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February 19th, 2015

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Okay. So this isn't the weirdest thing to ever happen to me. Not even on the top five. But maybe at least on the top twenty. ...Not that I'm keeping a list of weird things that happen to me. I could probably a book about the weird stuff that's happened to me and my friends. Or a couple of books.

Anyway...I'm rambling. What's going on, Lawrence? I'm Rachel Elizabeth Dare.

February 17th, 2015

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hes gone


February 15th, 2015

No Known Threats and Hal

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Right. Whoever got Hal the dominoes, do you have another one mate? There's an odd number, and he doesn't deal well with those.

I've calmed him down for now. But, seriously. It'll last ten minutes. I'm not sure what to do after this.

[Annie and Alex]



Hal mate. The cutlery drawer's gotten all muddled up.

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Delivered to Hal Yorke

-213 dominoes
-a flannel shirt
-a gently worn trucker's cap

February 12th, 2015

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Delivered to Hal Yorke

-a six pack of beer
-a nifty revolver
-pie that's shaped as a heart

No note. Yet.

No Evil

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So, I think I'm pretty much up to speed on this place now. Although, I get the feeling the comings and goings are going to be really confusing.

[Filtered to Lois]

You know anywhere I can set up Watchtower, Lois?

[Filtered to Bobby Singer]

Hey, I never said thanks for helping me when I arrived. So, thank you.

Also, I was wondering. What criteria do you use when finding hunts? I can probably set up an algorithm which can search the internet, police, FBI and Military databases to narrow down the search and make it faster. If you think that could help.

[Filtered to Thea Queen]

Hey! So, figured different universes and all, but some similar people. Might be nice to talk about the differences some more. And, I miss Ollie, and I don't know if I

Do you fancy a coffee?

February 9th, 2015

No kids

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[Posted directly after this thread.]

We got a goddamn Rugaru loose in Lawrence.

Gonna need some help tracking and putting it down.

February 8th, 2015

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Of all the things that happened on my birthday this year, this is my favorite.

image cut, not filtered )

February 3rd, 2015

No evil

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Florence and Bo are gone.

Looks like she left the apartment complex over to me and Natasha.

If you live there ain't nothing going to change. Just don't expect the landlord to be offering up Thanksgiving to the lot of you like she did.

And if you don't pick up your dog's shit then your dog ain't staying.

January 22nd, 2015

filtered against evil

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Got a number of hunts available.

1. Washington:
2. Maine: Jack and Enjolras
3. Florida: Damon and Alaric
4. Alaska: Katniss and me

Same rules apply. Gotta have a partner. If you ain't done one before you gotta go with someone who has. I reserve the right to say no cause I feel like it. Can't be a kid.

[ooc: I am off to work so Bobby will reply back later but feel free to try and figure out partners, etc, in the post]

January 20th, 2015

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OW. Just, ow.

Pretty sure the vervain grenades were a bit overkill.

Still, good to know that they're in your arsenal Bobby. Or at least, I'm assuming you're the one who gave them to the slayers.

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( Team No Torture* )
I know Grant already said his thanks, but I want to say it, too. Not used to having so much backup. Coulda gone better, but coulda gone worse too. So thanks.

[aka everyone who fought on the side of let's not let the vamps torture/slowly rip apart Garrett during the Skye rescue, so if that was you, you're in this filter]

( Bobby )
Those were some sweet ass grenades. Thanks.

Posted via Journaler.

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Anyone want to tell me why the freaking hell me and Jo woke up in a freaking Graveyard?

January 19th, 2015

No known Threats

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What are these patrols I keep reading about, and how do I sign up?

January 16th, 2015

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Odin's beard. The villains in this universe are so disorganized. It's no wonder they never take over anything.

It's like there's no hierarchy at all. There's sort of a king of hell, maybe, but then none of the foot soldiers really seem to be in active contact with him. It's hard to tell if anyone has any real power.

I mean, my evil days are behind me, but what I wouldn't give for a Doctor Doom to shake things up once in a while. Your world doesn't even seem to have any masked, megalomaniacal kings. In fact, no leaders in masks of any kind! What good is saving people if you're not saving them from anyone good?

What sort of world is this?

January 11th, 2015

Filtered from known threats.

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I wished for a bunker. It's underground, it's hidden, and it seems like the perfect place to take all of my hunting stuff so that Emily won't be too exposed to it. It seemed like a good idea.

Except I was going through my weapons, trying to figure out what I wanted to keep where when I kind of - there was this flash and I...did I attack someone? Someone here?

January 10th, 2015

No known Threats

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I still don't trust-

These classes I was told about, what exactly where the details?

I didn't quiet get all of the information

January 8th, 2015

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[During this]
He's here. But it's not him.

How can someone be here and be so different?

January 6th, 2015

No evil

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If any of you got pictures you best be deleting them.

And Ruby. You and me need to have words girl.

Katniss. Thanks.

December 28th, 2014

No Threats, Apparently?

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I don't quite understand your holidays, but I do enjoy gifts. Especially gifts from home. And the ability to defend myself and the entirety of the three people here I care about. So thanks little singing orb thing. Glad I decided to actually trust you.

Now. Who was going to tell me I was one of the fictional? And that apparently I'm d Well, I suppose I expected that part but Not a fan of you all knowing

[Katniss & Johanna]

Did you two know? Well, now you do. These people can find out everything about us at a moment's notice.

Even Katniss' apparent singing career.


Did I read that right? You're a mermaid??
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