18 January 2011 at 01:50 am
[Ryu sits up in bed, holding his head. He feels like he's going to throw up, which is… unusual. He leans against the wall with a 'thunk'.]

Canon update ahoy. )

[And now he was back, but he'd never left. He reaches for his communicator and turns it on.]


Has anyone else… remembered things from back home? Like, you were there, but you couldn't have been there because you were here?
[Event | Yule Ball]
23 December 2010 at 02:53 pm
Night was falling, the smell of spices were in the air and Jennifer was busy putting the last finishing touches on all the hard work everyone had done to get the athletic complex decked out and festive.

Walking through the front door, you'll see a table where you can put all your presents on for now with a tree sitting behind it. Don't worry, the bots will make sure no one but Jennifer takes any gifts off the table! There's also a series of volunteers ready and willing to help you out of your coats if you need it, but otherwise, please don't hesitate to shed off a few layers.

It might be a little warm if you don't.

Inside the main entrance, Jennifer's taken care to section off the room into the main dancing area and a stage salvaged from the Valentine's Day auction off to the side for the performances later on. Surrounding the outer edges, are tables and settees salvaged from the Shelter so that those who wish to watch can do so in comfort. Do be careful though. Scented candles are lit on each table to provide a soft light to balance out the harshness of the lights over the dance floor.

And of course there's food. Punch and egg-nog and shrimp and cheese and a myriad of other finger foods. There are cookies decorated with frosting and lemon bars and cranberries and a giant bowl of sugared dates. Marzipan is scattered across the table and a small gingerbread house sits as a centerpiece, but the cake is the main attraction.

But the cake comes with a price. Anyone who wants a piece, must do what it says on the toothpick first. Have fun! And no cheating. Someone might be watching to make sure no one does.

Music is already playing and Jennifer's leaving things up to the host club to make sure people start dancing, because what's sadder then a ball with no dancing? Do make sure to enjoy yourselves. It's why we're all here!

((ooc: The first thread is for the cake game and will list various things you must do. The second is for performers to do their act so we can group reactions together in one spot. And last, mingle, threadjack, and have merry with whatever your characters want to do in the rest of the post!

As an ooc gift meme was suggested instead of actually threading out every gift exchange, we will be doing that instead, but we highly encourage you to still seek out your gift recipients and build CR in the post as you will.

Also, mistletoe can be found neatly tucked inside wreaths at the main entrance to the Athletic complex and also from the cloak room leading into the dance hall. Be nice! Ask permission first.))

ETA: Directory (Edited 12/28 10:30pm/22:30 EST/-05:00 GMT, new marked with ***)

Cake Game: Reply to
Cake: Midori - Mistletoe
Cake: Road - Dancing
Cake: Ryu - Dancing
Cake: Otoha - Singing
Cake: Wisely - Compliment
Cake: Alucard - Dancing
Cake: Orihime - Ornament
Cake: Hikaru - Mistletoe
Cake: Yuuki - Song
Cake: Kaworu - Mistletoe
Cake: Milly - Dancing
Cake: Tyki - Mistletoe
Cake: Hiling - Mistletoe/Dancing
Performances: Reply to
Performance: Naoya
Performance: Lacus
Performance: Choir
Individual: Saki
Individual: Ryoji
Individual: Peregrine Mendicant
Individual: Wolfram
Individual: Zelda
Group: Kaworu, Hiling or both
Individual: Himawari
Individual: Feferi
Individual: Cain
Individual: Jeanne
Individual: Ashton
Individual: Midori
Individual: Cosmo
Individual: Fou
Individual: Greed
Individual: Minako
Individual: Eridan
Individual: Orihime
Individual: Fran
Individual: Allen
Individual: Tyki
Individual: Chibiusa
Individual: Hikaru
Individual: Dean
Individual: Harry Potter
Individual: Wisely
Individual: Axel
Individual: Kamrui Fuuma
Individual: Ushiro
Individual: Maleficent
Individual: Kaoru
Individual: Zelman
Individual: Yuuki
Individual: Kyouya
Individual: Joshua
Individual: Yuuri
Individual: Sam
Individual: Zero
Individual: Kitty (aoa)
Individual: Juri
Individual: Alma
Individual: Lavi
Individual: Milly
Individual: Rinoa
Rain of Flowers: Sakura
Individual: C.C.
Individual: Takashi Jun
Individual: Suzaku
Individual: Kanda
Individual: Jade
Individual: Duo
Individual: MOMO
Individual: Kitty (evo)
***Individual: Ciel
17 December 2010 at 07:32 pm
What does love mean to you?

[Someone sounds unwontedly serious and more than a little perplexed. Trying to remember love -- why does it all come up white?]

((OOC: Sob he had to ask. Feel free to threadjack to your heart's content.))
29 November 2010 at 06:41 pm
What-- where am I? This isn't the shelter or our house...

Brother? Suzaku? Can you hear me? I--I can't see...
[Video | Open]
23 November 2010 at 08:21 am
[Day three of being restrained, and day two of dealing with this black eye which won't heal thanks to his regeneration being blocked along with his AT Field. He looks pleasant enough when his face appears over the network, but there's a slight undercurrent of irritation in his voice, and sure enough, his right eye is still swollen shut and black with bruising. If you saw him yesterday, you'll notice it doesn't look at all improved.]

Does anyone know how to treat a black eye? It's rather painful, and it won't be healing until tomorrow, so I've still got a day to live with it.

[If anyone asks about that, he'll explain - the Second Child knows now, after all, so there's really no harm in anyone else knowing. But he isn't in the mood for going into S2 Engines and Angels with the whole prison right now.]
[voice | open]
12 November 2010 at 07:37 pm
Well! So many new people today! I must say that this is quite the opportunity to pose a question.

Do any of you have any specific wishes? How many of you are expecting a birthday soon? Or perhaps over the holiday season you'll be wanting something? I simply can't just sit here without granting some things for you. Do tell me. Come, now, don't be shy, tell me all that you want. Princess Nunnally, perhaps? Or Ms. Kurosu? [A light laugh.]

Mm...oh, yes. [And now she will add with a touch of sympathy,] Xion, darling, I'm afraid I was unable to find your friend. I hope you had better luck than I.
[action | open]
03 November 2010 at 07:33 pm
[All around the dome Maleficent has been flying and landing in varied spots, making note of places which she finds the most interesting like the graveyard and the beach. She could easily look at a map, but...this is more her style, really, and with no minions to rely on this is what she'll have to make do with. So if you notice a dark shadow hovering overhead, look up and you'll see that it isn't a bird or a plane or a nice puffy rain cloud.

Gee, she does look menacing, though. ...But don't judge!

She's innocent.]

((ooc: feel free to interact with her...pretty much anywhere outside.))
[ voice / action | open ]
01 November 2010 at 10:45 pm
[After spending the night on the floor of the shelter's common area, Saki's retreated to the kitchen to continue her long-standing habit of taking out her frustrations on coffee machines. If you're seeing her in person, feel free to notice the lines under her eyes or how pale she is.]

[Still, there's a note of serenity in her voice.]
Did everyone have a good day yesterday?
[Action | Open]
20 October 2010 at 06:49 pm
[The farm is beginning to look as though nothing ever happened. Pumpkin vines stretch out across once-burned ground and injured plants have begun to mend. Their time may end with the changing of the artificial season, but this way they have a chance at yielding one more crop before the frost takes them.]

[Fou-Lu sits at the edge of the tiny farm, ascended into his astral form to focus his attention on creating and maintaining a gentle autumn rainstorm over the area. It's not his usual style of magic, as it requires quite a bit more finesse than he usually applies, so he's rather focused and not particularly attentive to the world around him.]

[Of course, it's probably hard for anyone not doing intricate magic to miss the big white dragon staring at the tiny clouds.]
[voice || open]
08 October 2010 at 04:41 pm
Ahhh. So that's it, then.

[Her voice sounds very sly yet soft once she realizes where she is. A prison. Well. This certainly does interrupt her plans quite a bit, doesn't it? Maleficent releases a steady sigh once she's finished reading the message and taking note of the tasteless ball and chain attached to her ankle.]

Such a pity. I was so looking forward to reuniting with the princess. It was her birthday, after all. [Pause]

...Although. I suppose I am not wrong in assuming that there might be many princesses here already.

We simply must acquaint ourselves~