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Feb. 20th, 2013


Masterlist: Anti-Valentine's Day 2013


#AVD peoples!! We came, we laughed, we angsted, we rocked the Casbah like old-school rockers. It was amazing and fun and made us all kinds of happy <333

Thank you to everyone who contributed, read, recced, commented, beta'd, cheerleaded, hashtagged #likeaboss, smiled, wept, screamed, and enjoyed all the offerings. We couldn't have done it without you!

Contributors are now free to repost their works wherever they would like, with our sincerest thanks for playing this year. You all made #AVD rock! <333

Masterlist of all things #AVD )

So much fun, guys!! Thank you!! <333

Jan. 16th, 2013


Announcing the Severus *sighs* Anti-Valentine's Day mini-fest!

Anti-Valentine’s Day 2013

credit for the art and banner go to the lovely [info]veridari

Dear Friends,

Are you tired of the smell of roses? Is the smell of chocolate enough to make you gag? Do you feel nauseated by the sickly sweet declarations of love and lurid heart-shaped balloons? Then Severus Sighs has the antidote.

Anti-Valentine's Day Mini-Fest )

HOWEVER! If none of these prompts sing to your souls, CHOOSE YOUR OWN! Your crazy mods adore the #AVD fest and will welcome every fic and art submission like the greedy bitches we are. #bringit

For example...

If you are unsure what is meant by ‘Anti-Valentine’s Day’, the following drabble should give you an idea:

Snow wrote a 500 word drabble #likeaboss )

#AVD, people! Make this happen!!! <333

Nov. 1st, 2012


Halloween wrap-up!


We mocked, we giggled, we made poor Severus wish that the Epilogue actually existed and he had been spared from the indignity of it all. #petsshim

If you missed some of the pretty or just wish to review the awesomeness, snuggle up and enjoy! *dances wildly*

'Cause I'm The Oogie Boogie Man )

If you still have contributions to post, or we missed you, please hit us up and we will get you added ASAP. Thank you to everyone who contributed, whether through entries or comments <333

And we hope everyone had a Happy #Halloweenishness

Oct. 25th, 2012


Quick and Dirty "Do something for Halloween" challenge <333


Ok. Halloween is exactly ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!! *cheers*

So, since this weekend everyone is going to be attending parties, getting drunk, laughing at all their drunk friends at parties, shepherding children to and fro, convincing ourselves not to snack on the pre-purchased Halloween candy, and carving pumpkins, it is the PERFECT time to do a quick and dirty Halloween ... thing. #ponders What should we call this?


(Yes, snow, my vocabulary exists JUST to suck all the happiness from your soul. #truth)

From 100 words to whatever, sketchy art (I WILL DRAW STICK FIGURES!!<333 Oh, God, someone tell me no). to full blown illustrations. We don’t care. So long as #Halloweenishness is going on, let your freak flag fly! #word

These do not have to be involved, as we are going for QUICK AND DIRTY #HALLOWEENISHNESS HERE!

Quick and dirty like a #zombie apocalypse! )


More people tend to participate when it is the mods uploading, so feel free to send the mod account ( your work of “art” on Sunday or Monday.

Or, since Halloween is Wednesday, feel free to post to the site Tuesday - Thursday with whatever you want.

Your friendly neighborhood psychopathic mods will be happy either way!


Sep. 30th, 2012


Angst!fest reminder!

Just a quick reminder that entries for our mini Angst!fest are due to the mod account ( today.

If you think you will need until tomorrow to finish your submission, please comment here or email us to let us know.

We're so excited about the submissions we've already received! There is angsty angst, cracky angst, ALL THE FEELS angst... Backs up our previous claim that angst is subjective and our shrivelled little hearts are swelling with happiness #truth

Sep. 26th, 2012


It's Our FOURTH Anniversary!

Ok, so, remember that one time? In January? When we revived Severus for his birthday?

That was fun. *pets Severus*

But now it’s our anniversary. So lets kill the bastard all over again. Or at least his soul. Maybe his hopes and dreams.

No, no really. He LIKES it! Severus is an ANGST WHORE! He takes angst up the ass. Or, maybe that’s me. But whatev. I firmly believe that Severus is on my team. #loves

Now, wait just a minute! *stops all the Sighers from running out the door* The sweetness of the luv is not as sweet without the angst. Angst fest does not necessarily mean Severus has to have an unhappy ending.

click to read Roo's insane ramblings of all the things you could do to Severus )

Here are some actual prompts, meant to inspire but not necessarily use word for word (Though you can).

1. "Woe, life is bleak and black, I shall plunge this dagger into my heart and rid the world of my odious presence.” (Severus commits suicide)

2. Severus really shouldn’t have been so surprised. After all, didn’t everyone (he most of all) wonder when one of the most handsome wizards alive agreed to marry him.

3. His position is tenuous at best, he gets that. But sometimes he just wants to stand on the Astronomy Tower and SCREAM.

4. It’s the little things that gut him at random moments. The scent of Lily’s perfume on the breeze. The silky texture of unicorn hair as he’s sorting ingredients. His mother’s knife, fitting so perfectly in his hand. Sugary sweet lemon scenting the room on a warm day. The realization that everyone who loves him is gone.

5. He doesn’t really care, but sometimes he wants to sleep beside a warm body and just pretend.

Submissions should be between 100 - 2k words (though we will accept your novel, this is a short, fun challenge) (Fun for us, not for Severus)

Please send submissions to by October 1st.

Roo and Snow
your zany mods.

Feb. 24th, 2012


Anti-Valentine's Day 2012 Masterlist!


Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who participated in the fest, whether by creating art or writing fic, or by betaing and commenting. We appreciate you! Thank you for making our fourth AVD fest a huge success. Please feel free to repost your fic or art on your own journals.

We came, we broke hearts, shredded hope, burned the flowers, drugged the participants, killed random people, had crazy sex, and redefined how this holiday should go down.

Just writing that? Crazy smiling mods, yo. Crazy. Smiling. Mods.

So if you missed some of the awesomeness, have a little drink, put something appropriate on to listen to, and dig in!

You Oughta Know )

Jan. 30th, 2012


Announcing the Anti-Valentine's Day Mini-Fest!

Anti-Valentine’s Day 2012

Dear Friends,

Are you tired of the smell of roses? Is the smell of chocolate enough to make you gag? Do you feel nauseated by the sickly sweet declarations of love and lurid heart-shaped balloons? Then Severus Sighs has the antidote.

Anti-Valentine's Day Mini-Fest )

Jan. 20th, 2012




It was an exciting challenge! But now ... Now Severus is revived. And did the ungrateful bastard stick around to thank us for all the sex attention? No! He flew away (OMG, flying!kink, FTW!) to have more sexy good times. Because he is an intelligent, intelligent man. *nods*

Thanks go to all our amazing participants who gave such quality fic and art for such a spur-of-the-moment challenge! *standing ovation* You have all earn points for your respective houses, huzzah!

We still have time before our Anti-Valentine's Day Challenge, though, so pour yourself an extra cup of tea, catch up on all the pretties you may have missed, and prepare yourself for more *sighs*!

Woody's Round-Up )

Jan. 19th, 2012


The Great Chocolate v. Horcrux Debate


Okay, the Chocolate v Horcrux drabbles were all awesome! Thank you guys so much for taking Snow’s refusal to stop assigning words like “logic” to Roo something silly snow and I were squabbling about and making it into something hilarious.

Let your banner fly! Did you write for both the  correct HORCRUX!SNUPIN, or LOGICAL “Remus saves Severus with chocolate, since he is more possessive of chocolate than he is of his partner(s).” 

Are you Team!Roo, Team!Snow, or Team!OMGdon’tputmeinthemiddleIamTeamRonow?

Let the insanity continue!

Jan. 2nd, 2012



*banner provided by the ever talented [info]veridari*

Reviving Severus *sighs* challenge submissions of fic and art are due to on Friday, January 6th, 2011.


Submissions need only be a minimum of 500 words for fic/drabbles, and the equivalence of an exhibition at the Louvre for art. *cough*

If you are searching for a beta with your hand outstretched, lips parted, and a faint sheen of tears making your eyes shine like crystals... This is the place for you to leave your name!

And if you occasionally dress in your old cap and gown, hugging your degree in literature (journalism? writing? English? Whatevs!)closely to your chest, petting it and calling it your preccccciousssss ... Or, you know, you have a severe hatred of the Oxford comma and some free time ... This is the place for you to leave your name, too!

See what we did there? Multi-tasking. We rock it. *fist bump*

Sep. 25th, 2011


SeverusSighs Fandom Meet-up in Austin October 15th

We'll be having our second meet-up on October 15th in Austin, Texas. Any member of fandom would who like to attend is welcome to.

Last meet-up everyone had too many margaritas and sexually harassed our poor totally hot waiter at the restaurant, but it was all in good fun. If you're interested, leave your info in a comment here.

Feb. 15th, 2011


The 2011 Anti-Valentine's Day Masterlist

Thank you to the authors and artists who participated in our third Anti-Valentine's Day, as well as those who supported by commenting. We hope everyone had as much fun as we did.

Under the cut is the masterlist of fic and art. Feel free to use it to catch up on pieces you may have missed while we let Severus escape through the backdoor.

AVD Masterlist for 2011 )

Jan. 14th, 2011


Announcing the Anti-Valentine's Day Mini-Fest!

Anti-Valentine’s Day 2011

Dear Members,

Are you tired of the smell of roses and chocolate smudges on your favourite skirt? Do you feel nauseated by the sickly sweet declarations of love and lurid heart-shaped balloons? Then Severus Sighs has the antidote.

Anti-Valentine's Day Mini-Fest )

Jan. 5th, 2011


Happy Birthday, Severus!

“Happy Birthday, Severus. And to ensure you have the best possible birthday celebration, the ladies and Stephen of Severus Sighs give you a ... a KINK NIGHT!”


“Severus! Enervate!”

Details Under the Cut )

Nov. 9th, 2010


Holiday Card Exchange List!

It's that time of year again!

For those of us who would like to send and receive cards, we're providing this convenient way of letting us know. This way poor Torina isn't running around trying to figure out who's on the safe card list and who's on the naughty card list. No one wants a picture of Snape with a candycane shoved up his ass delivered to their grandmother's house.

All comments will be screened and only viewed by the Webmistresses. Your information will never, ever be made public.

Just leave the following info:

Screen name (and/or real name if you prefer)
Email address (so we can send you the lists)
Address, City, State, Country
Whether you prefer an anything goes card or a work safe card.

Anything goes means the card could include anything from simple references to HP fandom to full out man-sex on the front. A work safe card is for those of us who would rather keep our cards (and lives) simple. We'll make two lists and send them to everyone who wants to participate.

Sign up here! )

Oct. 3rd, 2010


Anniversary Challenge Now Closed!

Thank you to everyone who participated! We think our members managed to show every established relationship Severus has ever endured. Our gratitude to everyone who participated whether by writing, drawing or commenting.

Special thanks must also go to [info]veridian_dair and [info]bielol who provided lovely artwork for our anniversary.

And so we start our third year! May it be as kinky fun as the last, full of enjoyment of our favorite hero.

The Webmistresses

Oct. 2nd, 2010


House Cup Award!

The points have been tallied, re-tallied, sat on by [info]atypicalsnowman, singed by [info]whitecotton, and rescued by [info]torina_archelda.

After a wonderful year of angst, sex, heartache and butt plugs we're ready to bestow the honor of the House Cup Award.

House Cup Award! )

Oct. 1st, 2010


Happy Second Anniversary!

Today we celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Severus *Sighs*!

To celebrate, we will present the House Cup 2009-2010, as well as smaller awards for the individual who earned most points for their house. Normally we'd also present an award for most points lost, but it turns out we were a lot nicer this year than last. Hmm...

The lovely art you see above you was provided by the beautiful and talented [info]veridian_dair. Thank you for being a part of our anniversary celebration, darling.

Read a message from the Webmistresses )

Members, you are now free to post your responses to our Anniversary Drabble Challenge.

Let the drabbles begin!

Aug. 24th, 2010


Drabble Challenge!


All right everyone, now that we've had a break from all the adventure, angst, and romance from the Grand Challenge, the Webmistresses would like to encourage a bit of lightheartedness. Laughter is the best medicine after all, and Severus is still in fairly sore shape.

So here's the challenge: include this line in a drabble 100-500 words long. Artists can incorporate the idea in a drawing or drawble.

Severus stared blankly at his lover and said, "No, there's not a potion for that."

Drabbles and drawbles can be any rating with any pairing, with our standard for points applying. Here's an example drabble from snow:

Click for snow's example drabble )

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