[action, video | open]
09 June 2011 at 03:03 pm
[Hello, Marina. Here's a familiar face! Only...not so much. This time around, GIR appears on the screen with red eyes and he seems to be a little more than peeved about being here.

There's a moment of silence before one eyes twitches and he attempts to hack into his communicator, wires popping out of his head to pick at it and try to broadcast to as many other communicators as he can. Of course that's not necessary, but he's doing it anyway.]

WE MEET AGAIN, ACUMEN. Your accusations are stupid! Your facility is STUPID!


[If you're a little ways away from the library, you should be able to see GIR seething as he starts to approach it. But be careful if you choose to approach him]

To the indigenous life of Marina Asylum: YOUR BRAINS WILL BE MINE. SLEEP IN FEAR. SLEEP IN FEAAAR!

OOC Note~ )
[Video | Action]
06 June 2011 at 07:00 pm
[The feed clicks on rather suddenly, on a close up of fabric.]

- loads of new people, of course. I do hope some of them are fashionable; I'm dying for some more clients, you know.

[Rarity steps back from the dress form, showing her latest creation on the form.]

Hm... I'm not used to working with such dark fabric, but I do think it looks nice.
07 June 2011 at 09:41 am
[There is a sleepy Pokemon nestled into a random corner of the clocktower. Considering this isn't where she went to sleep 'last night', Latias is naturally rather confused when she wakes up and blinks at her surroundings]


[Communicator goes on! Sleepy dragon is sleepy] I don't remember going to sleep up here last...did someone move me after I fell asleep? [Yaaaawn]

It's kind of comfortable though...maybe I should sleep up here more often.
[Action|backdated to afternoon|open]
21 January 2011 at 10:20 pm
[Harry is, once again, doing some more exploring of the dome! This time, his wanderings have brought him to the pet cafe, where he is sitting down, looking curiously at a little black puppy. It's strange - the only dogs he's ever known are Aunt Marge's and the less said the better, or Fang who's way too big but nice, or Fluffy, who is...a three-headed hellhound. There's just no other way of saying it. So he's not used to puppies, basically. This one seems okay, and it doesn't look dangerous...

And it's actually very friendly, Harry realizes belatedly as he ends up with an armful of warm puppy. Said puppy nudges his hand and barks - but not, Harry realizes, in an angry way.

It wants...something? Harry's not sure what, for a moment, but he figures it out pretty quickly: dogs like being petted, right?

... This really isn't so bad, he decides.

tl;dr: there's a kid in the pet cafe befriending a puppy. Bother?]
[Event | Yule Ball]
23 December 2010 at 02:53 pm
Night was falling, the smell of spices were in the air and Jennifer was busy putting the last finishing touches on all the hard work everyone had done to get the athletic complex decked out and festive.

Walking through the front door, you'll see a table where you can put all your presents on for now with a tree sitting behind it. Don't worry, the bots will make sure no one but Jennifer takes any gifts off the table! There's also a series of volunteers ready and willing to help you out of your coats if you need it, but otherwise, please don't hesitate to shed off a few layers.

It might be a little warm if you don't.

Inside the main entrance, Jennifer's taken care to section off the room into the main dancing area and a stage salvaged from the Valentine's Day auction off to the side for the performances later on. Surrounding the outer edges, are tables and settees salvaged from the Shelter so that those who wish to watch can do so in comfort. Do be careful though. Scented candles are lit on each table to provide a soft light to balance out the harshness of the lights over the dance floor.

And of course there's food. Punch and egg-nog and shrimp and cheese and a myriad of other finger foods. There are cookies decorated with frosting and lemon bars and cranberries and a giant bowl of sugared dates. Marzipan is scattered across the table and a small gingerbread house sits as a centerpiece, but the cake is the main attraction.

But the cake comes with a price. Anyone who wants a piece, must do what it says on the toothpick first. Have fun! And no cheating. Someone might be watching to make sure no one does.

Music is already playing and Jennifer's leaving things up to the host club to make sure people start dancing, because what's sadder then a ball with no dancing? Do make sure to enjoy yourselves. It's why we're all here!

((ooc: The first thread is for the cake game and will list various things you must do. The second is for performers to do their act so we can group reactions together in one spot. And last, mingle, threadjack, and have merry with whatever your characters want to do in the rest of the post!

As an ooc gift meme was suggested instead of actually threading out every gift exchange, we will be doing that instead, but we highly encourage you to still seek out your gift recipients and build CR in the post as you will.

Also, mistletoe can be found neatly tucked inside wreaths at the main entrance to the Athletic complex and also from the cloak room leading into the dance hall. Be nice! Ask permission first.))

ETA: Directory (Edited 12/28 10:30pm/22:30 EST/-05:00 GMT, new marked with ***)

Cake Game: Reply to
Cake: Midori - Mistletoe
Cake: Road - Dancing
Cake: Ryu - Dancing
Cake: Otoha - Singing
Cake: Wisely - Compliment
Cake: Alucard - Dancing
Cake: Orihime - Ornament
Cake: Hikaru - Mistletoe
Cake: Yuuki - Song
Cake: Kaworu - Mistletoe
Cake: Milly - Dancing
Cake: Tyki - Mistletoe
Cake: Hiling - Mistletoe/Dancing
Performances: Reply to
Performance: Naoya
Performance: Lacus
Performance: Choir
Individual: Saki
Individual: Ryoji
Individual: Peregrine Mendicant
Individual: Wolfram
Individual: Zelda
Group: Kaworu, Hiling or both
Individual: Himawari
Individual: Feferi
Individual: Cain
Individual: Jeanne
Individual: Ashton
Individual: Midori
Individual: Cosmo
Individual: Fou
Individual: Greed
Individual: Minako
Individual: Eridan
Individual: Orihime
Individual: Fran
Individual: Allen
Individual: Tyki
Individual: Chibiusa
Individual: Hikaru
Individual: Dean
Individual: Harry Potter
Individual: Wisely
Individual: Axel
Individual: Kamrui Fuuma
Individual: Ushiro
Individual: Maleficent
Individual: Kaoru
Individual: Zelman
Individual: Yuuki
Individual: Kyouya
Individual: Joshua
Individual: Yuuri
Individual: Sam
Individual: Zero
Individual: Kitty (aoa)
Individual: Juri
Individual: Alma
Individual: Lavi
Individual: Milly
Individual: Rinoa
Rain of Flowers: Sakura
Individual: C.C.
Individual: Takashi Jun
Individual: Suzaku
Individual: Kanda
Individual: Jade
Individual: Duo
Individual: MOMO
Individual: Kitty (evo)
***Individual: Ciel
[voice (filtered from Lelouch) | action | open!]
07 December 2010 at 11:17 pm
Ummmm...does anyone know how to make curry udon or a cake?

[And anyone walking into the shelter kitchen will find a very confused loliprincess, a cookbook, and one failed attempt at cake batter in front of her. Clearly she has no idea what she's doing.]

[...at this rate, Lelouch will be getting a table full of birthday jello.]
06 December 2010 at 05:12 pm
[ When the feed starts up, it begins, not with jostling or jouncing about (the actions already carried out and exhausted prior to recording, thank you), but with the image of a young man's face. It's not a very impressed face, with his expression wavering somewhere between curiosity, mild wariness, and a careful neutrality. The tattoos and markings that span his face pulse with a faint, agitated glow. ]

Who can tell me more about this place?

[ A pause, and his brow furrows a little more, caution giving way to mild irritation, a hint of disapproval, and then into something very close to frustration, perhaps anger. From somewhere beyond the screen, there comes a rattle of what could only be chains. ]

I'd like to know the whereabouts of my companions, and if possible, how to remove these things.

[ video | action ]
01 December 2010 at 07:59 pm
[ When the video feed begins, there is some loud music playing in the background. Something pop-y, which ceases when Jeanne sits down at her desk. How else is a mute woman supposed to get people's attention?

Despite the odd events of the day, she looks upbeat, and is holding a notepad in her hands. She turns it to the screen, so everyone can see what is written on it in permanent marker. ]

Hello! It looks like I don't have a voice today. Literally!

[ She looks as if she's laughs at that, but absolutely nothing is heard. Jeanne leaves it up for a few seconds, before flipping the page back to a new one with more writing on it. She does this a few times. ]

For those who need help, I can give some phrases in --
sign language. Just to get through today. For anyone --
who is curious, I hold a regular class on days ending --
in 3, 6, and 9. Please don't by shy and come by sometime!

[ There's a pause while she holds the corner of the page, hesitating on flipping to the next pages. Her expression falls, and she takes a deep breath. ]

If anyone else is looking for me, I'm going to be at the --
hospital the WHOLE day. Thank you. Be safe, everyone.

[ With that, she ends the feed and leaves her apartment, setting out with a bag of spare supplies to camp out at the hospital. Saya has to come for a transfusion sometime... right? ]
[Voice/Open to action!]
01 December 2010 at 07:26 am
[The world was very dark this morning, when Mami woke up. In fact, it was like someone had tied a cloth over her eyes, as she couldn't see ANYTHING.

Her first instinct was to try and remove the cloth in question. This was a reasonable reaction and would have worked except for one small detail - there was no blindfold to remove.

She managed to fumble her way out of her little living place -- and that was it. She didn't know how to get to the farm from here. Oh, she knew where it was, vaguely, but not being able to see kind of put a damper on the whole thing.

So, with great annoyance, she manages to get the communicator going, and says:]

What th' heck happened? Ah can't farm like this!
[action | open]
03 November 2010 at 07:33 pm
[All around the dome Maleficent has been flying and landing in varied spots, making note of places which she finds the most interesting like the graveyard and the beach. She could easily look at a map, but...this is more her style, really, and with no minions to rely on this is what she'll have to make do with. So if you notice a dark shadow hovering overhead, look up and you'll see that it isn't a bird or a plane or a nice puffy rain cloud.

Gee, she does look menacing, though. ...But don't judge!

She's innocent.]

((ooc: feel free to interact with her...pretty much anywhere outside.))
[ Voice ]
26 October 2010 at 12:08 am
Wow, everyone's so fussy this morning. When I stop to look outside or something, it's pretty funny to watch you know.

Not being able to see what's going on is sort of, well... It's kind of looking at people who are just hallucinating. Chasing butterflies in the outfield, so to speak. But I guess if it's enough to make you all yell and stuff then it's got to be creepy.  Scary,  since there's nothing I can do about it, but very funny too. Kind

Otherwise? It's sort of loud. I think I'll take my headset off today.

[He doesn't actually mean that last part.]

Wonder who else doesn't see what's going on...
[voice / open]
25 October 2010 at 09:10 pm
For those of you who aren't aware, don't understand, or are worried about what's happening right now -- we're experiencing another incident like the monster attacks. But this is the first time it's ever happened during the day.

Whoever is responsible has a twisted sense of humor [honestly, the day before Halloween?] and we shouldn't reward them by panicking.

I'd like to encourage everyone who can to please gather in the shelter. There don't seem to be monsters about right now, but I don't think that will last for long, and this time seems to be different than the other times, so take every precaution.

If you need help, please don't hesitate to ask for it -- I'm sure the defense force is standing by. But we should all get to safety as soon as possible.
[video | open]
25 October 2010 at 07:12 pm

[Watch as GIR runs about and screeches frantically on the screen]
[ video ]
12 October 2010 at 01:33 am

[Hello Marina, have one extremely offended pint-sized dragon.]

Prison?! You gotta be kidding me! I ain't no criminal! I didn't even commit any of those crimes you got listed! Well I did kinda break the Great Stone Dragon but that ain't the point! And I ain't assaulted nobody. 'n fact, I oughta be gettin' a medal. Bitin' butts is unhygenic and nasty.

[Scowls.] Mulan better not be doin' anything stupid without me. That girl's gonna get herself sliced in half if she ain't careful.

And what's this thing on my head? A spoon?

((OOC: SO LATE. OTL We'll say that he was curled up in a ball with a massive headache yesterday, so this is his first day fully awake and out and about.))
[Action / Open]
11 October 2010 at 05:00 pm
[Wonka is currently in Sector 5, standing in front of an old looking building. It obviously used to be something, but it isn't anymore, which is strange, because it's right by all the shops and stuff. But it's perfectly located and just the right size to become his new candy shop!]

[He opens the door wide open and goes inside and looks around, leaving the door open behind him to let some of the dust out. Yeah...with some renovating...this could be just perfect!]

[Anyone coming by will see him pushing old furniture outside and making room for all the new things he plans to put in. Some of the stuff is too big to move without a bot, but there's a lot of small furniture out on the lawn now, like lamps, endtables, etc. Feel free to come ask him what he's doing/bother him~!]
Mood: excited
Location: Sector 5
The 84th Day
11 October 2010 at 11:10 pm
Good morning, inmates. It is the 84th day of the third generation.

There is an issue that I would hear all of your opinions on, one regarding some inmate reactions to the blackout that occurred the night before last. It is imperative that you all understand that such events will naturally happen, so long as inmates have the free reign that they do. The only fail-safe method to ensure that nothing goes wrong is to reduce or remove that freedom.

So then, inmates of Marina Asylum, should the trust and freedom given to you be limited in exchange for a more smoothly operated system and facility? Or are some of you content to endure through some inconveniences, and retain the leniency you have now?

Inmates Fai D. Flourite and Toothless, your requests can be found at the entrance to Sector 0. Inmate Kefka Palazzo, your request will delivered by a remote unit.
[Action/Video | Open - Backdated to early afternoon]
09 October 2010 at 05:04 pm

Hello! I just wanted to remind everyone that there's a cooking class today and we'll be making pumpkin pie in honor of the cooling weather.

I'm also taking volunteers to help coteach the class! Our lovely Jalyt had to return home a few days ago--I really hope she's doing okay. She always had so much enthusiasm and love !--so I'm a little overwhelmed. But no fear! I'm certain I'll be able to handle everything just fine with a slight change in the schedule pending approval. I was thinking class every 3rd, 6th and 9th day of the ten day at 9 am unless that conflicts with someone's schedule.

((ooc: Event style. Feel free to ask other students for help with the baking and Jennifer will pop in and out as needed ♥ To reply to the video, just mark it in a subject heading. The first two threads are dedicated to during and after class.))
[ action & video | open ] Sign Language class #1!
06 October 2010 at 04:53 pm
Good afternoon, Marina! [ Jeanne waves to the camera. ] Jeanne here, just wanting to remind everyone that I will be holding the first sign language course shortly in the Education Center, room number 6.

If anyone is still interested, or even just curious, please don't hesitate to stop in. It's only for an hour, and I'm pretty sure it isn't going to interfere with anyone's other classes. [ Smiling, though she does fidget a little nervously with the the scarf on her new jacket. ] At any rate, I hope to see some of you there!

((ooc: Event headers for the class are within~ There will be a half hour "lecture" with videos, and then a half hour session for people to pair off and practice mock conversations. This starts at 2PM. Please note the videos are just for flavor, and not indicative of which sign language type she is teaching. I am not being that specific! ))
26 September 2010 at 03:40 pm
[Latias isn't tired tonight. Even flying around at full speed for a few hours hasn't tired her out.

She's kind of bored. And misses her brother.

The Pokemon can be found hovering around low to the ground, kind of lazily. She would like someone to talk to...]
24 September 2010 at 12:07 am
[It's after dark and Alma sits in the same place he's been for the last few hours. He should have moved by now, but he just...couldn't. And for a while it was okay. Now he's starting to feel sore from sitting so long, but still he hasn't moved to get up.

Anyone who comes to Sector 6 and looks up in just the right spot might notice the kid sitting on one of the tree branches over looking the playground.]

What's it like being a kid where you all come from? Every place is different, right?

[He doesn't sound upset, just curious and a little thoughtful.]

Oh, hey, where can I find the guy named Gino? Allen said I should talk to him.
Location: Sector 6 / Evening