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June 21st, 2014

No Evil or Bad Heaven Etc OR Under 16s

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So Klaus issued a challenge and I refuse to back down. So in the most diplomatic way possible, we're going to settle this once and for all. Suggestions will be welcomed. Rudeness and cruelty will not.

Yes, we have many people here who could be considered dangerous. And yes, it's helpful to know we could defend ourselves if we needed to. But let's stop focusing on one particular group. And we can stop with the death as a means to an end talk as well. Self-defense is one thing, answering an emotional response with a death threat is another.

Now. Can we discuss ways to contain a threat to us all without people getting up in arms, or is the city who stood by each other and fought Lucifer himself unable to do that? We're better than this, Lawrence. Remind me of that.

What is your problem with Rebekah Mikaelson?

How did you do it?

You don't know me but
There was a time when I could tell you anything but I don't even know you now and

No evil or re-Apocalypsers

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Where my science nerds at? Cause uhhhh this!

June 10th, 2014

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Well, this is all rather fascinating isn't it?

As my friend said, we've just found ourselves here, and some of you lovely people have been good enough to explain some of the idiosyncracies of this place.

I just wanted to say thank you, and introduce myself.  I'm Jemma Simmons.Agent of SHIELD. Don't be silly, Jemma. They probably don't know what SHIELD is.

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So me and a friend wound up in a graveyard and she remembers a bit less of the past than I do.

Anyone want to do some filling in?

May 27th, 2014

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So for anyone coming to the belated birthday bash Lydia is putting on, I just want to say no one needs to bring gifts unless you absolutely want to. I would much rather have people help the Youth Center stock up on supplies we need to get us through the summer when everyone is out of school. I can put together a list if anyone wants one but generally art supplies, extra sports equipment or equipment we don't have yet, healthy snacks...anything you can think of that kids might be interested having at the center, really. I think that would probably be a more beneficial gift anyway, and I know it would help make my job a little easier which would be an great gift in itself.

[Friends Filter]

You guys are coming, right? I want at least a few really close friends there while I embarrass myself playing mini golf.

April 15th, 2014

No Evil

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I'm employed again.

Got a short term IT gig for one of the doctors I had worked with it at the medical center pre twister, its only till mid August but that means I'll have time to find something more stable.

April 10th, 2014

Private and Encrypted to Claudia

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Just finished up the scrubbing of everything that could trigger Sam on the boards. Think you can give things a quick once over as a second set of eyes? I also went back as far as December after catching references to the ritual to get people out of the cage.

Let me know if anything was missed?

PS: Sorry for the encryption on this, was not going to take any chances.

April 7th, 2014

No Leftover Evil

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Since we're down a hacker would anyone mind if I took over some of the basic things Connor was doing a la the paperwork forging and the like? Mostly don't want to step on any toes.

April 8th, 2014

Filtered from Heaven, Loyalists, Annnnd Sam

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Look, I don't care if you think I'm the crazy demon bitch who can't function without her family, maybe I am. But if you care about Sam, if you have any kind of decency in you. He can't be allowed to remember, the things he's done, whatever the hell the cage did to him, any of it.

Death set a wall in his mind. A wall we need to keep there. Or we lose him completely

April 7th, 2014

No Lingering Evil, No Lucifer Loyalists, No Heaven Loyalists...Oi

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So, I haven't done this in a very long time. And someone should be. I keep seeing questions being asked that should be easy to answer, that should have been answered long ago. I apologise to new arrivals for not being around more. It's been a difficult few months, but I'm trying to get over work through that and be who the people here expect me to be.

My name is Rose Tyler and I've been running a class here called Welcome to Lawrence. It teaches the basics on being newly brought by the Seal. It's complicated, and we all know it, and no one should have to feel helpless.

I'll go over the important things, such as housing, jobs, education, etc. Also a basic rundown on protecting yourself. Obviously, now that we're post-Apocalypse, some of the old material won't be quite as relevant, but I'll walk you through what I can. The latest class will be Thursday evening, around 8pm at the Lawrence Youth Center.

I also run a place in the middle of the city, the Lawrence Youth Center (see what I did there?). It's set up to be a safe place for teens and pre-teens to hang out after school. There's sports teams and lessons, dance, tutoring, even a game room and some enrichment classes for kids who'd like to learn more. I believe a few of our new arrivals fall into that age group, about 10/11 on up to 18. You're more than welcome to come.

...also, last but not least, we could really use someone with office managerial experience. I appreciate everything Lois has done during my absence, but I think we need a permanent replacement to my last manager again. If you're new and would be willing to help out, I'd love to chat with you.

tl;dr? Welcome, we'll be meeting Thursday evening. Kids are welcome to come play. And HELP Now Hiring!

April 3rd, 2014

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So ball.

April 26. It'll start at 7 and go until midnight. Then I have to cut it off and throw all of you out because everything needs to get switched back for the public to use the museum the next day. Remember is a charity event. You'll be getting actual invites in the mail. So will some of the local community so forewarning that others will be there to. Like the Mayor. And some judges.

Thanks to everyone who came to the Tuesday meeting. I think we had some great ideas flowing around.


When do we do the whole baby shower thing? Do you want a baby shower? I feel you need a baby shower.


You left.


Everything is a mess. Kol is sad. Rebekah like totally moved out. Elijah is with Katherine (that's so a mess). Also we need groceries for the tiny Mikaelson. Because Cheetohs don't equal healthy.

March 29th, 2014

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I wished to own a bakery here in town. It's something I've wanted to do for a while now. The building is now in my name and on the lease its all mine. It's not open yet but I couldn't contain my enthusiasm over it.

March 28th, 2014

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So, remember how I was talking about doing a ball back before a whole bunch of us turned into kids for a little bit--which Kenzi, you were amazing during that. Don't think I ever did say that--but yes, ball!

April 26. It's a Saturday. I actually rented out the art museum to do it in. They just asked for a nice donation (Elijah, we need to make a donation!) and no one can touch the statues. But it'll be fun and on neutral territory so I think that'll help.

And it'll actually be benefiting the children's cancer ward. So if you'd like to make a donation to it while you are there that's where the money will go to. Because we might as well party for a cause. Donations are not required but encouraged.

So I know some people said they'd like to help with this and I'll be having a meeting to coordinate things on Tuesday if that works for everyone who'd like in. There will be tea and cakes because I found this shop that does the cutest little cupcakes and I want to try them all.

March 26th, 2014

No evil

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Anybody wanna take a guess at what I wished for? I'll give you a clue. It can be found on the Superpowers Wiki and is so obviously perfect for me it's almost painful.

March 21st, 2014

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Bloody hell.

8 missed voice messages from work. I really don't want to listen to these. I'd just started at the hospital. Haven't got a clue how to handle this one. Can't exactly say sorry, was a kid for two weeks? Now can I?

[Claire C.]
He's alive
Sherlock is
I don't know how to


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That bauble has been following me for a couple of days now so finally decided, I want my tech back.

So now my room has my laptop but the one from my time! Add in the VR goggles and a few other gadgets and I'm a happy nerd.


Any news on Parker? She's still a bit of a hermit here but going from her most recent comm post she's trying?

March 12th, 2014

No evil

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[OOC: So, bit of explanation. Kirk had to go away after the battle to do a job. He was contacted by someone he met in San Francisco who asked him to do some freelance work of a sensitive nature which involved a lot of travel. He let people know he was leaving and he wouldn't be able to contact anyone for a while, so if you're friends with him you knew he was gone but he hasn't talked to you since the big fight.]

I come back to Lawrence after three months and there's pint size versions of people running around. Did I miss something really big?

[Friends Filter]

Hey, guys. Please don't kill me for cutting off contact for the last three months. Job's finished and I'm finally back. Please tell me you're all still here? Even if you hate my guts right now, can you touch base with me so I know the seal didn't take you?


I looked into the stuff you asked me to check into while I was gone. I don't think it's related to anything we've been dealing with here, just really weird coincidences. I guess you should still keep an eye on things, just in case, but I don't think we need to worry. It's not anything we need to bring to the attention of the people in charge around here. By the way, how in the hell did you find me? That's what I want to know.

ETA: [Kenzi]

Please, for the sake of my sanity, tell me you are not a kid. Please?

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Endeavour was taken back by the seal.

Only thing helping me is he's home in his real time and won't remember a second of the cage. But I will never forget how happy he made me.

January 7th, 2014

Filtered from any remaining loyalists/former hellbound/Jo and Jules

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I know its stupid and I know he's dealing with a lot, I know he suffered a whole different level of...

I just don't know how to help him.

And apparently two of my supposed best friends think taking him away from his wife and kid on his first night out of the pit is the way to go.

Normally, right now, there'd be witchcraft and feeding people their own entrails.  I'm being classy.

Anyone elses people acting off? I mean I guess its the Cage, we don't even understand the damn thing

[Jo and Jules]

Have fun or whatever.

January 6th, 2014

No Evil

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I just need some insights.

Everyone at the manor is hurting.

I've not seen Damien or Parker since the weekend and I'm simply trying to keep Endeavour above water emotionally (but he knows now I'm not this evil version he seems to have seen, my proof was something only we know about. Something even evil me would never understand. But I'm reminding him I'm very real as often as possible too). No sign of Sidney either but I did notice quite a bit of missing booze. Safe to assume she's at the manor but simply hiding?

So what should I do now? Of course Endeavour is my main focus since my heart is his. He's in one piece in a physical sense, emotionally its a whole other story.

But I'm just worried nobody within the manor will come out of this unscathed.

I just wish I could do more, especially to help him. I've got his operas going almost 24/7, its a passion and it actually seems to be helping.

Endeavour: I love you, I'm not going to run away. I will prove I am not her.

Damien: Please check in? I'll feel a little better known you and Parker are somewhere safe. I won't go barging in if you need space. Also filled up the gas tank on the bike.
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