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To get things rolling and to make some friends in this new site, I present the MULTIFANDOM FRIENDING MEME.

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Name/Age: Blasphemy/Rhode

Fandoms?: Fullmetal Alchemist, Hellsing, Ouran Host Club, D. Gray-man, Chobits, Gravitation, Demon Diaries, DNAngel, Vampire Game, xxxHolic, Yu Yu Hakusho, Yugioh!, Chrono Crusade, Fruits Basket, Glass Wings, Peacemaker Kurogane, Naruto, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Mermaid Saga, Inuyasha, Her Majesty's Dog, Pokemon, Shaman King, Final Fantasy VII, X-2, Vampire Hunter D, Kingdom Hearts I&II, much more

Favourite Couples?: AxelxRoxas, EnvyxEd, GreedxEnvy, Elricest, HieixKurama, YukixKyou, Hitachiincest, many, many more. XD

Favourite Characters?: Axel, Roxas, Envy, Ed, Greed, Lust, Roy, Hiei, Kurama, Kaoru, Hikaru, Haruhi, Tamaki, Kyou, Yuki, Hatori, Kyouya, Rhode, Tiki, Allen, Rabi, Kanda, Millenium Earl

Favourite Actor/Actresses?: Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta-Jones

Journal Status(s)?: Free/New, hoping to be permanent before the year's up

Anything else?: I want to make Insanejournal my new home, and in order to do that I have to make friends to make it feel like home! I hope I can make friends as good as the ones I had on Livejournal!
Name/Age: Rileysaplank/Andy
Fandoms?: BtVS, Red Dwarf
Favourite Couples?: BtVS: Willow/Oz, Willow/Tara. Red Dwarf: Lister/Kochansky
Favourite Characters?: BtVS: Willow, Oz, Tara, Amy. Red Dwarf: Lister, Kryten.
Favourite Actor/Actresses?: Sophia Myles, David Tennant.
Journal Status(s)?: Permanant with extra userpics.
Anything else?: I've just started doing 13th/14th century reenactment so am in the process of getting all the equipment I need for that.
Name/Age: Starr4all/I'll never tell!

Fandoms?: Currently writing: Hex, American Gothic, Grindhouse, and Dawn of the Dead
Read: Harry Potter, any of the above, Friday the 13th the series, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who

Favourite Couples?: Cassie/Azazeal, Selena/Lucas, Cherry/El Wray, Six/Gius, Rose/Nine, Rose/Ten

Favourite Characters?: Way to many to count!

Favourite Actor/Actresses?: Michael Fassbender/not sure

Journal Status(s)?: Free

Anything else?:None that I know of other than a fellow refugee of LJ
Name/Age: dove 37
Fandoms?: Xena, SG-1, Castlevania, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings
Favourite Couples?:

Jack/Daniel, Jack/Janet, Jack/Sam, Daniel/Vala

Ares/Caesar, Ares/Gabrielle, Xena/Gabrielle

Dr Who:
Rose/Nine, Three/Jo Grant

Star Wars:
Anakin/Padme, Qui/Obi, Obi/Bail

Lord of The Rings:
Boromir/Aragorn, Faramir/Eowyn

Inuyasha/Kagome, Sango/Sesshomaru, Inu no Taishho/Izayoi

Alucard, Hector, Trevor Belmont

Favourite Characters?: Alucard, Trevor Belmont, Jack O'Neill, Gabrielle from Xena, Ares, Boromir and Anakin Skywalker.
Favourite Actor/Actresses?: Sean Bean
Journal Status(s)?: On IJ, GJ and LJ. Moving fic off LJ, not sure where I am putting it yet
Anything else?:Feel free to add me here, look forward to settling in with new and old friends!
Name/Age: Velvetwhip
Fandoms?: BTVS, Profiler, Profit
Favourite Couples?: BTVS: Willow/Angel, Willow/Spike, Willow/Angel/Spike, Spike/Joyce, Spike/Dawn, Spike/Xander, Spike/Angel; Profiler: Jack/Grace, Jack/Sam; Profit: Jim/Gail, Jim/Joanne
Favourite Characters?: BTVS: Willow, Angel, Spike; Profiler: Jack, Grace, Sam; Profit: Jim, Gail
Favourite Actor/Actresses?: Conrad Veidt, Joan Crawford, Nils Asther, Mae Murray, Rudolph Valentino, Mae West, Mae Marsh, John Barrymore, Colin Clive, Charles Boyer, Errol Flynn, Alice Joyce
Journal Status(s)?: Permanent
Anything else?: I'm a fanfiction writer who loves silent and classic films, 80's punk, and books...lots and lots and lots of books.

Name/Age: Jack/22
Fandoms?: Basically just CSI.
Favourite Couples?: I don't really do that. :p
Favourite Characters?: Grissom, Warrick, the Blue Paint Killer.
Favourite Actor/Actresses?: Don't really pay attention.
Journal Status(s)?: Semi-active, I guess? I use it for personal venting.
Anything else?: I dunno. Figured, why not? Not everyone is fandomcentric, you know. :p
Name/Age: Morgayn/18. That's "more gain"/really, despite that being the age at which you're allowed to do interesting things on the internet.
Fandoms?: Star Trek, Heroes, Discworld, Laurence Yep's books, Lloyd Alexander's books, Horatio Hornblower, in the process of becoming a fan of Babylon 5.
Favourite Couples?: Trek: Spock/Kirk, Spock/almost anyone, Sulu/Uhura. Heroes: Hiro/Ando, Molly/Micah. Hornblower films: Hornblower/Kennedy. Hornblower books: Hornblower/Bush, Maria/Barbara. B5: Londo/G'Kar, Ivanova/Winters. I'm plagued by female-lacking fandoms!
Favourite Characters?: Trek: Spock, Uhura, Scotty. Heroes: Just about everyone except Peter. Discworld: too many to count. Lloyd Alexander: Eilonwy and equivalents. B5: Ivanova, Londo, G'Kar.
Favourite Actor/Actresses?: Most of the cast of the original Star Trek, especially George Takei; pretty much anyone who has Royal Shakespeare Company experience, such as Maggie Smith, Robert Lindsay and so forth; Masi Oka... tons of people.
Journal Status(s)?: In the process of becoming permanent.
Anything else?: There are three things that I talk about a fair bit: fandom, politics (I'm a socialist Democrat and passionate about equality) especially LGBT issues, and religion/philosophy (I'm a Quaker, and that has nothing to do with oatmeal!) You have been Forewarned.
Name/Age: Jordi--21

Fandoms?: Kingdom Hearts (The one I'm actually writing fic for), Rozen Maiden, Boogiepop series, Serial Experiments Lain, Final Fantasy (8, 7, 10, 10-2, and 9 in that order. :3)...And those are the ones I'm actually sorta active in!

Favourite Couples?: Riku ReplicaxKairi, Demyx x Zexion, MarluxiaxNamine, and many, many, humptybillions more that I have zero time to list. And this is just Kingdom Hearts pairings.

Favourite Characters?: KH: Kairi, ...Most of the Organization, Riku Replica! And...yeah.

Favourite Actor/Actresses?: N/A

Journal Status(s)?: Free (Hopefully, a permanent account for Christmas!)

Anything else?: My fic-journal is located at [info]rubyfruit_taste. I'm also the mod for [info]khfanfiction/[info]khff_xxx and[info]royalshadows/[info]royalshadows_x. Annnd...I will probably whore out these communities at every opportunity. I may or may not post Gratuitious Music Spam Posts. I'm into mostly J-pop. So...yeah. Looking for friends and possible affiliates for my communities!
Name/Age: Natala/19
Fandoms?: Mainly: Kingdom Hearts. Others: Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Farscape, Firefly, Good Omens, Naruto, Valdemar, Jouster series, various others, various crossovers.
Favourite Couples?: Kingdom Hearts: Sora/Riku, Riku/Sora/Kairi. Anything else I'll try but don't go looking for. Except once in awhile Riku/Kairi.

Buffy: Dawn/Connor

The rest--- whatever. I like a bunch of crossover parings, but in the fandoms themselves, I'll read whatever catches my fancy.

Favourite Characters?: Sora from Kingdom Hearts, Dawn from Buffy, Kagome from Inuyasha, John Crichton from Farscape, all from Firefly.
Favourite Actor/Actresses?: Umm... I don't much pay attention to the actors and actresses, more to the characters they play.
Journal Status(s)?: I've made my last post on Livejournal, it was a Plus, is now a basic, the last post will be used to link to my journal here. This will stay unpaid for awhile – maybe by Christmas I'll have a paid or permanent account, depending on how this coming semester works out and that whole getting a job thing goes.
Anything else?: I lurk more than I post, but feel free to add me. I usually don't add anyone unless I think they'll welcome it, but I usually add back as long as I can see similar interests.
Name/Age: Tria / 21

Fandoms?: Oh please! ;) BSG, Wicked, SGA, SG-1, SVU, L&O:CI, Buffy, Firefly/Serenity, CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, Farscape, Final Fantasy (nearly all of 'em), Harry Potter, Belgariad/Malloreon, Vorkosiverse, Xena... I could go on! ^_~

Favourite Couples?: Again, the list is never-ending. I'm very multi-shipper.

Favourite Characters?: Aeryn Sun, Stella Bonasera, Elizabeth Weir, Laura Roslin, Elphaba, Inara Serra, Calleigh Duquesne, Balthier, Garnet, Paine, Hermione Granger, Polgara, Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan, Vala Mal Doran (can you tell I like strong women?)

Favourite Actor/Actresses?: Torri Higginson, Mary McDonnell, Claudia Black, Carrie-Anne Moss

Journal Status(s)?: Active, here and at [info]tomyrevelation, [info]100_women and [info]wickedworld.

Anything else?: Friends-locked, for the most part.
Name/Age: Tigresslilly 21
Fandoms?: Buffy/Angel, Inyasha, Harry Potter, LOTR, Terry Pratchet, Clamp, Angel Sanctuary, Mars, Boys Over Flowers meh there are others but that's what I've got off the top of my head.
Favourite Couples?: Sesshomaru and kagome, Inyasha and Kagome, Harry and Snape, Harry and Ginny, Hermoine and Ron, Spike and Buffy, Spike and anyone really
Favourite Characters?: I like a whole bunch of characters
Favourite Actor/Actresses?: Viggo, Matt Dameon, Julia Roberts, Journal Status(s)?: almost all the entries are public and anyone is welcome to read or comment. It covers both my rl and random things I write.
Anything else?: I love new random friends and comments and I'll do my best to comment on your journal if you comment in mine ^_^ and even if you don't O.o
Name/Age: Nicole / 18

Fandoms?: Naruto, Phoenix Wright (my most talked about), also Boston Legal (OMG ANYONE WHO LIKES THIS FRIEND ME NOW KTHX), FAKE, Ouran High School Host Club, Harry Potter (to an extent), Sonic the Hedgehog, Chobits, Criminal Minds, Charmed, X-Files (need to rewatch soon dammit), CSI, Pirates of the Carribean, The Producers... and more.

Favourite Couples?: THERE'S TOO MANY. I like most pairings, so long as they're well written, whether het, boy love, or girl love.

Favourite Characters?: Um...
Naruto: Kakuzu, Hidan, Orochimaru, Pein, Blue Hair, Sai, Kabuto, any and all random and obscure ones.
PW: Edgeworth, Phoenix, Gumshoe, Meekins, Matt Engarde, Richard Wellington, Max Galactica, Maya, Pearl, Mia, Gant (EPIC WIN MAN), Redd White, April May...
Boston Legal: Alan Shore, Denny Crane, Shirley Schmidt, Bernard Ferrien, Catherine Piper...
Ouran: All of the main cast kthx.
The Producers: Everyone.
I can't be bothered to do many more stfu.

Favourite Actor/Actresses?: Never really cared much.
Journal Status(s)?: Free account, new user, Friends Only.

Anything else?: I rant a lot. And have bad moodswings. They tend to wind up on my journal. I also talk about triggering subjects during my low points. And I tend to post fic here, which is posted publicly. That might annoy your FL. I also pick up more than I can handle, which leads us back to the ranting.
Name/Age: Annie, 34
Fandoms?: CSI (original and Miami), Bones, Jericho, Numb3rs, Heroes, Supernatural, Ugly Betty, Dexter, Weeds, So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol, General Hospital. I may also get into the Pushing Daisies and Reaper fandoms this fall.
Favourite Couples?: Grissom/Sara, Greg/Sara, Calleigh/Delko, Hodgins/Angela, Booth/Brennan, Stanley/Mimi, Don/Megan, Mohinder/Sylar, Peter/Nathan, Betty/Henry, Nancy/Conrad, Robin/Patrick, Spinelli/Lulu, Logan/Lulu, Spinelli/Georgie, Maxie/Coop
Favourite Characters?: Sara Sidle, Jack Hodgins, Jake Green, Stanley Richmond, Don Eppes, Megan Reeves, Peter Petrelli, Claire Bennet, Sylar, Dean & Sam Winchester, Betty Suarez, Dexter & Deb Morgan, Spinelli, Robin Scorpio, Patrick Drake, Lulu Spencer, Logan Hayes, Maxie Jones
Favourite Actor/Actresses?: Too many to name and I think this is already long enough. Heh.
Journal Status(s)?: Permanent
Anything else?: I have a 100% open friending policy. I friend anyone who friends me and I welcome anyone to defriend at will if the need or desire arises. I'm also much more active here than I am on LJ. I only keep my LJ now to comment on friends' entries and keep up with communities/newsletters.
Name/Age: Clare/20
Fandoms?: Harry Potter, NCIS
Favourite Couples?: Harry/Neville, Neville/Ginny, anybody/Neville, Ron/Hermione (especially after DH); Abby/Gibbs, Abby/Gibbs/Tony
Favourite Characters?: Neville! And Abby!
Favourite Actor/Actresses?: Matthew Lewis and Pauley Perrette XD
Journal Status(s)?: Free right now, might be paid later if all goes well.
Anything else?: Hi! I'm adorable!
Name/Age: Em, 25
Fandoms?: The West Wing, Torchwood, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Carnivale, Frasier, Deadwood. Just getting into Heroes and Rome.
Favourite Couples?: Usually involve Toby Ziegler. Front-runners include Toby/Sam, Toby/Andrea, Toby/Ellie. Outside TWW, Tosh/Ianto, John/Dean, Martha/Jack, Sofie/Libby; Frasier/Niles; Swearengen, Dan Dority, Trixie.
Favourite Characters?: Toby Ziegler, his son Huck, his Deputy, Sam Seaborn; Cap'n Jack, Tosh and Ianto; John Winchester, Tenth Doctor but mostly Martha; Sofie, Libby and Jonesy; Frasier and Niles.
Favourite Actor/Actresses?: Richard Schiff. Martin Sheen. David Tennant is a wonderful thing. Natalie Portman. Recently got a thing for Stanley Baker.
Journal Status(s)?: Permanent. Seemed a nifty use of £15. (Exchange rates, baby.)
Anything else?: It'd be nice to meet new people. I adore my friends on LJ amazingly much. I write a lot of fic and talk about fic a lot, but am sometimes interesting with it. :)
Name/Age: Shirahime - twenty something

Fandoms?: Saiyuki, Claymore, Harry Potter, D.Gray-Man, FMA, Ouran High School Host Club, Black Lagoon, Kyou Kara Maou, Babylon 5, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Yami no Matsuei. Infernal Affairs Trilogy, Haru wo Daiteita [and numerous other fandoms here & there]

Favourite Couples?: Sanzo/Goku, Hazel/Sanzo, Gojyo/Sanzo, Ukoku/Koumyou, Snape/Harry, Snape/Lupin, Malfoycest, Tyki/Allen, Hughes/Roy, Conrad/Yuuri, Shibuyacest, Kyouya/Tamaki, Tatsumi/Muraki [but too many minor ones to list]

Favourite Characters?: Tyki Mikk, Ukoku Sanzo, Hazel, Severus Snape, Kyouya Ohtori, Akio Ohtori, Teresa of the Faint Smile, Kazutaka Muraki, Seiichiro Tatsumi, Alfred Bester

Favourite Actor/Actresses?: Ralph Fiennes, Gary Oldman, Alan Rickman, Anthony Wong

Journal Status(s)?: friends locked for different reasons, free but likely will be paid or permanent in the near future.

Anything else?: I tend to write fan fiction when I have enough free time & my journal is basically a place for my randomness, [mostly sane] fangirling, & whatnot. I'm hoping that IJ becomes a lively alternative where fandom is concerned compared to the Site That Must Not Be Named.
Name/Age: kangeiko // 26 (just!)
Fandoms?: Harry Potter, PotC, Buffy/Angel, Alias, Babylon 5, Star Trek, Red Dwarf, X-Men, Doctor Who, Carnivale, Deadwood, Rome, quite a few others...
Favourite Couples?: Snape/Black, Ron/Hermione, Draco/Ron, Lister/Rimmer, Giles/Ethan, Sparrington, Snape/Harry, Jack Bristow/Sloane, Jack Bristow/Irina Derevko, Atia/Mark Antony, Vorenus/Pullo, Justin/Iris Crowe, Sofie/Libby, Spock/Kirk, Picard/Q, Troi/Riker, Kira/Dukat... I like a nice mix!
Favourite Characters?: Spike, Angel, Dawn, Willow, Londo Mollari, Alfred Bester, G'kar, Michael Garibaldi, Susan Ivanova, Atia of the Julii, Al Swearangen, Jadzia Dax, Kira.... oh, god, there's millions!
Favourite Actor/Actresses?: Hmmm. I don't tend to do fandom with actors, but characters
Journal Status(s)?: free - but we'll see.
Anything else?: I'm doing the 100fandoms challenge over at LJ - might have to post it here, too. 100 stories, 100 fandoms, go as crazy as you want...
Name/Age: Nikkie/33
Fandoms?: Wrestling, Law and Order:CI, HP, FF *especially FFVIII*, Rome, Pirates of the Caribean, Sex and the City, West Wing, Studio 60, Food Network *not sure if it's really a fandom, but I watch it like an addiction*, America's Next Top Model, Top Chef, Project Runway,
Favourite Couples?: Quistis/Irvine, Bobby Goren/Nicole Wallace, Miranda/Steve, Carrie/Mr. Big, Ron/Hermione
Favourite Characters?: Atia, Quistis, Irvine, Goren, Jack Sparrow, Lucius Malfoy, Carrie Bradshaw, Mr Big, Mike Knox *wrestling, Kevin Nash *wrestling, Triple H *wrestling*
Favourite Actor/Actresses?: Don't really have any, sorry.
Journal Status(s)?: Free/New
Anything else?: I like to post about my sexual fantasies about Mike Knox....alot. Anyone on my lj flist can back that up
Name/Age: Macey (or Jen), 4-years infandom

Fandoms?: *deep breath* Covenant HP Ouran Kyou Kara Maou Death Note
Ranma 1/2 Naruto The OC SGA SG1 Eroica Doctor Who Torchwood Angel Buffy DC Comics Due South House LotR U.N.C.L.E NCIS Pirates of the Carribean Popslash Bandslash Narnia CSI Good Omens Gundam Wing Hercules Hikaru no Go Inuyasha Labrynth LotRPS Queer as Folk (US) seaQuest Sky High Sports Night FFVII Weiss Kreuz Digimon Dragonball Escaflowne Prince of Tennis Supernatural xxxholic Willy Wonka Pokemon Gravitation Demon Diaries Shaman KingandIbetIforgotsome

Of those, my birth-dom was Shaman King (briefly - it's small, especially when starting on ff.net) then Harry Potter and my current loves are HikaGo and Ouran (for writing, at least). I read (as you might've guessed) -anything-, and know some better than others. I am fandom promiscuous, and proud! (See, LJ? No such thing as FTDs!)

Favourite Couples?: Oh dear. Disregarding top/bottom weightings to the order of names: HikaGo: Shindou/Touya, Ouran: Kyouya/Tamaki, HarryPotter: Harry/Draco (yes, still), DueSouth: Fraser/RayK, SGA: Sheppard/McKay, PoT: Golden or Silver Pairs, Labrynth: Jareth/Sarah, FFVII: Cloud/Sephiroth.
Um. I could continue. Again with the promiscuity. I'm an unnashamed slasher (but look! a girl! In Labrynth, see?) and I also read Ouran Twincest and Supernatural's Wincest, but I don't write above PG-13. Yet.

Favourite Characters?: Hmmm... Kyouya from Ouran - I love him. Absolutely adore him, as a character to read -and- write. Touya from HikaGo - shygeniuskid!love. McKay from SGA, because he can say -anything-, and does. Those would be the topthree *is restrained*

Favourite Actor/Actresses?: Um. Would this be a good point to mention how rarely I actually watch TV/canon? Because the only actor I could both name -and- love would be Johnny Depp.

Journal Status(s)?: Feeling the waters ~ I'm keeping an LJ for the communities, but have both IJ and GJ currently starting up, liking here better on first impressions. I won't contemplate money until I know where fandom's landed.

Anything else?: I'm English and v. proud of it, an unashamed poet and will probably post more poetry than fic (it's far easier to write). I love to laugh ~ crack!fic especially. Remind me to tell you the one about Orochimaru Gaunt and the giant squid... Also, the only person I know here is Nicole ([info]queenprosecutor), the Tousan to my Kaasan. I'm trying to find somewhere to learn Japanese. One day, I will take over the world.

Also? I talk too much.
Name/Age: Becca Stareyes (but will answer to Stareyes or most variations of Rebecca). As for my age, I'm a grad student, which either means I'm terribly precocious, a non-traditional student, or in my twenties.

Fandoms?: Slayers is my big one. I also like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Fullmetal Alchemist and the Dresden Files. There's also plenty of series I like, but I'm not especially involved in the fandom -- Vision of Escaflowne, Firefly, Babylon5, Discworld, Scrapped Princess, Crest of the Stars, and Bleach. Currently, I'm playing the Golden Sun series of games, which I'm liking.

Favourite Couples?: I'm mostly a gen fan, but I like some ships. For Slayers, I like Zelgadis/Amelia and Lina/Gourry. For FMA, I'm fond of Izumi/Seig, Maes/Gracia, Hohenheim/Trisha and Winry/Sheska. I'll read other stuff on recommendation or if an author I like writes it.

Favourite Characters?: Most of the series I like I adore because I like most of the cast. That being said, I favor Zelgadis & Amelia from Slayers, Ed & Al from FMA, Sokka from Avatar, and Harry, Michael and Murphy from Dresden Files.

Favourite Actor/Actresses?: I'm lucky if I remember an actor's names.

Journal Status(s)?: Here, LJ, GJ, JF.

Anything else?: I also enjoy tabletop RPGs and astronomy (remember the 'grad student' thing?) -- I love answering questions on astronomy and physics. I'm a hobbyist writer and artist who also does her own original fantasy/SF material, and also sews and crochets. I'm not likely to make political or religious posts to my journal, but I'm rather liberal and will comment on others' posts if I have something to say.
Name/Age: Megan, 21
Fandoms?: Mostly shounen manga (Bleach, D.Gray-Man, Death Note, Hikaru no Go, Gintama, Naruto, Air Gear, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hunter x Hunter) and video games (Final Fantasy, Suikoden, Shadow Hearts, Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile, Xenogears, Devil May Cry, Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne/Devil Summoner/Persona, Samurai Warriors, Metal Gear Solid, Phoenix Wright, Fire Emblem). There are tons I'm probably forgetting, but those are the big ones I'm actively participating in. While I enjoy quite a few television shows and read novels compulsively, I don't participate in their fandoms or write about them in my journal on a regular basis.
Favourite Couples?: I worry more about good writing than a specific pairing. If you can make it work well in your story, I'll read it.
Favourite Characters?: I have a major weakness for smart/well-connected/well-informed characters who pretend to be otherwise with hilarious results, which means I fall for characters like Ling Yao in Fullmetal Alchemist, Nash Latjke in Suikoden, and Ravi in D.Gray-Man.
Favourite Actor/Actresses?: I care more about the characters than the actors behind them.
Journal Status(s)?: Permanent. I use this alongside my journals on other services because I have friends here who don't use LiveJournal, so I'll be here at least in part regardless of how things turn out with LiveJournal.
Anything else?: I write fan fiction and make icons once in a blue moon, blog about gaming a lot, vent about real life occasionally (less often now that I have fandom friends here), and, like I said before, I care more about quality than who you're pairing together.
Name/Age: Lindsey, 22

Fandoms?: Heroes, Sky High, Comic Books (Nightwing, X-Men, Cable & Deadpool, others), (anti-) Anita Blake, Supernatural, Resident Evil, Tekken, Buffy/Angel, SGA, Eureka, Psych, 4400, Harry Potter, many, many others.

Favourite Couples?: Sylar/Mohinder Suresh, Warren Peace/Will Stronghold, Gabriel/Richard Zeeman, Slade Wilson/Dick Grayson, Cable/Deadpool, Nathan Stark/Jack Carter, Lord Voldemort/Harry Potter (more on my profile)

Favourite Characters?: Mohinder Suresh, Dick Grayson, Bobby Drake, Wade Wilson, Xander Harris, John Sheppard, Shawn Spencer, etc.

Favourite Actor/Actresses?: Jonny Lee Miller, Angelina Jolie, Zachary Quinto, Robert Downey Jr., Edward Norton, etc.

Journal Status(s)?: Free/New

Anything else?: Um, I'm posting at lj, gj, jf, and here all at once, but will try to check all my flists.
Name/Age: Rachel/30

Fandoms?: Oh man. Not -really- big into fandom but I poke at the HP, Star Wars and BtVS/Angel fandoms. I'm also a fan of Heroes, Law and Order, Law and Order: SVU, Law and Order: CI, Star Trek: TNG, Charmed, Supernatural, Psych, and Mythbusters.. I'd love to start poking at those fandoms. I'm also a Marvel fan, though I'm not into the comics, since I have no idea where in the hell to start. *LOL* Alas, a lot of my favorite books have little to no fandom.

Favourite Couples?: I'm pretty open to whatever's thrown my way, as long as the writing's good. EXCEPT for Ani/Obi-Wan and Wincest. And even those I'll budge on if one of my favorite writers is writing them.

Favourite Characters?: haha. It might be easier to ask what characters I don't like.

Favourite Actor/Actresses?: Good ones. :P

Journal Status(s)?: Free for now, friends only.

Anything else?: I'm flocked, but I generally add you if you add me. I'm disabled and suffer from depression and other mental and physical illnesses, so there's a lot of whining and angsting in my journal. Don't bother adding me if you don't want to deal with that.

[Dingsi Snapshot]

Name/Age: Dingsi. 29. *feels old*

Fandoms?: My main fandom is Neil Gaiman's Sandman. Still have many ties to DCU fandom, also like Hellblazer. The X-Men, however, belong on the "fandoms past" list. (Yeah, I'm pretty much a comics person.)

'New' fannish interests are Supernatural and Torchwood.

Favourite Couples?: Hmm. Used to read lots of Dick/Tim, Nightwing/Arsenal, Logan/Scott... but I think I'm more devoted to characters than pairings.

Favourite Characters?: Fannishly obsessed with the Corinthian from Sandman. He's my OTC, so to speak.
I'm having enbarassing crushes on Captain Jack Harkness and Dean Winchester.
I like Jeff Smax from "Top Ten", and Gambit before he was written poorly. I think Dick Grayson was my first comic book love.

Favourite Actor/Actresses?: Uh. I'm not very fannish about actors. But... Jeanine Garofalo. Sigourney Weaver. Johnny Depp. Alan Rickman. Bruce Willis. -- What about favourite authors? (Max Goldt, Neil Gaiman, Walter Moers, China Míeville, Clive Barker)

Journal Status(s)?: At the moment there's mostly going to be stuff I'm importing from my LJ ones (not all entries, just a best-of), and I can't update as often as I'd like to because [info]fandomdirectory and [info]meta_roundup are keeping me pretty busy. But, yeah, I plan on staying here. :)
Topics that show up fairly often are fandom, comics, feminism, and GLBT/gender issues (I'm trans myself). What you certainly won't get are memes, quizzes, or stories about shopping and pets.

Anything else?: I write in english and german, but use tags so people can choose between .en and .de entries.
Name/Age: Seth/19
Fandoms?: Firefly, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Dragon Knights, Bleach, Ergo Proxy, d.Gray-man, Final Fantasy VII/IX/X/Tactics, Kingdom Hearts I & II, Chrno Crusade, Gankutsuou, Harry Potter, Amatsuki, Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann, Peacemaker Kurogane, Discworld, Storm Hawks, The Boondock Saints, Heroes, Tales of the Abyss and Symphonia, ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, and so many other things.
Favourite Couples?: Haha, I don't ship much beyond canon. SylarxMohinder is filled with lulz, though. :D
Favourite Characters?: River, Peter Petrelli, Luke, Asch, Jade, Rath, Kharl, Axel, Zidane, the Doctor, Starbuck, Mal, Wander..*Babbles*
Favourite Actor/Actresses?: Edward Norton Jr. is a genius.
Journal Status(s)?: Free and new~
Anything else?: I'm extremely awkward at first, but I want to make new friends. <3 I'm still active on LJ, so feel free to add me both here and there (flow-theory, there). :D
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