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Aug. 27th, 2012


Coffee by BertaS

Title: Coffee
Author: bertas
Date Written: 8/25/12
Pairing: Severus
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Warnings: Roo better run.
Summary: For changing the Coffee!Kink idea in mid shower, this is Roo's punishment.
Disclaimer: This is Roo's fault. *grin* Love you my Dear *hug*

Coffee )

Aug. 26th, 2012


Kink Night 2012 - A rose by any other name...

Author: [info]kayakaari
Title: A rose by any other name...
Rating: T?
Pairing: Snarry
Warning: rambling, smelly thoughts?
A/N: No beta, not even spellcheck, sorry. Also, Roo threw up a title since she is awesome, and if Ari doesn't like it, she should tell her and it will be changed :P Yeah for 3rd person ramblings in an A/N *g*

A rose by any other name... )

Aug. 25th, 2012


Kink night 2012!

Title: Pets Are People Too
Artist: [info]lemondropseven
Pairing: Severus/Harry/Draco
Rating: R (nudity but no sex...sorry)
Warnings: Threesome, Petplay
Summary: Severus loves his pets. Puppy!Draco and Kitten!Harry.
Disclaimer: The Harry Potter world belongs to JKR.
A/N: I realized after I'd drawn this, that Draco should be the cat, and Harry, the dog, going by personality. Oops. Enjoy anyway. XD

Pets Are People Too )

Aug. 24th, 2012


Kink Night Aug 2012

Title: Blood Oath 2
Author: bertas
Pairing: Severus and Harry
Date Written: August 2012
Rating: PG
Word Count: 420
Warnings: Slash - Vamp!Sev - Blood play (if you squint)
Summary: 2nd in the Blood Oath series. A bit of a departure from my norm, this Severus seems quite domineering and possessive. I’m not sure what my muse was thinking.
Disclaimer: I own nothing you recognize.

Semantics )

Jul. 2nd, 2012


Has this idea been done before? you bet your sweet ass it has! BUT IT HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BY THE SIGHERS, WHO WILL ROCK THIS IDEA LIKE A PERVERTED ROCKING HORSE.

Title: Perverted Rocking Horse
Author: [info]mrscake
Pairing: Snape/Lupin
Rating: M+
Word Count: 1700
Warnings: um, toys, lots of hot sex
Summary: Remus brings home a Rocking Horse
A/N: I know this is not actually a prompt, but well, I have a bad bad brain that shouldn’t be allowed out often.

Perverted Rocking Horse )

Jan. 9th, 2011


Happy-ish Birthday, Severus :)

Title: I Gave, Now I’m Wanting
Author: [info]roozetter
Word Count: 1,354
Rating: R
Warnings: Umm… Chinese Water Torture. *scratches head* Yeah, I don’t know how that happened either.
Pairing: Harry/Severus
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Author’s Note: Written for [info]severus_sighs Kink!Night challenge. As always, love to my ol bff’s for their services as proofers - [info]faeryqueen, [info]dracosoftie. I ♥ you guys. Hard. Core.
Summary: Can you cry, just a little, for me?

I Gave, Now I’m Wanting )


Happy Birthday Severus!

Title: High heels and cigarettes
Artist: bielol
Ratings: R [nudity]
Summary: A slow morning with Severus favourite kink.
AN: A little drawble.
Art is here.

Jan. 5th, 2011


Happy Birthday, Severus!

“Happy Birthday, Severus. And to ensure you have the best possible birthday celebration, the ladies and Stephen of Severus Sighs give you a ... a KINK NIGHT!”


“Severus! Enervate!”

Details Under the Cut )

Nov. 29th, 2009


Bloodlust by LD7

Title: Bloodlust
Author: [info]lemondropseven
Pairing: None.
Rating: R
Word Count: 1,039
Warnings: bloodplay, cutting
Summary: Severus indulges himself during a stay at Azkaban.
A/N: I do not own Harry Potter and company. Thanks to [info]atypicalsnowman for the beta. :) Written for kink!night at Severus Sighs. A little late for kink!night, but I wasn't totally satisfied with my first one...and I didn't think anyone would complain about more smut. ;)
Prompts: Azkaban, bloodplay, red

Bloodlust )

Nov. 26th, 2009


Fulfilled Promises by BertaS

Title: Fulfilled Promises
Author: BertaS
Pairing: Severus and Harry
Rating: PG
Word Count: 500 +
Warnings: AU – I would warn for creepy stalker-ness but I don’t want to influence your interpretation – Torina safe – Krishna safe
Summary: Severus fulfills his promise to Lily.
A/N: A late entry for Severus *Sighs* kink night Nov. 2009. The Prompts I used were in Harry’s bedroom at the Dursleys, red and somnophilia. I do not own any anything you may recognize.

“Fulfilled )


In My Dreams by LD7

Title: In My Dreams
Author: [info]lemondropseven
Pairing: Snarry
Rating: R
Word Count: 1,055
Warnings: Chan (14-16), Somnophilia
Summary: Strange dreams help Harry deal with the losses in his life.
A/N: I do not own Harry Potter and company. Betaed by [info]whitecotton. Thanks, love. Written for Kink!night at Severus Sighs.
Prompts: Harry’s bedroom at the Dursley’s, somnophilia, and silence.

In My Dreams )

Nov. 25th, 2009


Too Much Snarry by Aceia

Title: Too Much Snarry
Author: [info]aceia
Pairing: Severus/Lucius
Rating: R
Word Count: ~1000
Warnings: mentions of paddling, crossdressing, breathplay, mpreg, waxplay
Disclaimer: The world of HP and its characters belongs to J.K. Rowling. The author of this fic has borrowed them for the purposes of storytelling. No profit was or will be made.
A/N: So this is a complete crack fic written because of Kink!Night and the subsequent discussion about Snarry taking over the Severus *sighs* lounge. Thanks to [info]atypicalsnowman for betaing for me!
Summary: What happens when there is too much Snarry?

Too Much Snarry )

Nov. 26th, 2009


The Corset by countesszero

Title: The Corset
Author: [info]countesszero
Pairing: Severus/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,450
Warning(s): Crossdressing, light D/s
Summary: Severus frees himself.
A/N: Written for the Severus Sighs

Thank you [info]whitecotton so much for the beta!
All remaining mistakes are, of course, solely mine.

I chose: Dumbledore's desk, Crossdressing, Red

Disclaimer: Severus Snape, Harry Potter and all associated characters from the Harry Potter universe are the property of J.K. Rowling. The author is making no profit by this story.

The Corset )

Nov. 25th, 2009


Serenity by WhiteCotton

Title: Serenity
Author: WhiteCotton
Pairing: Severus/Lucius
Rating: PG-15
Word Count: 380
Warning(s): *D/s*
Summary: A moment, a touch of serenity.
A/N: Written for the Severus Sighs kink!night. Beta read by [info]lemondropseven. Thank you, darling.

Serenity )

Nov. 24th, 2009


Little Miss Potter by Fae

Title: Little Miss Potter

Author: Fae

Word Count: 674

Rating: Torina-safe, maybe ‘Light R’

Warnings: Gender-bending/cross-dressing

A/N: Thanks yet again to the wonderful [info]</b></a>[info]whitecotton who beta’d for me even though her eyes were ready to fall out and her bed was beckoning. Where would I be without you?




Anything by thesewarmstars.

Title: Anything.
Author: [info]thesewarmstars.
Pairing: Severus/Dumbledore.
Rating: PG-13.
Word Count: 318.
Warnings: D/s.
Summary: Severus is willing to do anything to ensure Lily’s sacrifice was not in vain.
A/N: Written for [info]severus_sighs Kink Night. My chosen prompts were Dumbledore’s desk, extreme D/s, and silence.
Also, I’m not earning any money from this story.

Anything )


His Color by atypicalsnowman

Title: His Color
Author: atypicalsnowman
Pairing: Snucius.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1001
Warnings: Object insertion.
Summary: PWP with a bit of sweet at the end.
A/N: Thanks to [info]torina_archelda for the quick beta. This smutty little offering is for [info]whitecotton, who recently slaved away on a fic for me. Thank you, darling! Hope you like this.

His Color )


Together by Torina Archleda

Title: Together
Author: [info]torina_archelda
Pairing: Severus/Harry
Rating: PG
Word Count: 338
Warnings: Mpreg
Summary: Late in his pregnancy Severus is often tired, so he and Harry find other ways to be close. Written for kink!night on Severus Sighs. Prompts chosen: potions classroom, mpreg, hairbrush.
A/N: Thanks to [info]whitecotton for the beta!

Together )


Playing with the Headmaster

Title: Playing with the Headmaster
Author: [info]fancypantsdylan
Pairing: Harry/Severus
Word Count: ~1,600
Summary: Harry is missing from dinner and a surprise awaits Severus underneath the head table.
Rating: NC-17
Beta: [info]katiebell_0408
Disclaimer: All characters owned by JK Rowling, I just play with them. No profit made on use of characters.
Challenge: Kink night challenge, I choice, Underneath the head table, Mpreg & Object penetration (cause the mpreg is just background) and “… to the left”

Nov. 23rd, 2009


Tuesday Night is Kink!Night!


While everyone is waiting for the Holidays Fests to start (but before the Americans have to endure family on Thanksgiving), the Webmistresses thought we'd like to see a bit of smut flying around.

Which means Tuesday night is kink!night!

Tuesday night is kink!night! )

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