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14 September 2011 at 08:24 pm
[ A short while before the prom is scheduled to get underway, Minako and Orihime take up their posts: lurking at the main avenue into the prom, looking for their victims! The two girls are hanging around outside, looking for solo arrivals and third wheels that they can put together into couples for the big event! ]

[ If you wander too near them, you might hear them calling out to you -- or find them grabbing your arm -- or notice them dragging someone else over to you with big smiles on their faces. ]

((ooc: In this post, introduce yourself to your designated date for the evening! Here is the list of partners, and you can direct questions there!

It would be great if you put your names in the subject of the first comment so that your partner recognizes you. ♥ There is also an optional thread for Minako or Orihime or both to wrangle you~! You can handwave it if you prefer. Please limit threads here to the actual matchmaking, not just socializing: Minako and Orihime will also be at the prom for your friendly chatting needs.))
[ video | action ] backdated to early afternoon
08 September 2011 at 10:51 am
[see vanessa.

see vanessa whip up a black book for the whole prison to see, scowling.]

"There were three things I was absolutely sure about. Firstly, Eduardo was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him that wanted my blood really badly. And last of all, I was madly, deeply in love with him."

[someone made the mistake of reading the book summary on the back]

What is this trash? Are there people who actually read this? [ugh, it's demeaning even to touch this damn thing] I sincerely hope the rest of this library isn't filled with filth like this.

[because if it is she is storming the hell out of there and going back to her room. B(]
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24 August 2011 at 08:55 pm
[Good afternoon, Marina~ ♥ The grinning face on the communicator has something of great import to say to you all!]

Mmm, has everyone here heard of a boy called Elliot Nightray? Blue eyes, sandy hair, very loud and impolite? If you have business with him, you might want to get it done now, because I'm not sure he'll be in any condition to receive guests later.

He needs a little black to add onto all that blue. [A pause. And then that smile shifts from cheerful to knowing] I think there'll be some entertainment in a little bit, if anyone would like to watch~ ♫

[If there's any confusion at all to what he might be referring to, perhaps the backdrop of the dojo might help clarify?]

[If you wander by the dojo, you might see Break, lazily swinging his temporary cane, pilfered from the convenience store, and waiting for the youngest Nightray to show up and make good on his promise. There might also be a mop-haired boy with glasses, and perhaps a small blonde boy.

What a sense of honor Elliot has, waiting until the restraint was removed from Break's ankle for their spar. Too bad Break doesn't share much of that same honor.]

((ooc: Replies via video will be from Break and can be posted directly to the post, action is mingle-style; feel free to tag around, make bets on who will win, gossip, popcorn.gif, network, whatever!

If you wanna call him out for the cake fight or anything from 4th wall, you're welcome to do that here as well!))
20 August 2011 at 11:39 am
-- damn thing work?! [snarling]

Elliot Nightray!

[the voice that launched a thousand ships....in her direction armed with spears and muzzles]

Answer me right now! You better not have gone running off again!

[big sis gonna bitchslap you if you don't get your ass over here this instant]
action / audio ;
17 August 2011 at 02:14 pm
[ action ]

[and in the education center today, you might hear the sound of a rather pleasant piece on piano. those who walk into the room will find one (1) mop-head as the source of the sound, looking rather distracted...

before he heaves a giant sigh and slams his head right on the piano keys.]

[ audio ]

[and all you get on the network today is the sound of a really. bad. piano chord.]
[ open | action | mingle ] - Shelter Kitchen/Dining Hall
15 August 2011 at 07:41 pm
[ cue one Break ]

[ cue one Break with cake ]

[ cue one Break WITHOUT cake what blasphemy ]

[ sadly, Break does not like this division of power even if he's not wearing a chain. Actually, scratch that. It's only what he deserves for having all the cake in the dome at his fingertips which, shortly, will be remedied. Leaning over, un-chained Break snags a dainty little sugar coated thing from the top of the pile. ]

[ Break (the one with cake), despite being blind, feels that sneaky, sneaky hand approaching his precious cake, and in a fit of rage jealousy POSSESSION reaches out his hand (the one not currently occupied with a frosting-covered fork) and flicks this intruder who has so callously tried to steal his cake. ]

Ah ah! Get your own cake.

[ unfortunately (for the both of them), Break's aim is a little off today and instead of hitting the cake thief, he instead ends up hitting the precious plate of cake, sending a fat slice of cake (chocolate with whipped cream frosting and dainty little strawberries) flying into the face of the nearest person ]

[ fjdkskakl ] What the hell are you doing?! [ Fou turns, wiping chocolate frosting off her face and looking more then a little pissed as she leans over to give the nearest Break a kick in the face. Unfortunately, Break's reflexes are superb and he more then easily steps to the side. It's too bad really. All that cake is flying through the air as Fou's foot lands on the table. Such a waste... ]

((ooc: Everyone is welcome to join in the cake fight! Or just be an innocent bystander. Mingle, threadjack, laugh at the mess... anything goes. purple = Marina's Break, blue = 4th Wall Break, Green = Fou ))
i. it's a mad house out there
12 August 2011 at 09:38 pm

[ she's been spending much time observing the communicator since she's arrived, refraining from appearing until now to gather as much information as she needs (though really, the brochure that came along with the basket is already more than helpful). but at least now, she knows who to expect to react when she decides to show up. ]

My, my.

[ lottie smiles malevolently widely, crossing one leg over the chained one and leaning forward to the camera. behind her is a familiar view of the park. ]

So I suppose even pretty girls get chained up even before they get to do anything. How terribly unforgiving.

But I do wonder now what I'm being chained for. [ she tilts her head slightly to one side, her smile now lopsided. ] Big Sis hasn't committed anything gruesome since 100 years ago after all. [ a pause. and then -- ]

I know! Why don't we play a game of 20 questions? Perhaps Big Sis will find out the reason that way. [ she giggles. ] And perhaps more.
10 August 2011 at 10:56 pm
[If Elliot had paced the room for a few minutes longer, there might have been the start of a trench right across the floor. But he'd settled into a chair instead with his arms crossed, mouth pressed into a thin line, and narrowed eyes on the door expectantly. His entire posture gives off impatient vibes.]

[See, Leo had been gone for hours without letting Elliot know where he had run off to. So it was only natural for him to be worried get a little irritated at this odd behavior.]

[And so, he waits.]
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09 August 2011 at 12:23 am
[He's heard the welcome message, tugged at the chain at his leg, and overall has a relatively good understanding of just what is going on.

He is far from pleased.]

You know, it's really not very nice to chain someone up when they haven't done anything wrong.

[Hullo, Marina. There is a white-haired man dressed in a nightgown - he was oh so rudely yanked out of bed - staring down from the communicator. It had taken him a few minutes to puzzle it out, but he's confident he's gotten the hang of it now.]


[Here he smiles, looking quite a bit more pleased than a man just thrown in prison ought to be.]

If you bring me some cake, I'm sure I can forgive you~ ♥

I'll be keeping the fishies company in the meantime. [And figure out just what is occurring here.]

((ooc: bedtime now but all the tags in the morning!))
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09 August 2011 at 12:42 am
[ despite his disheveled appearance (and please ignore the slight hint of a bloodstain on his collar or the dirty, ragged robe stuffed into the bushes behind him), Oz has a bright, charming smile plastered on his face. He's never seen a device that could transmit sound and pictures before, but the pamphlet was highly informative for someone like Oz who, well, was just used to learning from books. ]

Oh, this is new. I've never seen such an invention before. I bet it comes in really useful when you need to find someone like my servant! You haven't seen him have you? He's tall, wears a hat and he just loves playing with cats.

[ cheeky grin. Come on Gilbert, prove him wrong if you dare! ]

(( ooc: Action is open to anyone who wants to find Oz in the Park. ))
[Action - Open] [Voice - Closed]
20 July 2011 at 08:45 am
[For the past couple days, Gilbert's been really thinking. He's been too ashamed to talk to Elliot and too depressed to do anything else. However, today, he's actually eaten and he's feeling slightly more confident. However, if you look at him, he doesn't seem like he would be nervous or upset at all. He honestly just looks angry.

So he's sitting in the cafeteria in the shelter, carefully eating his food and trying not to scarf it down. He's actually nervous, being in public, but he just looks angry, once more. ...And maybe a little bit lonely. So do you want to approach him? He certainly won't approach you, that's for certain.]

[Voice - Filtered to Elliot Nightray]

I need to talk to you.
05 July 2011 at 11:12 am
Denizens of Marinaland, [meaningful cane pointing here,] I greet you as your new overlord. Follow me.

[He's on video, but he's going to start walking regardless. You better be following. :|]

My legend dates back to the twelfth century.

From the looks of you, you are all in serious need of conditioner and top hats, but I will excuse your poor manners for the time being. [He's had ample time to observe and judge, after all.] Now tell me, which one of you will be my wielder. Single file, one at a time. I will be inspecting your lapels for quality assurance. The nicer the lapels, the more capable the man.

[He flicks his own, for emphasis.]
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04 July 2011 at 06:23 pm
Life-term imprisonment? It's like the plot of a potentially interesting mystery story. Still, you revealed who was responsible right from the beginning. There's no suspense.

[this mop of hair is talking? why is it talk-- oh, wait, it's a person. in a mountain of books. in the library. a chain around his foot. how is that comfortable at all??]

Anyway, I'd rather be sent home now. There's someone who'll be upset and scream a long time if I'm absent, and I don't think he'll accept the fact that I've been stuck a long time underwater. Even if there are a lot of good books.

Though, now that I think about it... I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up here too... Has anyone seen someone named Elliot around? He's probably made a lot of trouble, and I apologize in advance. Please tell him Leo is looking for him. I'll be in the library. Thank you.

[with that, the feed cuts off. leo looks down at his hands a bit, thinking about something, but soon goes back to reading. Elliot would come soon enough, he felt.

in the meantime.... he'll read this entire mountain of books.]