26 October 2010 at 01:34 am
[His room looks like something from a horror house and he has headache from all the noise over the communicator and in the room next door--not to mention the noise that woke him up far too late into the night when a certain person came home with "company"--and Itachi can feel the urge to possibly hit something.

And now the kitchen has also been distorted and he can't find what he needs to make tea.

...Why did he agree to move in with Kitty in the first place?

He needs a distraction. And since the people here seem to enjoy answering questions...]

Something for your thoughts. If you had to know the day of your death or the manner of your death, which would you choose?

Neither is not a viable answer.

{OOC: Action open to people in the house.}
24 October 2010 at 07:06 pm
[You know BB's out of habit when he's feeling tired at night. Talk about unusual. He's too used to having some form of adrenalin in his system keeping him awake.

But it's so much. Quieter. The monsters awhile ago were a wake-up, and more like home, but still. It's weird being up at night without something or someone trying to take over the joint.

The teen roams around the dome instead, in wolf form, trying to keep himself up. The dark green of the wolf pelt blends in a little, so he may startle someone, but at least pretty much no one can hide from his nose]
[ action | open ]
15 October 2010 at 01:19 am
[Someone was monopolizing one half of the basketball court. He was bouncing about, playing against imaginary opponents as he dodged and wove his way around one half before dunking the ball into the net. He shouted happily as he scored points in his head, and then moved on to grab the ball and start all over again.]
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[voice | action | open]
09 October 2010 at 10:29 pm
[It's a little late. Though not as late as the time of this post might indicate. And Kitty is feeling restless.]

Anyone feel like a spar?

[Encrypted to Allen]
You know there is another noah here, right?

[She missed his network comments what with seeing him in person, but she assumes he knows one way or another. She's really more curious about getting information.]
26 September 2010 at 08:29 pm
[Avoiding people doesn't work when they seem to wander in the most random of places in the prison. It's interesting how empty and yet full the facility is at times. Itachi doesn't care. He's drained and his eyes burn from the overexposure of the Sharingan being active most of the day. He'll have a severe migraine come tomorrow.

He'd thought to remain in doors, but lights are just as aggravating and he'd rather not have Sasuke hovering over his shoulder. So he returned to the park, and found his way to the large tree filled with strong energy. But for some reason it was soothing.

There's wetness and the smell of copper. He reaches up to wipe away the blood that's trickling from his closed eye.]

How inconvenient.
Location: Ammy's Tree / Late Night
24 September 2010 at 12:07 am
[It's after dark and Alma sits in the same place he's been for the last few hours. He should have moved by now, but he just...couldn't. And for a while it was okay. Now he's starting to feel sore from sitting so long, but still he hasn't moved to get up.

Anyone who comes to Sector 6 and looks up in just the right spot might notice the kid sitting on one of the tree branches over looking the playground.]

What's it like being a kid where you all come from? Every place is different, right?

[He doesn't sound upset, just curious and a little thoughtful.]

Oh, hey, where can I find the guy named Gino? Allen said I should talk to him.
Location: Sector 6 / Evening
[ action | video | open ]
23 September 2010 at 09:35 pm
[ Now that she had taken a short nap, Jeanne's headache had vanished. All she probably needed was some water, and rest, and time to clear her head. It was good, since she still had stuff to do today, despite Josak's concerns. Staying cooped up at home all day wasn't good, and this way she could give Saya a bit of space, too.

And shopping was a good way to de-stress! Jeanne was at the convenience store picking up items for the new condo. A few lamps would really brighten up the darker corners, maybe some coasters for the kitchen counter, or a napkin holder for the dining room, or even some picture frames--

Hmm. After a moment, she flicks on her communicator, since she just can't seem to find something. ]

[ Video ]

Does anyone have a camera? I'm trying to find them in the store, but I'm having a heck of a time. I don't even know if Acumen stocks something like that...

((ooc: Jeanne's power for the day~ Ever want to really hear what she's thinking? Now's the chance!))

((EDIT: if you all could tag with your proximity to Jeanne at the store, that would be awesome. ♥ Then I know who can hear her thoughts outright.))
[Video - Open]
21 September 2010 at 08:11 pm
Yo! I could use a little bit of help here. Got myself a pet project. [grin] Don't suppose any of you fellas know a thing or two about growing plants would ya? I have a few in mind I'd need in greater quantity then I can get at the store.

[mulls] Come to think of it, I might need a few barrels too to get me started...
11 September 2010 at 10:09 pm
private )
Once upon a time there used to be two girls. One was a puppet and a doll and thought nothing for herself except when it came to one person. Naturally that kind of attitude is disgusting, so -- it's no wonder that the second girl, the smarter and better one, hated her guts. The second girl lived out her life every day thinking that the other was just a dumb, pointless waste of space that should've stopped breathing the day she was born.

Then one day they both end up stuck in one place. Together. The second girl doesn't want anything to do with the puppet, but some dumb and random things happen and they're forced to get along. The puppet girl isn't a puppet girl anymore. She's a normal girl that the other could've -- maybe learned to get along with.

But then she disappears and the second girl realizes that everything was just a total waste of her time.

Moral of the story is -- don't spend time on worthless things or you'll feel like an idiot.

The end.
[ action / open ] Paintball!
01 September 2010 at 09:18 pm
[ Chuck's standing in front of a table. On the table are three boxes. In the first box, there are bags with paintball "markers" (guns) and ammunition. In the second box are goggles. On the third, there are thinly padded helmets and chest pieces, all in black. Chuck is wearing all the gear, but his headgear has a little white flag attached to it. ]

Okay! [ Very excited. Sort of looks like a spaniel puppy who has to go to the bathroom. ] Thanks, everybody, for coming out. [ Waves! ]

I'm Chuck, and I'm going to be your ref. Behind me -- [ Indicates the fields behind him that are littered with hay bales of various sizes and heights. Both fields have been set up into one large play area. ] -- is our game field. The boundaries are the white lines along the perimeter. If anyone just wants to watch, they can sit in the bleachers.

[ Rubs his hands together. Sort of nervous now, but hey, still soldiering on. ]

Here's how we're going to do this. Everybody get in line and come up. You give me your name, I'll put it down and then I'll give you your marker and ammo, and you can pick out your gear. Everybody has to wear the headgear and goggles. The chest piece is optional. Once everybody has their stuff, we'll play.

I just have a few rules. First, no head or face shots. I mean it. [ Srs face. ] Second, no shooting someone more than once per encounter. And third, no attacking with anything other than a paintball. The markers can't be modified, and you can't hit someone with your marker.

I've got white paint. I'm the only person. If I see you someone breaking a rule, they're going to get hit with white paint. That person has to sit out on the bleachers for ten minutes. If I catch them more than once, they can't play anymore. Also... no shooting the ref.

No teams, and we'll count the hits at the end of the hour. Whoever wins gets... ah... the pleasure of bragging rights. [ Ehehehe. ] After, party at the club.

Okay, let's go!

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30 August 2010 at 07:38 pm
[It might be earlier in the day, but someone is planning on moving out of the shelter and wants to get ready to redecorate. The shelter was just a bit jam-packed with the guests the other day, and as he was reminded that he might be here for an indefinite amount of time, it seemed a good idea to get a place of his own.]

[Currently he's looking at a polka-dot lamp with pirate figures at the base and trying to decide whether he wants one or two.]
30 August 2010 at 04:54 pm
[It's late at night, but Agito doesn't care.

Akito's asleep and he can't sense Lind anywhere around (which is good because he doesn't want to deal with that asshole-) so all he does is ride.

The AT motors whir in the night, almost seeming to be louder than they are in the darkness. Darkness that isn't a bother to him. Golden eye almost glows, able to see his way without too much trouble. He alternates between skating on rooftops and gliding along at ground level.

The shark is restless. He needs something to do, someone to fight. This place may be fine to Akito, but he...he doesn't like it.

At least the night is familiar enough to ease his annoyance somewhat]
[voice/action | open]
17 August 2010 at 12:48 am
[Sai is standing in the middle of Sector Four.

Just. Standing there.

After being stuck in a monstrous mental institution for about a month, finding himself suddenly, well, SOMEWHERE ELSE is beyond disorienting. He removes the communicator from his head, slowly examining it.

Far different from his usual attire, this Sai is wearing gray pants and a gray shirt with a bright yellow smiley on the front. And slippers.

He tests out the communicator cautiously.]

Ah... Hello?
17 August 2010 at 01:23 am
Is it a mirage? )

Hn. Madara. End your little game.

[Suddenly the video comes on and dark eyes stare blankly into the screen. The face is so familiar. Almost unchanged. But it's softer. Less sharp. Lacking the weathering of age.]

I'm in no mood for it.
[Action | Open]
09 August 2010 at 06:19 pm
[Naruto is currently slurping down ramen at the ramen shop, something he does...pretty much everyday actually. Things had been too crazy as of late so he was glad that things were finally settling down. He loves excitement and drama as much as the next person but disappearing food and dance parties aren't what he'd consider a good time.

He'd heard that Sasuke had returned but hadn't welcomed him back. Usually he'd be happy to push his presence on the Uchiha whether it was welcomed or not but it's not like he had to worry about Sasuke running away again while they were here. He'd just wait and see how things turned out.

Coming out of his thoughts he stares gloomily into his now empty bowl and considers asking for more.]
29 July 2010 at 06:02 pm
Do a little daaaaance.

[Suddenly, more demanding,] OBEY. [GIR laughs while he orders some angry bots to escort every single one of you to one of the parks. Fighting back will only result in punishment...and believe him, you don't want to know what GIR has cooked up for you then.

While you walk you may notice that dawn has suddenly become night again, the lighting is still working though it's all very...vibrantly colored and disco-y--maybe a strobe light here and there--and that the once peaceful silence has turned into blaring techno.

GIR starts to sniffle happily.]

Y-you're all so beautiful.

OOC info under the cut! )
[ action ]
22 July 2010 at 11:09 am
HEY! What the hell? There's no food in here!

[Guess who found the empty kitchen in the shelter~.]
14 July 2010 at 04:50 am
[Nothing much to see here - just Cielo sitting out in front of his apartment in sector three and playing with his cat, Sera. (Making good use of the catnip mouse recently made for him.)

Certain unwanted posters of Kefka have been removed from the entire complex and eaten (hey, less mess), though a couple wadded up ones have been left on the ground to give the cat something else to bat at.]

((ooc: Just wanted to let everyone know I hadn't vanished off the face of the earth. ^^;))
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EARLY MORNING // action // open?
13 July 2010 at 12:54 pm
[To those who are wandering around the asylum early morning: you will notice that there are flyers. Everywhere. Each printed paper is stapled, excessively so, to the surface it is attached to. On surfaces that do not accept the puncture of a tiny staple, like metal, they are taped. It seems a certain psychotic somebody learned how to use the printer!

Even more so, he has a plan. This 'plan' can be illustrated by looking at the poster.

Here is the poster. )

Clever? You decide. React as necessary if you feel so. You know you want to.]
13 July 2010 at 01:00 pm
So. On the whole, prison blows. I'll leave the 'what' to your imagination. You're a yappy crowd.

Yeah, that's all I've got.


Oh. Wait.

Anybody have a harmonica? That'd complete the experience.