Nov. 1st, 2012


Halloween wrap-up!


We mocked, we giggled, we made poor Severus wish that the Epilogue actually existed and he had been spared from the indignity of it all. #petsshim

If you missed some of the pretty or just wish to review the awesomeness, snuggle up and enjoy! *dances wildly*

'Cause I'm The Oogie Boogie Man )

If you still have contributions to post, or we missed you, please hit us up and we will get you added ASAP. Thank you to everyone who contributed, whether through entries or comments <333

And we hope everyone had a Happy #Halloweenishness


Party Pranks by [info]starduchess

Title: Party Pranks
Author: [info]starduchess
Character: Severus
Rating: G
Word Count: ~430
Warnings: none
Summary: It was party time in the Lounge again. Severus decides to have his own fun.
A/N: Written for 2012 #Halloweenishness. ;)

Party Pranks )

Oct. 31st, 2012


The Halloween Hex by [info]gingertart50

Title: The Halloween Hex
Author: [info]gingertart50
Pairing: Severus, Harry, Ron/Hermione
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,500
Summary: Something odd is happening on Halloween. Or is it?
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and company belong to JKR Rowling. This piece of fiction was written for entertainment purposes only and makes no monetary gain for the author.
Warnings: Gratuitous use of Americanisms. Pre-slash. Sarcasm.
AN: Many thanks to [info]starduchess for the super-speedy beta and the US-pick!

The Halloween Hex )


A Very Snapeish Halloween by [info]suitesamba

Title: A Very Snape-ish Halloween (or “Severus and the Mars Bars”)
Author: [info]suitesamba
Pairing: Harry/Severus
Other Characters: Ron Weasley, Rose Weasley, Hugo Weasley, Satan, Winston Churchill, Princess Beatrice, Severus’ Muggle neighbors
Rating: PG
Word count: 1712
Warning: *Very bad jokes; use of potion for personal gain; absolutely no respect for real or canonical timeline; the only research done was to verify candy bar names in the UK—author did not research Halloween traditions there because the [info]severus_sighs mods did not give adequate notice of this fest and I do have to do “real” work sometime to make a living*
Summary: Severus stays home to answer the door and give out treats on Halloween.
A/N: My dad told me the duck joke shortly before he died. We were sitting in his pickup truck at a red light. He was funny like that. Thanks to [info]veridari and [info]abrae for the quick pre-read and beta. Someone had to tell me the jokes were funny. If they’re not, you now know who to talk to.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Never were. Never will be. No profit is being made from this (very) amateur work.

A Very Snapeish Halloween )


The Joke is on You by [info]knowmefirst

Title: The Joke is on You
Author: [info]knowmefirst
Pairing: Severus/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6
Warnings: innuendos
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. The characters and their worlds belong to their original writers and no copyright infringement or offense is intended. No money was made from this story.
Summary: Harry makes Severus dress like a pumpkin with its tongue sticking out, is not working very well for Severus.
A/N: I want to say a big thank you to [info]roozetter for posting this for me *hugs* and to all the Mods for always throwing such unspectacular and yet crazy events for Severus Sighs :D

The Joke is on You )

Oct. 30th, 2012


Night of the Giving Dead by [info]bonfoi


The Night of the Giving Dead

Author: [info]bonfoi
Rating: R
Pairing: Remus Lupin/Severus ; Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
Summary: A Halloween movie night is filled with laughs, scowls, and a few howls.
Challenge: [info]severus_sighs’s
Word Count: 1,319
Genre: Alternate Universe; Post Second Voldemort War; Romance; Humour
Warnings: Slash; Undead
A/N: For the folks of Severus_Sighs and the laughter Roozeteer often inspires within me. Many thanks to my beta, [info]badgerlady for the kind, and speedy, look-see.
Disclaimer: The world of Harry Potter, its characters and settings are the copyrighted works of J.K. Rowling, Warner Bros., her publishing companies and affiliates. No profit was made from the writing of this story nor was any malice intended in any way, shape or form to the author or the actors/actresses who so brilliantly have brought them to life. This author is not responsible for underage readers. Please observe the ratings, warnings, and age of legal consent for your country.

Who knew the popped kernels could fly like that? )


Halloweenishness entry. Fic: Zombie Potter and the slytherin avenger.

Title: Zombie Potter and the slytherin avenger.

Author: Pekeleke

Pairings: Severus/Harry.

Rating: N-17

Word Count: 5,991

Content/Warning(s): Definitely not as cracky as the title (or the summary) suggests. There's porn, though. And a Zombie... sort of.

Summary: When the slytherin avenger encounters Zombie Potter in a gloomy Hogwarts' corridor they engage in the oldest kind of Halloween celebration they can think of. ;)

Beta: None.

Disclaimer: Don't own these characters. No money is being made out of this work.

A/N: For Roo (roozetter), who wanted zombie porn for Halloween and, therefore, is the right person to blame for all of this.

Zombie Potter and the slytherin avenger.


Oct. 28th, 2012


Fic: Tricky Treats (Severus/Harry, PG-13)

Title: Tricky Treats
Author: [info]unbroken_halo
Pairing: Severus/Harry, Ron/Hermione
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,760
Summary: When forced to give out treats on Halloween, Severus decides he likes tricks better.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and company belong to JKR Rowling. Peter Pan and MIB belong to their respectful owners. This piece of fiction was written for entertainment purposes only and makes no monetary gain for the author.
Warnings: Innuendo, crack most definitely, possibly grey humour, sarcasm, deliberate allusions to pop culture.
AN: For [info]roozetter because she is #anevilenablergenius and asked for some #Halloweenishness.

Oct. 25th, 2012


Look, everyone! I made ART! ... Or something!


OK, so, this afternoon [info]florida_minxie CAPSLOCK told me to make the stick figures. I think she hoped thought that maybe I wouldn’t do it, or that maybe I would have some heretofold unknown thing called TALENT and she would be like, “Why, yes, I am the one that convinced Roo she can make art” and be all #smugmofo

Alas, I have no hidden talent. None. Zilch #nada

Ergo: The following is ALL HER FAULT!

First I drew Super!George )

Then I was like, “You know what, Roo?”

“What?” I politely questioned myself.

“I think Minxie will appreciate some Lucius with her Severus. She does so adore the blond aristocat.”

“Why, Roo! What a #GENIUS idea! Also, your hair looks amazing today.” <333

Poor, confused Draco )

So, yes. *cough* This happened. MAD SKILLZ: I HAVE THEM

QUICK AND DIRTY, PEOPLE! No matter what you write or draw, no one will ever think you are anything but more awesome than me!

Let’s get ready to #Halloweenishness this up!!


Quick and Dirty "Do something for Halloween" challenge <333


Ok. Halloween is exactly ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!! *cheers*

So, since this weekend everyone is going to be attending parties, getting drunk, laughing at all their drunk friends at parties, shepherding children to and fro, convincing ourselves not to snack on the pre-purchased Halloween candy, and carving pumpkins, it is the PERFECT time to do a quick and dirty Halloween ... thing. #ponders What should we call this?


(Yes, snow, my vocabulary exists JUST to suck all the happiness from your soul. #truth)

From 100 words to whatever, sketchy art (I WILL DRAW STICK FIGURES!!<333 Oh, God, someone tell me no). to full blown illustrations. We don’t care. So long as #Halloweenishness is going on, let your freak flag fly! #word

These do not have to be involved, as we are going for QUICK AND DIRTY #HALLOWEENISHNESS HERE!

Quick and dirty like a #zombie apocalypse! )


More people tend to participate when it is the mods uploading, so feel free to send the mod account ( your work of “art” on Sunday or Monday.

Or, since Halloween is Wednesday, feel free to post to the site Tuesday - Thursday with whatever you want.

Your friendly neighborhood psychopathic mods will be happy either way!


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