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Oct. 4th, 2019


Who: Marco & OPEN!
When: A little after noon
Where: Out in the front yard

One last snow means it's SLED TIME. )

Oct. 3rd, 2019



Day 34.

Weather: It's snowing! Wait, weren't we getting excited about spring?

Events: All that stuff that was going on yesterday? Yeah. That hasn't stopped. The power's still flickering, and dolls and haystacks are still making appearances. Plague doctors are still showing up to collect samples. The statue upstairs is still talking. And there are still hideous rabbits roaming the hallways.

But wait, I hear you say, weren't the rabbits just housemates trapped in costumes? Well, yes, they were. Now? Not so much.

Today, the rabbits seem to have multiplied, as rabbits do. They also hang out in huddled packs, appearing in groups of seven or eight Easter bunnies at the ends of hallways or at the top of the stairs, or outside the kitchen windows. They get around, is what I'm saying, and they'll hang out wherever the group of them can fit.

So, what are they doing? Well, thankfully, not much. Seeing so many of them turn to look at you all at once might be a shock, but they'll only linger for a moment before they'll all split up and scatter, disappearing once they're out of sight. As the day goes on they may start to linger a little longer, or even take a step towards you, but if you try to get closer to them, they'll run before you can catch them.

Thank the Powers that the Plague Doctors don't hang out in mobs.

Sep. 23rd, 2019


Who: Jerome & Pam
When: Mid-Afternoon
Where: Pam's Room

This place was missing the chirping of birds )

Sep. 19th, 2019


Who: Edwin, Bunny!Vanessa, and OPEN!
When: Morning
Where: Billiard Room

There will be no dancing on the ceiling, thank you very much. )


Where: Felix's room, Levi's room, Vanessa's room
When: Shortly before this

Well, this got weirder that intended... )



Day 33.

Weather: It's about the same temperature as yesterday. It's like spring wants to happen but it's not quite here yet.

Events:At some point last night, everyone falls asleep. They wake up as early or late as they normally would, as long as it's some time after 6 AM, in the same place that they fell asleep.

Anyone who put in a request to claim their vouchers will find that their requests have been granted. Whatever they had requested will be in their or their housemate's room, unless otherwise discussed. This is more specifically in the case of Felix, who requested a large, door-sized sticker of Zippy be affixed to Vanessa's bathroom door. She'll see that when she gets back to her room, because that's not where she wakes up.

Per Felix & TPTB's agreement, Both Edwin and Vanessa wake up on the ceiling of the billiard room. They are both wrapped from shoulder to ankle in the same rope that was used on the ropes course, almost giving them the look of someone who has been kidnapped by an old mustachioed villain and was about to be laid out on some railroad tracks. It's tight, and covers too much of their body for them to be able to escape from, and even if they did, they would fall face first onto the floor. They're fastened to the ceiling by a series of hooks that the rope has been looped over along their back. They both, as requested, have also been muted. Both wake up with a really bad case of laryngitis, which is going to make getting someone's attention complicated. They can't make a peep. They can't even squeak. There will be no calling for help for these two. Their forced silence will go on for the rest of the day, and leave them hoarse for days to follow.

Now, on to the main event.

There are still a few eggs hanging around, but the prize machine to receive rewards for tickets is gone. You could maybe try them in the ticket machine in the basement, but with how the power's behaving, maybe you should wait before you try the elevator.

The power isn't out in the house, but it's for sure acting up. The lights might flicker before going off, or the heat might go off in a room for a few minutes It's a little bit like in the plantation home, whenever those walking haystacks, the Zangbeto, showed up. And that's because the Zangbeto are here.

Just like at the plantation, the Zangbeto are going to appear randomly throughout the day, standing menacingly in a corner before they rush at you, vanishing when the lights flicker back on. With them, they brought along the strange, disembodied voice that could be heard chanting from under the floorboards and from other rooms.

They also brought some Plague Doctors. These guys are going to be seen more in bedrooms than they will out in the halls, but just like their haystack friends, they'll appear as the lights are flashing or out. Unlike the Zangbeto, the plague doctors aren't afraid to get too close. In fact, if you see one, you might want to head in the other direction before they start trying to give you a check-up. These guys will grab at you and try to hold you in place long enough for them to open your mouth and check your teeth, or snip off a sample of your hair, or pinch at your neck to check on that implant. They're not lethal, but they're creepy. Once they're done, they'll turn and head around a corner, only to promptly disappear.

But wait, there's more! While a good number of them have been hanging out on Edwin's bookshelves, today all of the creepy toys from the first Day 25 have relocated, and will keep relocating. You might find one in your closet, or sitting right outside your bedroom door, or in bed once you walk back into your room. Even if a doll gets thrown out, it will show up again somewhere else in the house. No one will ever see these dolls move, but they sure do get around, anyway.

Oh, and then there's that statue upstairs that nobody likes. It's active, too. First of all, the door to that room will not stay shut. It will keep opening of its own accord. If someone shuts it, it will gently pop back open, and they will hear a muffled sort of rustling sound coming from inside the statue. At random points through-out the day a male voice muttering unhappily can also be heard from that room. It's saying, "I can feel them crawling under my skin," with occasional additions of, "Can't eat, can't sleep," or "make it stop."

Finally, there's a new addition to the "Who's Who" of Mount Zenith, and that's three of these unsettling Easter bunnies. These don't seem to appear and disappear like the other Zenith cryptids. They just walk through the halls, most likely begging for help. There's a reason for that.

Chase, Kiley, and Vanessa had received surprise punishments yesterday. Today, the three of them wake up sewn into these bunny costumes. That's right, they're sewn in. The head is sewn to the bodysuit, the mittens are sewn to the sleeves, and the zipper is gone, leaving the fabric stitched shut in the back. Everything is hot and kind of itchy, and it's going to be a pain to get out of, and impossible for them to do on their own. Those fluffy bunny mitts are basically just socks on their hands, but are just too thick to make it possible to hold anything. Like scissors. Even the doorknob is going to take some effort to maneuver.

The fact that the weird looking head is going to muffle sound both coming in and going out is going to make it really tricky to get help. Especially when there are so many other creatures wandering around trying to scare people.

Oh, and yes, Vanessa is going to be trapped in this costume while being strapped to the ceiling. Getting help is going to be especially hard for her when she has no voice to tell them who she is, isn't it?

If you think you're going to escape all our creepy friends by leaving the house and heading into town? Sorry. That's not how this works. All these guys are lurking down there as well. Even before anyone gets to town, they're going to feel eyes on them from the trees surrounding the path, and even hear hushed voices. Is it more of these guys? Or maybe the trees are just talking on their own now. Or maybe you're just hearing things.

It's going to be a long day. Good luck, guys.

Sep. 14th, 2019


Who: Ivy & Vanessa
Where: the halls of the first floor
When: around noon


Sep. 7th, 2019


Who: Jerome & Lucy
Where: Lounge, later searching the mansion
When: around 11 am

What a place to be at Easter )

Sep. 6th, 2019


When: In the late evening, she's been working on this a good portion of the day.
Where: In little bowls left outside your door (she didn't have baskets).

In Lucy’s childhood, Lucy had a tradition of painting paper eggs with her mother, and she wanted to share that tradition with everyone in the house. Lucy made everyone three or four painted eggs with various treats inside.

Treats include things that she got from the kitchen including: Popcorn, mini-marshmallows, roasted almonds, and M&Ms.

Everyone’s custom eggs are under this cut! )

Sep. 5th, 2019


Who: Lennon & Marco
When: Around 9:30
Where: Lennon's room, then the craft room

Egg hunt! Egg hunt! Egg hunt! )



Day 32.

Weather: It's slowly getting warmer!

Events: The arms from yesterday are gone, so hopefully everyone got their crude gestures in while they still could.

Everyone wakes up in their own rooms, but today the doors aren't locked. There is a note on the network for everyone, though.

It's Easter!

And that's it. Luckily, the game for today is pretty immediately obvious, as next to everyone's computer is a pastel wicker basket, and sitting on the keyboard is a single plastic Easter egg. It's time for an egg hunt.

In each bedroom there are two more eggs to be found, but there are dozens more around the house and in the yard. Some are in plain sight, while others are pretty well hidden. All of the eggs are hollow, and all that's inside is a single jelly bean, and a small ticket. The tickets look a lot like the ones that come out of the arcade machine downstairs, they're just a different color. So, if you think that there's a machine like the one in the basement that spits out prizes, you'd be right.

In the foyer is a big device, about the size of a vending machine, against the wall by the elevator. There's a slot to feed your tickets into, and a space for you to put your basket. The space for the basket has a door which will slide closed once you start inserting tickets, so it can deposit your prizes into the basket in secret. There's a big red button for you to press once you've finished inserting your tickets so you can get your basket back, now filled with goodies.

There's nothing that says that anyone has to participate, and there's no punishment if you don't. You should probably decide quickly, though, so all the eggs aren't gone by the time you decide to play...

Everyone's prizes are listed under the cut... )

Mod note: Prizes will be decided as described in THIS OOC POST. Check back here once you've done what you need to do there to see what your characters received.

Aug. 30th, 2019


Who: Edwin & Vanessa
When: around 9 am
Where: third floor halls

OMG, the Goth )

Aug. 25th, 2019


Who: Jack and Jerome
Where: The Kitchen
When: Mid-afternoon

Hello, kitchen, my old friend )

Aug. 24th, 2019


Who: Marco & Oliver
When: After 8
Where: Oliver's room

Onesie appreciation )

Aug. 22nd, 2019



Day 31.

Weather: It's slightly warmer than yesterday! Does this mean it's time for winter to end, finally? Probably not. But let's be hopeful!

Events: Everyone wakes up in their own rooms, with a message waiting for them on the network. As usual, doors are locked until a question is answered publicly on the network. Today's question is...

What's something simple from your life outside of Mount Zenith that you wouldn't have thought that you would miss, but you do?

Once everyone can get out of their rooms, they're going to find... arms? In the hallway? That's weird. Somewhere near the staircases on each floor is a sconce affixed to the wall, but instead of a light, it's just an arm sticking out of the base. The arms connect to the base just above the elbow, leaving the lower arm and hand out so it could hypothetically hold a lamp, if it was actually meant to function as a sconce. They're all shiny black, like they're made of obsidian.

Obsidian doesn't move, though. These arms? Of course they move.

There's not a lot of motion from these things. When left alone they may change positions every hour or so, moving slowly into a new position. They are more reactive when someone comes near to it, and can be manipulated into other positions. That includes being coaxed into holding items, which they will do anywhere from ten minutes to up to an hour. That includes other hands, so the first person who tries to have a thumb war with one of these things is in for a shock.

The one on the second floor is a little bit strange, though. It's usually the same as the others, but every once in a while, the way the arm moves seems to be a little more human. It will start moving quicker, shaking and twisting, banging on the wall and trying to look for purchase to push itself, like it's trying to pull itself back into the wall, or free itself from it's trap. This never last more than two minutes, before it goes back to just being an usual decoration.

Finally, Joe has been removed from the house.

Aug. 13th, 2019


Who: Kate, Lucy, Vanessa
Where: Movie Theater & Town
When: Mid-Morning

Salty popcorn is DISGUSTING. )

Aug. 6th, 2019


Who: Pam & Ivy (and later Dylan)
When: Mid-Morning
Where: Cassi's & beyond

It'd be weird if they stuck people in the clothes racks... )


Who: Jerome & Tobias
Where: Kitchen (later town)
When: Mid-morning

What a way to start the day. )

Aug. 5th, 2019


Who: Kiley and Chase (later Marco!)
Where: The cemetery and surrounding area
When: Mid-morning

Back in action, kind of! )

Aug. 1st, 2019



Day 30.

Weather: Still cold. It's not windy, though. That's a nice change, kind of.

Events: To start, Experiment B has their tunnel to town now. A door has appeared in the bat cave, and it leads to... well, the tunnel. There's nothing fancy about it, it's just a mine shaft. It's got lanterns on the ceiling every few feet, and rails going through it. And, of course, there's a mine cart to get you from point A to point B. It's actually electric, and moves with a push of a button, but it still looks like it came from the Gold Rush. The tunnel lets out in the hospital. Specifically, it lets out at the bottom left body drawer in the morgue. There's a hidden button under the slab in there if you're entering from that side. There's also a button at either entrance that will call the cart to you if it's sitting at the other entrance. The ride takes around six to ten minutes. Cool! So that's one reward out of the way.

There's a few more rewards going out today, to those with the high scores on yesterday's quiz. Did you want to know the answers? Too bad.

The big winner is Tobias! He wakes up to find a bunch of nice framed photos of his mom and his sister sitting on his nightstand. He'll also find a big ol' present sitting in the middle of his floor. On it, there's an envelope that just has a piece of paper with "A+" written on it in red marker. When he unwraps the gift, he's going to find the ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters and Vests. It's a set of four, so he and 3 friends can make the town their own laser tag course.

The next high score goes to Audrey. Her gift has an envelope with a paper with a big red "A" on it. She'll find a gift bag full of rock wall climbing holds, as well as all the bolts and screws needed to attach them to a wall. There's enough to go up the side of the house, if that's what she wants to do with them. When she dumps out the gift bag, she'll find a bonus gift tucked between the gift bag and the tissue paper. It's a file. It's Tobias's file. Good thing that guy got his own fun rewards, or that would just be cruel.

Third place... Well, that's actually a 3-way tie between Oliver, Edwin, and Lucy. They'll each find an envelope, too, with a big red "B+". Each of them will unwrap a garment bag, and inside, they're all going to find costumes. Each of them look like they've been designed for a high-budget movie, with beautiful details and matching accessories. Oliver finds something similar to what he and Edwin had discussed for Grunt the Decimator, complete with a cowl/helmet thing with horns, giving him the appearance of a Dragonborn, and an articulated dragon tail. Lucy will find what looks like her elf costume from home if it was given a Hollywood makeover. It includes elf ears, a wig, and several shiny accessories to go along with it. Edwin already has his Pywaln costume from home, so he's been given an elf costume that goes along more with his usual Gothic attire, while still being in the realm of fantasy. His also comes with elf ears and several shiny accessories.

And that's it for the rewards! So, what about those punishments? They did say that there would be punishments, didn't they?

Well, to ask the losers what their punishments are, you'll have to find them first. They're not in the house, and they don't have their phones on them. There are clues that they're not in the house, though. All three of their bedroom doors are wide open, and their phones are all downstairs in the foyer, sitting on a table along with a sheet of paper that has an arrow printed on it. When it's first found, the arrow is pointing towards the front door. It also has a big red "F" on it.

None of those being punished are together, because that would be too damn convenient. Each of them will wake up feeling a little groggy and disoriented, but that will pass quickly, within a couple of minutes. They will be wearing whatever they fell asleep in, minus any watches. If they fell asleep naked, they will have been provided a hospital gown.

Marco is somewhere where he's been before, though only once. He finds himself in the basement laundry room that he had once helped Chase and Billy out of on the first Day 10, in one of the rundown houses on the edge of town. Like the previous time, the room is dark and cold and barren, and the door doesn't budge more than a crack, blocked by something heavy. Even if it wasn't dark, he wouldn't be able to see what it was. He's got a large water bottle and a single flashlight, and that's it.

Dylan finds herself in an office on the fourth floor of Zenith Towers. She also has a water bottle and flashlight. It's not a large office, maybe 6'x8', with a large window that has a great view of a big chunk of the town. There's a door on the other side of the room, but it has no doorknob. The door can't be opened from inside, and the window doesn't open at all. The only visible way out is to pry open the air duct, which seems just big enough for Dylan to crawl through. If she does venture into the duct, though, rather than find an easy exit, she's going to end up in a metal labyrinth, with the only exit being in the room she came from. The good news is that if someone else is wandering the fourth floor, they should be able to yell to each other with directions, but is it better to stay by the window and try to signal to someone?

Vanessa is hard to miss once someone enters the movie theater, but she's unable to get out of her predicament on her own. See, she's in the old popcorn machine, but the glass doors on the front (which are weirdly strong, and probably aren't glass at all) have been shut and locked. The machine's not on, but it's still oddly warm in there. And cramped. And full of popcorn and salt and butter. At least she won't starve if she's left alone for a while, but she's probably going to go through her water pretty quickly with all that salt. Oh, and the key to open the popcorn machine? It's perfectly in view, on the counter right next to Vanessa. She just can't get to it.

To those who go looking for Vanessa, Dylan, and Marco, there's no note mentioning what happens if the missing housemates aren't found. Hopefully they'll be returned to their room overnight!

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