to come back.

December 21st, 2014

No Idiots who want to end the world

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Well, would you look at that. I got back just in time for wishes.

Anyone recognize this?

Home Sweet Home )

Oh, and little brother. I have your granny mobile, and I'm holding it for ransom.

December 19th, 2014

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Hey Lawrence. Guess who's back?!

Did you all miss me?

And, before anyone tells me to go find my wife. Seriously, do you even know me? That was the first thing I did when I arrived in that damned graveyard. (FYI, I arrived yesterday. I've been busy.)

November 13th, 2014

No evil or Sanderson sisters

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She basically told us where they're going to be tomorrow. Shouldn't we be planning something right now?

October 26th, 2014

Evil can go away

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Oh. My. God. Really big news.

Clíodhna finally had her baby. Today. This morning actually. A little baby colt that's like white with black splotches so I'm willing to wager that Lugh is so the father--sire--whatever its called with horses.

So you animal whisperers--which I remember are like the Doctor and Jacen--if you could come and make sure the baby is doing okay I will love you forever. And Jacen, you so owe me for helping you when Tahiri was doing the whole giving birth thing! And with the twins after!!

October 16th, 2014


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Did you find some place to stay? And do you think I could take you up on that offer for a hunt now?

We should talk.

How are you settling in so far?

Hey, you.

October 13th, 2014

Filtered to friends/select family*

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[ooc: *select family meaning not Damon, Klaus or Caroline this time. Forward dated a bit, posted at just after 3pm Lawrence time]

Cut for length )

October 12th, 2014

Filtered to friends of Elena and Damon

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[OOC: If you think you count as a friend, you probably do.]

So, you know Friends Season 5 Episode 24...?

September 29th, 2014

Filtered to Friends and Family*

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I'm stealing Elena away on a road trip.  A long one.  We're leaving on Saturday, unless anyone wants to be annoying and need us for something.

[Filtered to Ric]

How's being a non-crazy vampire treating you?

[Filtered to Anastasia]

So, Miss Scarlett.  Is everything all rainbows and unicorns now you've got your man?

[Filtered to Stefan]

How was your holiday, brother.  Where did Beks drag you in the end?

[*OOC: Includes Elena's Friends and Family.  IDK, ok.  He's a big softy really.  So, if you're friendly with either of them, you can see this.]

September 27th, 2014


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I'm glad you have your best friend back.


Are you going to be okay?

September 26th, 2014

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I've seen a lot of weird things in my life and my unlife, but I have to say that being randomly transported to a graveyard is a first for me. Now, if someone could just point the way back to Mystic Falls, that would be great.

September 15th, 2014

No Evil, No Anna

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How do you make someone feel better when they've been really, really hurt?

I feel like I'm new at this and I shouldn't be, really, but it's not like I have a whole lot of experience with things like this. Or people in general. Even if it is my own sister

I don't even know what she dealt with, let alone how to help her with it.


Come for a walk with me?

September 14th, 2014

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Ice cream really should deliver. Everything else does.

No evil douchebags

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Jenna and I have now decided to be Hetero lifemates. A relationship that will be based solely upon consuming egg rolls, nachos, pizza, and slurpees. Shopping and chick flicks are also involved. Sorry to snatch her up ladies, but what Jenna and I have is real

September 12th, 2014

Texts to Rose

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» Rosie Posie!
» Come run away with me
» To the mall, because I need some cute shoes
» and nachos.

September 11th, 2014

No evil/heaven

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Do I have to go to school here?

September 8th, 2014

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Hey, y'all, Kansas looks pretty damn spectacular from the air.

September 6th, 2014

No evil dicks. And no Lee. And no people who look like Elena, but aren't a doppleganger.

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No, no, no, no no.  And did I mention No!!!!

Seriously, I had enough of this at home.  And Silas and crazy pants were really annoying!!

Why is there never just one of someone?

No kids because IDK if they saw all of what happened

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Okay, so I know there are probably a lot of us still reeling from the whole having died, watched others die around us, watched the people we love die on tv, or came back from a happy place only to find out that others have died and all that fun stuff.

So I was thinking we should have a fun, end of the summer party next weekend. I know everyone kind of needs the week and all to cling to one another and stuff and yes Labor Day already passed but I missed it and technically there's still some summer left and we should embrace it.

We don't actually have a pool but I can get some of those above ground ones temporarily installed and a few little pools for the little kids and we can have hot dogs and hamburgers and tofu dogs or whatever they are for those who need those.

And there will apparently be a flying robot dinosaur because you people are trying to give me grey hairs so you know you want to come and see a flying robot dinosaur.

But anyway, next Saturday starting at noon and ending whenever. Food, fun, and sun.

Oh. right. Marcel. I'm throwing a party. Surprise?

September 3rd, 2014

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Awww. I was having fun being a Pirate. Ariel, Elsa, Regina, Rebekah, it was fun being pirates with you!

Did somebody take care of my puppy while I was gone?
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