[voice | open] /mid-morning/
28 December 2010 at 08:27 pm
These lapses of consciousness and sense of passing time that occur when one... "falls through the stabilizer's cracks" I suppose, can be very tiresome to continuously experience. Even for one already accustomed to a similar system.

[She does sound somewhat weary-- or exasperated. Either way, there's some dry amusement in there too as she simply unloads her sentiments to Acumenno one in particular. She's griping because it's pretty justified, and this is kind of part "hey i'm back"]

However, if I consider that for some reason it was deemed appropriate to return me today of all days, I cannot complain overly much. I would have been disappointed to miss Christmas.

[And while Christmas is her second favorite ever, the mild levity is gone now. Here's the other part, the important one] ...I don't imagine Sasha has returned as well?

[If she has, she's definitely not anywhere near where Saber is right now. But maybe she'll respond or... someone will let her know]
[ Kissing Bots! ]
28 December 2010 at 04:31 pm
Acumen's systems tick over to midnight, and somewhere in the depths of the holding facility, dozens of little silver spheres shiver and come to life. They rise up into the air, dangling little bouquets of mistletoe, and hover in waiting for the door to open again. And when it does, they swoop out and work their way into the dome proper, making it out just in time for daybreak.

Now they're scattered all over the dome, Anissina's gifts and Eggman's souvenirs. They're seeking out people to bring together in the holiday spirit...

Whether they like it or not!

[Comment here and other people will comment to you. Details and index here. Please specify your time of day and location in your tag!]
[Event | Yule Ball]
23 December 2010 at 02:53 pm
Night was falling, the smell of spices were in the air and Jennifer was busy putting the last finishing touches on all the hard work everyone had done to get the athletic complex decked out and festive.

Walking through the front door, you'll see a table where you can put all your presents on for now with a tree sitting behind it. Don't worry, the bots will make sure no one but Jennifer takes any gifts off the table! There's also a series of volunteers ready and willing to help you out of your coats if you need it, but otherwise, please don't hesitate to shed off a few layers.

It might be a little warm if you don't.

Inside the main entrance, Jennifer's taken care to section off the room into the main dancing area and a stage salvaged from the Valentine's Day auction off to the side for the performances later on. Surrounding the outer edges, are tables and settees salvaged from the Shelter so that those who wish to watch can do so in comfort. Do be careful though. Scented candles are lit on each table to provide a soft light to balance out the harshness of the lights over the dance floor.

And of course there's food. Punch and egg-nog and shrimp and cheese and a myriad of other finger foods. There are cookies decorated with frosting and lemon bars and cranberries and a giant bowl of sugared dates. Marzipan is scattered across the table and a small gingerbread house sits as a centerpiece, but the cake is the main attraction.

But the cake comes with a price. Anyone who wants a piece, must do what it says on the toothpick first. Have fun! And no cheating. Someone might be watching to make sure no one does.

Music is already playing and Jennifer's leaving things up to the host club to make sure people start dancing, because what's sadder then a ball with no dancing? Do make sure to enjoy yourselves. It's why we're all here!

((ooc: The first thread is for the cake game and will list various things you must do. The second is for performers to do their act so we can group reactions together in one spot. And last, mingle, threadjack, and have merry with whatever your characters want to do in the rest of the post!

As an ooc gift meme was suggested instead of actually threading out every gift exchange, we will be doing that instead, but we highly encourage you to still seek out your gift recipients and build CR in the post as you will.

Also, mistletoe can be found neatly tucked inside wreaths at the main entrance to the Athletic complex and also from the cloak room leading into the dance hall. Be nice! Ask permission first.))

ETA: Directory (Edited 12/28 10:30pm/22:30 EST/-05:00 GMT, new marked with ***)

Cake Game: Reply to
Cake: Midori - Mistletoe
Cake: Road - Dancing
Cake: Ryu - Dancing
Cake: Otoha - Singing
Cake: Wisely - Compliment
Cake: Alucard - Dancing
Cake: Orihime - Ornament
Cake: Hikaru - Mistletoe
Cake: Yuuki - Song
Cake: Kaworu - Mistletoe
Cake: Milly - Dancing
Cake: Tyki - Mistletoe
Cake: Hiling - Mistletoe/Dancing
Performances: Reply to
Performance: Naoya
Performance: Lacus
Performance: Choir
Individual: Saki
Individual: Ryoji
Individual: Peregrine Mendicant
Individual: Wolfram
Individual: Zelda
Group: Kaworu, Hiling or both
Individual: Himawari
Individual: Feferi
Individual: Cain
Individual: Jeanne
Individual: Ashton
Individual: Midori
Individual: Cosmo
Individual: Fou
Individual: Greed
Individual: Minako
Individual: Eridan
Individual: Orihime
Individual: Fran
Individual: Allen
Individual: Tyki
Individual: Chibiusa
Individual: Hikaru
Individual: Dean
Individual: Harry Potter
Individual: Wisely
Individual: Axel
Individual: Kamrui Fuuma
Individual: Ushiro
Individual: Maleficent
Individual: Kaoru
Individual: Zelman
Individual: Yuuki
Individual: Kyouya
Individual: Joshua
Individual: Yuuri
Individual: Sam
Individual: Zero
Individual: Kitty (aoa)
Individual: Juri
Individual: Alma
Individual: Lavi
Individual: Milly
Individual: Rinoa
Rain of Flowers: Sakura
Individual: C.C.
Individual: Takashi Jun
Individual: Suzaku
Individual: Kanda
Individual: Jade
Individual: Duo
Individual: MOMO
Individual: Kitty (evo)
***Individual: Ciel
17 December 2010 at 10:35 pm
[Private] )

What do people get each other for Christmas?
17 December 2010 at 03:30 pm
[Karkat is glaring quite comfortably at the camera. He’s sitting on the floor, back against the wall, and very perceptive viewers will notice that he is squatting in Terezi’s home. In fact, he’s currently holding one of her possessions - a purple scalefriend. A couple more of the stuffed dragons are strewn around his feet.]

Hey, asshole. Welcome to Karkat’s ‘Romance for Morons’ show. It’s a one-time special event, just. For. You.

[He punctuates each word by stabbing his finger against the camera. He seems to think he has locked this only to Eridan.]

Now, listen the fuck up. This little lint-stuffed bitch - [He hefts up the purple scale friend] - is you. Right, Eridan? He’s going to represent what you should do in a relationship, and also to illustrate how piss-wrong you are at them right now.

Got it? Good.

Read more... )
15 December 2010 at 09:34 pm
*Bear broadcasts the notice from his room in the shelter. He feels a bit more confident after a talk with Jeanne and looking over a few books.*

In case I haven't met any of you before, my name's Bear. I've been thinking about teaching a class.

Would anyone be interested in joining a creative writing class? No experience is necessary.
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14 December 2010 at 08:53 am
[Feferi's found her way into the library, her morbid curiosity about human beings getting the best of her. She's gathered a nice big stack of books together, and found a nice place to sit where she can see the ocean, as she eagerly flips through the pages of one of the books. It was awfully exciting to learn about humans.

Unfortunately, the kind of books she's selected are similar to Grimm's Fairytales. Probably not the best thing to try and learn about human behavior and culture from- but to a troll like Feferi, it makes sense. She smiles when the video feed starts- a nice smile, without all the sharp teeth. ]

Humans might not be as different from trolls as I thought before! The thought's pretty exciting, glub, glub! But, most of the humans seem to be confishing, and some of the customs seem pretty stupid-- no offense or anything! But I'd like to under-sand more- So we can all get along swimmingly!

[Right before the feed cuts off, there's a second or two of a shot of her smiling as wide as she can, fangs and all, and looking like something out of a horror film. Then it's gone!]

((ooc: feel free to do an action response set before or after the video entry. Anyone who asks about the last second of film will be giggled at- it must be their imagination! She's not scary at all!))
08 December 2010 at 10:40 pm
[ Rei blows on her cold hands, vainly pressing them together for warmth. What she wouldn't do for a good fire soul right now...or a coat. At least she had the scarf from the basket? She pauses mid-stride and sneezes, glaring at the bot prodding her from behind. ]

I'm going. Don't touch me.

[ And noooow she feels dumb for talking to it. Lovely. She couldn't wait to be released. At least ChibiUsa and Minako were here, and now Rei had some kind of -- foundation to go off on. She wasn't entirely helpless...to her relief. Rei opens the brochure back up idly and re-reads it for like the twentieth time. ]


This place really has everything, doesn't it? [ small pause ] Actually, is there a Shinto shrine - or any kind of temple anywhere around here?
[video | action | open]
06 December 2010 at 07:33 pm
[ Dressed in a metric ton of pink, the princess is sitting just inside the door to the library, knees pulled up to her chest as she fiddles awkwardly with the communications device. Cookie crumbs are on her dress and she's wearing the scarf, the rest of the welcome basket sitting next to her.]

[Finally, she decides to send a message and is obviously trying to be very very stern and regal and it is sooo not working. Instead, she sounds petulant.]

This isn't fair, you know! Kidnapping a princess, that's a crime, too.

I don't care who Acumen thinks he is. I'm Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity, and in the name of the Moon, he'll get punished.

[She huffs and pauses awkwardly and then grudgingly speaks again:]

And... um... thank you, people that made the basket. The cookies were really good.
[ video | action ]
01 December 2010 at 07:59 pm
[ When the video feed begins, there is some loud music playing in the background. Something pop-y, which ceases when Jeanne sits down at her desk. How else is a mute woman supposed to get people's attention?

Despite the odd events of the day, she looks upbeat, and is holding a notepad in her hands. She turns it to the screen, so everyone can see what is written on it in permanent marker. ]

Hello! It looks like I don't have a voice today. Literally!

[ She looks as if she's laughs at that, but absolutely nothing is heard. Jeanne leaves it up for a few seconds, before flipping the page back to a new one with more writing on it. She does this a few times. ]

For those who need help, I can give some phrases in --
sign language. Just to get through today. For anyone --
who is curious, I hold a regular class on days ending --
in 3, 6, and 9. Please don't by shy and come by sometime!

[ There's a pause while she holds the corner of the page, hesitating on flipping to the next pages. Her expression falls, and she takes a deep breath. ]

If anyone else is looking for me, I'm going to be at the --
hospital the WHOLE day. Thank you. Be safe, everyone.

[ With that, she ends the feed and leaves her apartment, setting out with a bag of spare supplies to camp out at the hospital. Saya has to come for a transfusion sometime... right? ]
[Action | Open]
30 November 2010 at 08:11 am
[His restraint is offffff, so instead of eating in the kitchen, Kaworu's off to explore the other food options in the prison. He's gotten so used to walking with that weight dragging against one leg that he appears to have a limp at first, but gradually he regains his balance and begins to walk a little more normally. As for his black eye, it looks slightly healed - his eye is open now, and rather than turning purple or yellow as a human bruise would whilst healing, the black portion has simply shrunk down a little.

Eventually, he stops at the ramen shop and orders a bowl for himself, sitting near the door and awaiting his food. He's heard some nonsense over the network, a lot of angry voices, but this morning he's been too distracted with his exploring to pay the close attention he did while restrained. Thus, he has no idea how lucky he is when his ramen comes and he takes a big bite, then pulls a face:]

This is terrible. It doesn't taste like anything at all.
23 November 2010 at 09:03 pm
[ Himawari is holding a giant book titled 'ASTROLOGY AND YOU'. She seems very intent on whatever line she's reading, before she finally puts it down with a cheerful smile. ]

I used to read my horoscope every day in the newspaper back home. I know that a lot of people don't believe in astrology and sign reading, but I think it's a fun hobby! If not sometimes accurate!

[ Flips to the Sagittarius page. BEAM SPARKLE BEAM ] My birthday's on November 27, so that makes me a Sagittarius! How about you? I can read your sign for you too if anyone would like me to.
[Action | open!]
23 November 2010 at 09:38 am
[Harry finally got out of the restraints! Guess what this means? No, guess.

... That's right, he's wandering around the dome, seeing the sights and all that. The dome is very strange, as far as he's concerned (not as strange as Hogwarts though - hi, moving staircases!) but seeing as he's stuck here, he may as well familiarize himself with how it works, where things are, and all that.

Of course, the dome IS pretty big, so he'll only be sticking to a few spots for now...]

[ooc: Harry is going to be wandering around in Sectors 1, 6, and 5. Please say where you'll be running into him in the subject line. Thank you! :D]
[video | action | open]
20 November 2010 at 06:25 pm
[He's at the club, drinking. This is not an unfamiliar sight lately. Seems like everyone he knows has been disappearing. Or maybe everyone he likes and knows anyway. Angel popped up. Just makes it worse really.]

This place is too quiet. Is everyone too busy studying or some such nonsense to have a drink?

...Is that a bunny?
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17 November 2010 at 01:23 pm
[ Despite having a less-than-terrible morning, Jeanne was still visibly worried about something. Saya hadn't so much as called, and the other girl didn't sneak back into the apartment last night, either.

Once Jeanne's class was over, she hurriedly packed up her things and made her out of the education center. She knew Saya liked food, so maybe she could catch up to her if she just stalked the various dining areas for a while.

First stop? Pizza shop! ]

((ooc: Hand-waving Jeanne's sign language class for today. Her lesson would have been short, and mostly a recap of the first two classes. For the observant, she was not nearly as bright and enthusiastic as usual.))
[ voice/open ]
16 November 2010 at 08:46 pm
If you were home right now, what's the first thing you'd do?

[For once, she might not be interested in trolling, and might be genuinely curious. Or, she might just be envious of those who have homes to return to. Either way, after last night, she's not moving an inch from her bedroom today.]
[Action | Open]
15 November 2010 at 09:40 pm
[Lacus is sitting in the park, despite the chill weather, )Pink bounding about nearby. She's covered in a thick blanket of multicolored patches of material; a partially finished quilt. In her hands is also a tiny garment she's knitting.]

Pink, come here! [Spouting a delighted Lacus, Lacus!, Pink bounces over and Lacus holds up the garment -- it's a tiny coat, custom made for a haro.]

[That task done, she resumes her work, idly singing to herself:]

At the place where stars fall,
I'm always wishing for your laughter.
Even though we're apart now
We can meet again.

[She's in the mood for general company, and specific company. If Axel doesn't happen by, she's not beyond going to his house.]
[ voice ]
11 November 2010 at 09:17 pm
Eh, this thing is pretty weird…

[The feed starts with the sound of a fairly ambiguous voice, slightly monotone from the extent heard. The woman (or man?) who’s voice this belongs to, lets out a sigh, and there’s a few scratches heard on the microphone, before it is situated properly on her head. ]

I talk in here? [ There’s a pause. ] Hello. My name is Haruhi, from class 1-A I guess that doesn’t make much difference right now…

I read through the pamphlet, but I had a question. I thought someone might be able to help. [ There’s a pause before she begins talking again. ] Where do we work here? We have to make a living somehow, after all.

... Ah, that’s it. This was pretty meaningless… [ And, soon enough, the feed cuts after a bit a fumbling around. ]
[voice | open]
10 November 2010 at 03:03 am
[An audio feed comes on, but it's silent for about a minute or so until the voice of a young boy finally speaks up. In a manner of speaking that is; it's very much on the quiet and timid side]

...After to listening to everything going on... I guess I can't really say or keep thinking that all of this and what that paper said isn't real, s-so...here goes... [Deep breath of preparation!]

U-um, I'm Emil-- E-Emil Castagnier-- and I'm, well... [His voice grows smaller and he falters and fades out, but only for a moment] I guess I'm introducing myself like everyone else is doing and just sort of wondering if maybe-- there's anyone else from Sylvarant or Tethe' Alla here too? I'm already pretty sure Marta isn't here, since I haven't heard her yet...

[But still hopeful! Please oh please let someone else be here don't let him be alone again. Being alone is hard once you've had friends]

And, uh, I'd wanted to thank a-- Ms. li Britannia, and a Mr. vi Britannia too? For the basket and the things in it. T-the cookies are really good.

[He lets out a shaky sigh once done-- that was hard guys you have no idea-- and the feed cuts out after a bit]
[video | open] A bit earlier in the night
06 November 2010 at 11:41 pm
[Ed looks at the communicator as if he's surprised it's on for a moment before speaking. His tone sounds irritated at best, but once the confusion subsides, expression matching his tone - there's an obvious hint of worry there too.]

Has anyone else gotten sick recently?

[He's trying to figure out just how widespread it is, and whether or not there should be cause for more than 'average every day flu' concern.]