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Feb. 14th, 2013


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Oct. 8th, 2012


Angstfest Wrap Up!

We came, we broke hearts, shattered dreams, tarnished the silver linings that Severus's mother tried to get him to believe lines every cloud. Severus lost his love, life, hope, will and purpose.

In short, IT WAS MAGICAL AND WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! <333 #angstfest

Thank you so much to all our players, reviewers, cheerleaders, and everyone who helped the *sighers* celebrate our FOURTH anniversary! Poor Severus - having to deal with four years of #angst and #abuse and all us crazy people.

Here's to another great year! #dances


#Angstfest Round-Up! )

That's all, folks!

Participants are now free to upload their works wherever they would like. Thank you, again, to everyone who played with us! You made #angstfest the best part of our week, and the perfect way to celebrate the [info]severus_sighs fourth anniversary. #allthelove


Oct. 2nd, 2012


Happy Anniversary, Everyone! Let the Angst Flow!

Seriously, Severus can take it! Here comes the angst!

Feb. 24th, 2012


Anti-Valentine's Day 2012 Masterlist!


Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who participated in the fest, whether by creating art or writing fic, or by betaing and commenting. We appreciate you! Thank you for making our fourth AVD fest a huge success. Please feel free to repost your fic or art on your own journals.

We came, we broke hearts, shredded hope, burned the flowers, drugged the participants, killed random people, had crazy sex, and redefined how this holiday should go down.

Just writing that? Crazy smiling mods, yo. Crazy. Smiling. Mods.

So if you missed some of the awesomeness, have a little drink, put something appropriate on to listen to, and dig in!

You Oughta Know )

Feb. 22nd, 2012


The Official [info]veridari love meme!!


The sighers have declared Thursday to be "National We Love [info]veridari Day"!!! <333

With her bubbling enthusiasm, genuinely warm and caring persona, and willingness to lend a hand to any and all requests and shameless begging for help, [info]veridari has firmly cemented herself in our hearts. And that's not to mention her fabulous art!!

This here? This is the offical sighers version of the [info]veridari LOVE MEME!!

So if you feel the same way and adore our spunky, generous, supportive bb, leave her a note or two here and let her know!



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Jan. 20th, 2012




It was an exciting challenge! But now ... Now Severus is revived. And did the ungrateful bastard stick around to thank us for all the sex attention? No! He flew away (OMG, flying!kink, FTW!) to have more sexy good times. Because he is an intelligent, intelligent man. *nods*

Thanks go to all our amazing participants who gave such quality fic and art for such a spur-of-the-moment challenge! *standing ovation* You have all earn points for your respective houses, huzzah!

We still have time before our Anti-Valentine's Day Challenge, though, so pour yourself an extra cup of tea, catch up on all the pretties you may have missed, and prepare yourself for more *sighs*!

Woody's Round-Up )

Jan. 19th, 2012


The Great Chocolate v. Horcrux Debate


Okay, the Chocolate v Horcrux drabbles were all awesome! Thank you guys so much for taking Snow’s refusal to stop assigning words like “logic” to Roo something silly snow and I were squabbling about and making it into something hilarious.

Let your banner fly! Did you write for both the  correct HORCRUX!SNUPIN, or LOGICAL “Remus saves Severus with chocolate, since he is more possessive of chocolate than he is of his partner(s).” 

Are you Team!Roo, Team!Snow, or Team!OMGdon’tputmeinthemiddleIamTeamRonow?

Let the insanity continue!

Jan. 9th, 2012


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Nov. 16th, 2011


New Management: Welcome [info]roozetter

In the spirit of breathing some new life into the group (and also letting snow breathe a little) the Webmistresses have decided to change things up a bit.

Welcome, Roo!

[info]roozetter has been in HP Fandom and a member of our Yahoo group for several years. She's also an amazing author in her own right and has helped us creatively in our challenges in the past.

It should also be noted that between she and [info]atypicalsnowman snow is decidedly the voice of reason. This alone tells us this is a match made in some heretofore unknown layer of hell heaven and will undoubtedly work out to the benefit of all.

Welcome again, darling. Feel free to enjoy the executive champagne bar in the back.

The Webmistresses

Oct. 3rd, 2011


The Challenge is now closed!

Thank you everyone who participated by writing, drawing, and commenting for the challenge. We've seen so many different interpretations of the prompts, and Severus is no doubt in need of a rest before the next challenge.

*hands him some ointment*

Thank you to all our wonderful members for helping to make our anniversary celebration a success! May the next year be just a kinky fun as the last.

The Webmistresses

Oct. 2nd, 2011


House Cup Award!

The points have tallied, re-tallied, written down on a napkin, set to fire by a potion, then rescued.

The results are in! After a year of challenges and fests we are pleased to announce the winner of the House Cup!

Happily, we bestow honor upon... )

Sep. 29th, 2011


Happy Third Anniversary!

Today we celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of Severus *Sighs*!


To celebrate, we will present the House Cup 2010-2011, the results of which were quite surprising this year. For once, Gryffindor won't be winning the House Cup. *mind boggles*

The lovely art you see above you was provided by the beautiful and talented [info]veridari. Thank you for being a part of our anniversary celebration, darling.

Read a message from the Webmistresses )

Members, you are now free to post your responses to our Anniversary Drabble Challenge.

Let the drabbles begin!

Sep. 28th, 2011


SeverusSighs Third Anniversary Drabble Challenge Begins Friday!

This Sunday, 2nd of October, Severus *Sighs* celebrates its third anniversary!

That means a weekend Challenge!

*cue drum roll*

1. Your topic can be chosen from any of the following prompts. Since Severus has so many layers, multiple entries are encouraged. Feel free to dabble in a different pairing or perhaps give in to your fluffier or darker side. Severus is strong; he can take it.
2. Entries minimums will be 100 words with no maximum limit.
3. Those who need a beta may reply to this post or ask for one on our yahoo group.
4. Posting is as soon as the little hand hits September 30th in whichever country you reside and end at the end of Sunday, the 2nd.
5. Use the following header when posting your drabble(s):


1) 1001 Ways To Fake Your Own Death
2) Severus and his lieutenants
3) "Touch me everywhere but..."
4) Seducing the enemy
5) Things Harry did not say to Severus' portrait

Get writing, girls and Stephen! The celebration begins Friday!

Jan. 20th, 2011


Anti-Valentine's Pimping Icons!

The lovely [info]lemondropseven has graciously made icons from the art [info]veridari created for us!

Please feel free to use and spread around generously. Details about the mini-fest can be found here.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Oct. 3rd, 2010


Anniversary Challenge Now Closed!

Thank you to everyone who participated! We think our members managed to show every established relationship Severus has ever endured. Our gratitude to everyone who participated whether by writing, drawing or commenting.

Special thanks must also go to [info]veridian_dair and [info]bielol who provided lovely artwork for our anniversary.

And so we start our third year! May it be as kinky fun as the last, full of enjoyment of our favorite hero.

The Webmistresses

Oct. 2nd, 2010


House Cup Award!

The points have been tallied, re-tallied, sat on by [info]atypicalsnowman, singed by [info]whitecotton, and rescued by [info]torina_archelda.

After a wonderful year of angst, sex, heartache and butt plugs we're ready to bestow the honor of the House Cup Award.

House Cup Award! )

Jun. 8th, 2010


Drabble Challenge!

We know that many of you are writing, drawing/painting/storyboarding your Grand Challenge pieces, and good for you.

But for those of you who are struggling, or want a bit of a break, or who aren't participating and are bored, we have a challenge for you.

Let's get those creative juices following!

Here are two prompts. You can choose one or both. Try to keep it around 100 words, but if you feel inspired and want to go further, feel free.


Angst prompt: Write Severus' death. It can be during the Final Battle, by snakebite, potions accident (to his chagrin!) or from old age.

Humor/Fluff/ PWP prompt: Severus and the character of your choice are about to have sex when they realize they've run out of lube.

Okay everyone, let's have fun with this. The normal rules for points and headers apply.

*fires gun in the air*

Feb. 15th, 2010


Anti-Valentine's Masterlist

Well, ladies and Stephen, our particular brand of antidote to all that is sweet and romantic *spits* is complete. You should all have cried yourselves to exhaustion, had your hearts broken, and your blood sugar dropped to dangerously low.

To the readers, we hope you have enjoyed the entries and will continue to comment on them. Every one of the this year's booty was truly marvellous, and so to those of you who snapped cupid's bow for us, whether by providing fics or art, we thank you wholeheartedly ... or we would if they hadn't been ripped to shreds.

The Webmistresses

Masterlist )

Feb. 11th, 2010


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