04 April 2011 at 07:31 pm
[ staaaaring at her empty room. ] That's strange...Did someone come in during the night? I can't imagine why they'd steal when everything here is free...

[ She gently closes the door of her bedroom. ] Well, it's nothing I can't replace.
video // open
04 April 2011 at 06:18 pm
[ The feed turns on with a sickening crash, and you get the wonderful view of the wall and then the ground, as if someone had thrown the communicator. Footfalls, getting closer, the clinking of chains in time to the steps, and then the camera is picked up and flicked around to Masamune's shoulder and the wall behind him, only to begin shaking wildly. ] What the hell is this thing? [ It stops shaking and it's quiet for a while. ]

Hey. Where the fuck [ a ragged intake of breath, as if to calm himself, ] are my swords? [ a beat of silence in which he takes another few breaths to calm himself. It doesn't work. ] And I'm chained up, too. Tch.

[ silence again, and the communicator is coldly dropped to the floor, giving you a fine view of Masamune picking up the basket curiously, only to throw it on the ground and stomp on it the best he can with one foot chained. ]

((so Masamune is completely clueless with the communicator (and all technology, pretty much) since he's taken from 1467 to 1573, or around there, idk it's what the wiki says. bold is him talking in English.))
[ Voice ]
07 February 2011 at 10:20 pm
That was trippy

[ A moment of silence passed before the sound of his throat being cleared could be heard.] How did I get back here? I swear I was just at the gardens...

Oh well, I guess I had to much to drink last night...Wait did I drink?

[ Another quite moment] Oh god I'm broadcasting...and rambling.
[video/backdated to late evening]
05 February 2011 at 07:22 pm
Is everyone having fun at the party? [ guess who didn't goooo. she assumes that everyone is though <3 ]
action/ video - open
25 January 2011 at 03:31 pm
[ action, get. ] )


[ Fine, fine, later he's up and the camera is on because he's lazy and using his hands to wash his face. The communicator's sitting on the counter where he left it last night, the tap's running and the angle shows him from the shoulder up, a large scar in view when he moves around to dry his face on a towel. He looks about as good as he feels, which isn't really all that well.

Despite this however, he chuckles. ]
Oy, Greed... Remind me never to go drinking with you again.
[voice / action for housemates]
24 January 2011 at 08:19 pm
[a certain someone slept on the floor of his living room, sprawled with his puppy. and now a certain someone is awake again, still on the floor, in the clothes he was wearing yesterday, letting the puppy gnaw on his left hand.

[the thing with Fuuma and Subaru yesterday... kind of got to him. it's exactly why he didn't get an animal for himself. he was happy to have the gift, but -- what if, what if, what if]

[voice / filtered from Noah]
[irritable] What the hell is wrong with people who think it's okay to threaten or hurt animals? I mean-- for God's sake, is there any good reason for that? What goes through someone's head?
voice/video;; action for the park
23 January 2011 at 04:42 pm
[Subaru fumbles a little, and for a second the screen shows him-- still crying, bleeding a little bit, with a nasty hand-shaped bruise around his throat before he hurriedly turns the video off and makes it just voice function. No need for anyone else to worry about him, there's better things to worry about-- but his voice is still a little shaky and cracks occasionally. This should have been locked, but he's not thinking straight.]

K-Kamui--? Sundae-- Sundae's gone. F-fuuma took her.

[ooc: backdated to just after this.]
14 January 2011 at 09:32 pm
It's getting warm now. Around this time I'd be getting ready for spring vacation in school. [ smile ] I suppose I should start making different plans now. Does anyone have anything planned for the warm weather?

[ a little pause. hesitating a little- ] Also, what can you do if...an old wound is irritating you? [ because when you have scars all over your back, they sometimes throb ;-;. ]
28 December 2010 at 05:53 pm
[ morning // video ]
[He turns on the video. He's in a hospital room... Again. And he looks a bit sheepish.] I'm sorry if anyone was looking for me last night or this morning -- I sprained my ankle while I was on patrol. I'll be out of here in the afternoon, so it's nothing to worry about. But I wanted to warn the defense force that I'd be out of commission except in emergencies for a few days.

Ah, Lavi... Can you bring the dog? [ehe] I feel bad leaving you all to take care of him after only a day...

[ afternoon // action ]
[And when he gets out of the hospital in the afternoon he's on crutches, irritatingly enough. He resolves privately to trade them in as soon as he can, and hobbles towards the shelter kitchen quickly. He is so very ready for real food right now.]

[[ooc: You can visit him in the morning or run into him in the afternoon, and kissing bots are okay! He will be on crutches or in bed and unlikely to be able to escape Road.]]
[action / closed / backdated]
27 December 2010 at 09:23 am
[Allen barely suppresses a yawn as he paces down the street. The last few days have been pretty tightly-packed, patrol after patrol after alarming incident after alarming incident, and he's been running on an adrenaline high since the puppy arrived. But now it's late, and he started to feel his buzz fading as he left the party to go on patrol, and now that he's actually on it he's aching with exhaustion.

[Mmph. He separated from his partner a while back, but maybe he should consider turning in early... But then again, that would sound terrible, especially since it's Master's shift... He should just tough it out.]
[Event | Yule Ball]
23 December 2010 at 02:53 pm
Night was falling, the smell of spices were in the air and Jennifer was busy putting the last finishing touches on all the hard work everyone had done to get the athletic complex decked out and festive.

Walking through the front door, you'll see a table where you can put all your presents on for now with a tree sitting behind it. Don't worry, the bots will make sure no one but Jennifer takes any gifts off the table! There's also a series of volunteers ready and willing to help you out of your coats if you need it, but otherwise, please don't hesitate to shed off a few layers.

It might be a little warm if you don't.

Inside the main entrance, Jennifer's taken care to section off the room into the main dancing area and a stage salvaged from the Valentine's Day auction off to the side for the performances later on. Surrounding the outer edges, are tables and settees salvaged from the Shelter so that those who wish to watch can do so in comfort. Do be careful though. Scented candles are lit on each table to provide a soft light to balance out the harshness of the lights over the dance floor.

And of course there's food. Punch and egg-nog and shrimp and cheese and a myriad of other finger foods. There are cookies decorated with frosting and lemon bars and cranberries and a giant bowl of sugared dates. Marzipan is scattered across the table and a small gingerbread house sits as a centerpiece, but the cake is the main attraction.

But the cake comes with a price. Anyone who wants a piece, must do what it says on the toothpick first. Have fun! And no cheating. Someone might be watching to make sure no one does.

Music is already playing and Jennifer's leaving things up to the host club to make sure people start dancing, because what's sadder then a ball with no dancing? Do make sure to enjoy yourselves. It's why we're all here!

((ooc: The first thread is for the cake game and will list various things you must do. The second is for performers to do their act so we can group reactions together in one spot. And last, mingle, threadjack, and have merry with whatever your characters want to do in the rest of the post!

As an ooc gift meme was suggested instead of actually threading out every gift exchange, we will be doing that instead, but we highly encourage you to still seek out your gift recipients and build CR in the post as you will.

Also, mistletoe can be found neatly tucked inside wreaths at the main entrance to the Athletic complex and also from the cloak room leading into the dance hall. Be nice! Ask permission first.))

ETA: Directory (Edited 12/28 10:30pm/22:30 EST/-05:00 GMT, new marked with ***)

Cake Game: Reply to
Cake: Midori - Mistletoe
Cake: Road - Dancing
Cake: Ryu - Dancing
Cake: Otoha - Singing
Cake: Wisely - Compliment
Cake: Alucard - Dancing
Cake: Orihime - Ornament
Cake: Hikaru - Mistletoe
Cake: Yuuki - Song
Cake: Kaworu - Mistletoe
Cake: Milly - Dancing
Cake: Tyki - Mistletoe
Cake: Hiling - Mistletoe/Dancing
Performances: Reply to
Performance: Naoya
Performance: Lacus
Performance: Choir
Individual: Saki
Individual: Ryoji
Individual: Peregrine Mendicant
Individual: Wolfram
Individual: Zelda
Group: Kaworu, Hiling or both
Individual: Himawari
Individual: Feferi
Individual: Cain
Individual: Jeanne
Individual: Ashton
Individual: Midori
Individual: Cosmo
Individual: Fou
Individual: Greed
Individual: Minako
Individual: Eridan
Individual: Orihime
Individual: Fran
Individual: Allen
Individual: Tyki
Individual: Chibiusa
Individual: Hikaru
Individual: Dean
Individual: Harry Potter
Individual: Wisely
Individual: Axel
Individual: Kamrui Fuuma
Individual: Ushiro
Individual: Maleficent
Individual: Kaoru
Individual: Zelman
Individual: Yuuki
Individual: Kyouya
Individual: Joshua
Individual: Yuuri
Individual: Sam
Individual: Zero
Individual: Kitty (aoa)
Individual: Juri
Individual: Alma
Individual: Lavi
Individual: Milly
Individual: Rinoa
Rain of Flowers: Sakura
Individual: C.C.
Individual: Takashi Jun
Individual: Suzaku
Individual: Kanda
Individual: Jade
Individual: Duo
Individual: MOMO
Individual: Kitty (evo)
***Individual: Ciel
20 December 2010 at 10:47 pm
[Wisely is being creative with markers and paper! He's working on something incredible. Once he's done he'll flick it on video and plaster the image to the screen. How else will Santa see it?!]


...Maybe I should add some more blood.

((ooc: both Wisely and I have terrible drawing skills so. the scribbled out part says Exorcists and the dead stick figures from left to right is lavi, allen, and kanda. lenalee you are too hard to draw. alma you are too moe.))
[Video | Action | Open]
20 December 2010 at 06:34 pm
[Oh goodness, the Angel has found the Pet Cafe on one of his morning strolls.

He's also decided that he may as well fully out himself, since he hasn't been putting - well, any effort into hiding it. Why not live as an Angel here, since there's no SEELE or NERV to know or care about it? With that thought in mind, he turns on video.]

I learned a lot about you Lilim yesterday. It seems your emotions are even more complicated and confusing than I thought.

There's still one thing I don't understand, though - your desire for animal companions. [He picks up a small orange kitten, regarding it curiously.] Pets, you call them, right? What's a pet's purpose? Why do you care so much for something that can't even communicate with you? What do you get from the relationship?

[He's holding the kitten in a rather unusual way, thumbs lightly pressed to its throat. They're so fragile, these little creatures. He still remembers how easily he ended one of their lives, without even breaking a sweat...

... no, he's not considering doing it again. There's no need this time, since someone will eventually adopt the thing, and the robots will care for it if not. But if you're particularly sensitive, you might not like the intense way he's staring at kitty, particularly with his hands at its throat.]
14 December 2010 at 08:53 am
[Feferi's found her way into the library, her morbid curiosity about human beings getting the best of her. She's gathered a nice big stack of books together, and found a nice place to sit where she can see the ocean, as she eagerly flips through the pages of one of the books. It was awfully exciting to learn about humans.

Unfortunately, the kind of books she's selected are similar to Grimm's Fairytales. Probably not the best thing to try and learn about human behavior and culture from- but to a troll like Feferi, it makes sense. She smiles when the video feed starts- a nice smile, without all the sharp teeth. ]

Humans might not be as different from trolls as I thought before! The thought's pretty exciting, glub, glub! But, most of the humans seem to be confishing, and some of the customs seem pretty stupid-- no offense or anything! But I'd like to under-sand more- So we can all get along swimmingly!

[Right before the feed cuts off, there's a second or two of a shot of her smiling as wide as she can, fangs and all, and looking like something out of a horror film. Then it's gone!]

((ooc: feel free to do an action response set before or after the video entry. Anyone who asks about the last second of film will be giggled at- it must be their imagination! She's not scary at all!))
[Action and Voice / Separate posts, both open]
14 December 2010 at 06:55 pm

[If there's one thing Agito was well known for by anyone who knew him well enough, it was the fact he thought a lot. He had a tendency to zone out completely and think too hard on things he really didn't need to.

So it possibly wasn't too strange that he'd ended up in the park, resting on a bench with one leg drawn up to his chest so he could drape an arm around it and rest his head. At first glance, he appears to be watching Kasumi play in the grass nearby, but a closer look would reveal that his gaze is unfocused. Both eyes are open for once, eyepatch in his hand.

He's worried. )

The dark almost wishes someone he was able to talk to would come along. The thoughts are frustrating the hell out of him, and being able to vent something would probably do wonders for his system. Any maybe help him figure this out...]

[Voice, filtered from Agito]

[Agito isn't the only one worried about their other half. Akito's also worried about Agito, but he's not sure what he can do. Agito lives so much for him, but Akito doesn't want him to. Agito should be able to live his own life, but in this place there wasn't the world of AT. There weren't other riders. The light had adjusted to it, but...

He wanted to help his other. But how? Maybe someone else could help him...]

What do you do when you're worried about someone and you think you might be the cause of it? I want to help, but it feels like things I used to be able to do to help won't work now...

[Sometimes Akito wonders if that split had been such a good idea after all...]

((OOC: Both sides open, just mention in the titles what you're replying to))
[Action // Open]
09 December 2010 at 11:03 pm
[Rin was gone.

He wonders why it affects him so much, why did it make him so sad. It wasn't his real sister, after all... But deep inside, he knew, it didn't really matter. It was still Rin, and now she was gone. Why didn't he use his time with her better? They didn't talk much, after all...

So there he was, just thinking, sitting outside the shelter and watching the snow fall.]
[ INTRO | action | open ]
07 December 2010 at 11:36 am
[ this boy is amongst those who had recently arrived, but he is not panicked. he had been closely monitoring the network ever since he had awakened and he had studied the newcomers' brochure. with that, he already has the idea to keep going for now. all though, it does not necessarily mean that he believed everything he had read and saw. however, he wanted to keep a discreet appearance for now. he didn't bother using the network today. ]

[ . . . ]

[ a small sigh left him as he stopped walking. he was restrained with a ball and chain, so it's harder to move around or do things in general. still, he didn't want to just sit down in one room. maybe he wanted to get his thoughts sorted out... maybe walking will aid that, was what he unconsciously thought. ]

[ ooc | Setsuna is walking around random sectors! Feel free to assume any area that he passed by in. ]
06 December 2010 at 06:57 pm
[Early in the morning, just before the announcement, Allen is cozily asleep in his bed. He stirs a little restlessly at a sudden sensation on his face. Something -- poking him --]

Cut it out, Lavi. [mumbled]

[but he snaps awake when an unfamiliar voice responds] You mean Libby?

[And the communicator cuts in briefly on Allen flailing and shrieking like a girl as he knocks his communicator off the bedside table. You'll have about five seconds to see Wisely leaning over him on his bed before the video cuts out again.]

((ooc: backdated slightly))
24 November 2010 at 02:41 am
[private to Kitty]

Still coming by for the microwave? I still have that something from before to tell you about, too.

[/private to Kitty]

... It can't be this close to Christmas already. [ Could be worse, dancing at those annual affairs back home, but still. So soon. ]
23 November 2010 at 09:03 pm
[ Himawari is holding a giant book titled 'ASTROLOGY AND YOU'. She seems very intent on whatever line she's reading, before she finally puts it down with a cheerful smile. ]

I used to read my horoscope every day in the newspaper back home. I know that a lot of people don't believe in astrology and sign reading, but I think it's a fun hobby! If not sometimes accurate!

[ Flips to the Sagittarius page. BEAM SPARKLE BEAM ] My birthday's on November 27, so that makes me a Sagittarius! How about you? I can read your sign for you too if anyone would like me to.