[ Theater Workshop | Video/Action | OPEN ]
15 May 2012 at 04:37 pm
----- [ Action / Workshop ]-----
[ Oof! Today's a big day, and the Dance Hall of the Athletic Complex momentarily has folding chairs set in a circle, and a box of random objects (a plastic tea cup, a felt hat, a bow, a tiny umbrella, a hand mirror, etc.) set in the middle. ]

[ Today's activities are... ] )

----- [ Video / Open ]-----

[ Have a cheerful greeting, inmates! ]

Hello Marina! And to those of you who just arrived yesterday, welcome! My name's Kohran and I'll be handling a Theater Workshop! You'll learn ways on how to put a stage play together and of course, how to act!

We're having our first meeting today so please drop by at the Dance Hall of the Athletic Complex in Sector 6.

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[Voice|Action|Open] Backdated to early morning
18 April 2012 at 09:22 am
[It's early, but that is just as it should be. It is not as if he slept during the night. He no longer has need for it.]


There will be an exam today for those attending the physical defense course. Bring a blunt weapon of your choice from the recreational center or one will be selected for you. [he pauses for a moment, thoughtful] Perhaps it should have been mentioned before today, but if you are not prepared as you are now, you would not have been any more prepared with advanced warning.

This is a prompt opportunity to observe for those who are interested in taking the course.

Let us assess what you have learned )

{OOC: Please remember to label your threads Before, During, or After and make it clear if you character is just observing the class. You decide whether your character has passed the exam or not and which role they take as the attacker or defender. Mingling with other students is highly encouraged. Volunteer demonstrators are more than welcome.}
[ Video | Open ]
16 April 2012 at 10:46 pm
Hey everyone. Neil here. Since it's clear out today, I'm going to be on the second big field in Sector 6 later on, for Football class — that's Soccer to most of you American types.

[ He's already dressed for a workout, though it's early, so it's just because of his morning jog. ] Sorry for the short notice, but I'm just feeling a little restless today, so I hope some of you show up to have some fun. [ Said with an easy smile and a wink. ] I'll even make it short practice today, just in case I have to go over the basics for any newcomers. [ A look right into the camera, addressing said newcomers. ] Of course, the more the merrier, so you're all more than welcome to show up, too!

See you on the field. [ Neil gives the camera a two-finger salute before cutting the connection. ]

((OOC: Hand-waving attendance is totally cool! Just let me know if your character would have been there, ICly, so I can have an idea of who all Neil can chat with it about later on. o/ Class style posting is good; mingling, thread-jacks, etc.))
[ video / action / open ] ART CLASS
14 April 2012 at 12:18 am

[ just a simple message: ]

My name is Agatsuma Soubi. I will be conducting art classes for the time being. The first is this afternoon at three o'clock in classroom five at the Education Center. For today, there is no need to bring anything with you. Necessary materials will be provided.


[ Soubi's been around the art wing of the Education Center for a few hours already before class begins. as people arrive, he passes out sketch books, pencils, and erasers. the tables in the room have three chairs each pulled up to them, and in the middle of each table is an item. the class will be drawing simple objects today--vases, shoes, small folding fans--just so that he can get a feel for their level of experience and interest.

if anyone has a question, they're free to approach him at any time, and he'll be walking around and helping out where he sees fit, as well. before class ends, he allows them to keep their sketch books, and gives a simple assignment to be completed before the next class: choose an object with an interesting or unusual shape and draw it. ]

[ ooc; video is backdated to mid-morning. class is, obviously, at 3:00 pm. feel free to tag in before, during, or after class, and mingle among yourselves! ]
[action] Beginner English Class!
13 April 2012 at 09:30 am
[ six o'clock in the evening rolls around, and Lavi's in the Education Center classroom. he's seated cross-legged on the desk, with the science book Link brought him open in his lap. he turns pages with his left hand; his right arm is still in a cast and fitted in a sling for safekeeping. the bandage on his forehead still covers the stitched-up gash, but his bruises are fading.

honestly, he's been looking forward to starting class again, for the fun of it, and for getting out of the hospital and having something to distract him. ]

((ooc: Open to all budding anglophones! Feel free to mingle and/or take part in the lesson.))
Location: Sector 2, Education Center / 6:00PM
[Swordsmanship Class | Action | Open]
15 February 2012 at 12:08 pm
Alright, everyone. [Ciaphas Cain paces about the training hall as his students gear up and ready themselves for a fun and sweat-filled session learning about how to hit each other with sword-shaped sticks.] Keep the doors closed. If one of those kissing robots gets in here, no funny business, give each other a quick peck and get back to work.

[Not that he expects anyone to want to make out in front of a bunch of ogling classmates, but it has to be said.]

And if you have some sort of romantic revelation, you have my sincere congratulations, but please save it for later. I only have you for an hour three times a week. [Cain grins jovially in order to soften his otherwise apparent lack of empathy with anyone who may or may not get to touch a boob find romance today.]

[That said, he pulls his practice sword from his belt.]
Today’s a spar day, so take care and don’t skimp with your warm-ups. And remember the rules, no giving each other concussions.

[Other than at class time, Cain can be found in/around the Athletic Complex! Despite Cain's efforts to keep Mistletoe-kun at bay for class, he is open for kisses ♥ As always, open threading to whack each other with wooden swords is encouraged.]
[Action | Mythology Class]
24 January 2012 at 01:49 pm
[It's Day 151 in Marina, and for Kurama and the inmates who've chosen to sample the Mythology course, it's the first day of class. The door to the classroom is open a little early, to give students plenty of time to find a seat and get comfortable, or to speak with the instructor before class if so inclined. The chairs have been arranged in a circle to allow for free flow of discussion. This class session is a meet-and-greet, not a lecture. Kurama stands off to one side so that his presence will hopefully not have too much impact on where the students sit, and he can readily be engaged in private conversation.

Once all of the students have arrived, Kurama takes a seat in the circle between two of them and offers the group a welcoming smile.]

Thank you for coming. I hope you've all had the opportunity to go over the course description and to hear the plans for today's session. As a quick reminder, this is the Mythology course, so if you were expecting something else, check your schedule, though I do encourage you to stay. You might have some fun. [His tone is on the comfortable edge of teasing, meant to help put the students at ease. First days can be nerve-wracking, he knows.]

Today, I'd like us all to get to know each other. We'll go around the circle and share names--there's no need for any honorifics or titles here, unless you prefer to use them--and if you have a folktale or legend you'd like to share from your world, please do. I'll get us started. My name is Kurama. That also happens to be the name of a mountain outside of Kyoto, Japan. There is an old story that claims the mountain is home to the ruler of the tengu, a powerful type of youkai, or demon, who are sometimes worshiped as gods. He is believed to have taught one of Japan's greatest warriors the art of swordsmanship more than eight hundred years ago.

[Kurama keeps his telling of the tengu of the mountain with which he shares his name brief. He wants his students to have plenty of time to share stories of their own, and after entertaining questions, moves the discussion around the circle.

After class, students are welcome to linger to chat with each other, or to bring any questions to Kurama they'd like to have answered before they leave.]


OOC Information. Please read before tagging! )
[Action: Class | Open]
01 December 2011 at 07:51 pm
[Education Center, Music Hall. Today's lesson starts with the introduction of Zelda's new co-teacher, Sheik. The two of them go through the normal routine of reviewing the past lessons and starting new ones. Regular students are probably aware of this and have probably mastered a few basic songs by this point. They might also be the ones to notice that Zelda's not quite as lively today as usual. Despite Sheik's best efforts to keep her engaged, there are moments where her mind very clearly appears to be occupied with something else.

Students, new and old, are welcome to stop by early before class or stick around after class to talk to either Zelda or Sheik, or even both of them. Likewise, during the lesson, they have only to raise their hand and one of the teachers will come over to give them some one-on-one help.]

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[Dance Class | Athletic Center, forward-dated to 3-4pm]
22 November 2011 at 09:11 pm
[ While the previous classes since Ribbons' return had served to polish the waltz and give the students more ways as to how to embellish their routines, it was time to introduce a different kind of dance; still ballroom, but something livelier and something that can be a passe-partout with more upbeat tunes: the Swing.

The instructors are early, and whoever passes by will hear a jazzy tune -- warm for the otherwise cold weather -- and will see them reviewing their routine; something that hey did not do for the waltz. Students will be expected, and newcomers will be very welcomed. Curious eyes will be seen and might just be pulled in because the rhythm is going to get you~ ]

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[ Soccer Class ]
25 October 2011 at 08:12 pm
[ It's been a while since he's had so many newcomers attending soccer practice -- much less some with prior experience and enthusiasm! It's hard to get any proper teams going with the revolving door that Marina has, so the new faces has him more energetic than usual.

First, he'll introduce the new players to the ones who have been here a bit, and then drills will be more like small matches -- 3 on 2, with a pair on offense, a pair on defense, and then himself as goalkeeper. Haro is about, too, fetching the ball if it flies way too wide, so people don't have to run all over the field. It won't be warm like this for too much longer, so they have to get in the time together like this while they can, before moving things indoors. ]

(OOC: Tag around as you guys please~ No need to use headers, but if you want to specificy before or after practice, feel free! I'm assuming the 3-on-2 based on attendance being Neil, Sasha, Ryo, Moji, and Yuta, but of course more are welcome! I admit I don't know who all attends on a regular basis. I should make a wiki list for this...)
[Action | Open] - Economics Class
06 October 2011 at 10:52 pm
[Lyle spends a few minutes making some notes on the board, making it a bit easier for the students. Frederick is sitting on the desk watching Lyle write, flapping periodically. Economics isn't exactly the most exciting of the classes offered, but he still takes the class seriously. He makes the notes on the board to take up some time until class starts and the students file in and take their seats as well as for Tieria to come in.

When it is time to start, he turns to address the class]
Alright. Let's begin.

[ooc: characters can tag for either before, during, or after the class]
[ Video | Open ]
31 August 2011 at 08:45 pm
Hi, Marina! Miss Jeanne Fránçaix, here. I just wanted to remind those of you who are new -- and slightly-more-permanent residents here -- that I'm holding my Sign Language class today! It'll be at 2 o'clock, in the Education Center's room number 6. [ She smiles at the camera, chipper for many reasons. ] If you need any directions, don't hesitate to ask! I'll be looking to see my regular students there today, too~

[ Then her smile widens. ] And, for everyone else, keep an eye on your mail today. I know you're all excited for the news that came in yesterday, but I hope you have some energy left for the next announcement, too! [ With a wink, she puts a finger down her lips. ] But that's all I'm going to say for now. You'll just have to wait for PM to come by with the mail!

--oh, and before I forget. Who wants to go shopping~? I have a lot of dresses, but I don't have something in just the right color. Let me know!

[ And here she waves and disconnects, so she can finish setting up her classroom. ]

((OOC: Post under Jeanne's "Class" header if you are attending! More info is here. Network replies can be before or after the mail delivery (which is Friday) for a postcard invitation to the Prom, just say so!))
[Action|Open] Self-Defense Class 6AM
23 August 2011 at 11:44 am
[They have been progressing with dodging, techniques for breaking holds, and learning how to fall in ways that allow them to get up easily and away from assailants, but today Itachi has decided to push the envelope.

Today students will all have to play the roles of "attack" and "defense."]

One must attack and the other will defend. You must each participate in both roles. If you cannot think like someone who has the intent to confront you, then you cannot properly adjust yourself to avoiding them. An attacker does not always intend to harm their target, but merely to detain. Remember that.

I will step in if necessary.

[Is this a test? It might just be.]

{OOC: Mark with Before, During, or After. Any volunteers/demonstrators can stand in/work with students on techniques for this if they want, too! After class, Itachi can also be found on his way to the graveyard for his morning existential crisis ritual. Lots of mingling is encouraged during this class!}
Location: Training Field in Sector 6 / 6 AM
[Action | Open] Swordsmanship Class!
20 July 2011 at 11:30 am
[When Cain stepped into the dojo for his morning warm-ups, it had looked like a small tornado had passed through. Which, of course, presented a problem for his class at noon. Rather than tempt his students into contributing to the dojo's unfortunate destruction, or into using the splintered equipment to shank each other, he decides to hold class outside in the open field nearby.]

[Students can find both Cain and Gaunt there, with salvaged equipment on hand.]

Sword fighting isn't just about training the body. If we're going to have any hope of turning this into an art rather than an exercise whacking each other with sticks, it's time to start exercising our minds.

We're going to start with a bit of meditation today. You're going to sit down, get comfortable, and close your eyes. Shed your thoughts and focus on your breathing.

[And after that, the usual lessons in whacking each other with sticks will ensue, with Gaunt as a guest/co-instructor!]

((OOC: Specify the time of class in your action headers~ Cain's classes are, as always, mingle-style, so feel free to tag with each other as you please! ...Though Cain might threadjack to make :| faces at people who start whispering during the meditation portion.))
[action/open] English Class!
20 July 2011 at 09:26 am
[ since it's raining, and kind of miserably warm, Lavi swallows his dislike of the traditional classroom format and posts a sign on the tree in the park that reads "English Class is moved to Education Center, Room 300". any students who come in will see him sitting at the teacher's desk, feet propped up on the desk as he flips through a thick, old-looking book. ]
Location: Day 124 / Sector 2, Education Center / 11:00AM-ish
[Video//Action | Open] An hour or so past nightfall
01 July 2011 at 02:31 pm
[Just before Lacus begins her video feed, the night sky lights up rather differently. With Acumen's fireflies fluttering about, Lacus greets the prison with a warm smile, her face now apparently healed.]

Good evening, everyone. Our astronomy class is beginning in the customary location, although tonight we are having a special quest lecturer to go with our special sky. This sky and these constellations are from Sasha's world, and she will be explaining all about them. Please do join us!

And as a reminder, anyone who would like to request a special projection for the night sky, please do not hesitate! I would be glad to program a skyline for anyone who asks.


((OOC: class matters can be directed to Sasha, in the thread especially for it! Otherwise please specify in your tag whether you are responding to Lacus by video or to the three teachers (Lacus, Neil, or Sasha) in action.))
[ video | open]
15 June 2011 at 12:14 am
[ Yes, it's that time again, Marina. Jeanne's smiling face is viewable, with a blank TV screen on its stand to one side of her, and a whiteboard to the other. ] Hello everyone! I just wanted remind everyone -- especially since we have so many newcomers -- that my sign language class is meeting today in a half hour. It's going to be a short lesson, just to see how everyone is doing so far, or to introduce new students, and also...

[ And here Jeanne should have filtered it, but neglects to. ] I'll be hosting another spa gathering for all you ladies out there. For those who've never been, my name is Jeanne Fránçaix, and I do this from time-to-time because I think it's a great way to relax, trade ~gossip~ and just get to know each other better. It'll be at the public baths in Sector 6 as usual, starting at around 5!

[ She puts a finger to her chin. ] Hmm, I think I should try to make these more fun with themes, or something like that, but I don't really have any ideas. I'll look for your suggestions when you stop by. [ A wave. ] I hope to see many of you later!

((ooc: Three sections to this post for contacting her! Voice calls, during Class with Jeanne or to mingle with classmates, and Spa for a thread with just Jeanne.

The entire rest of the post is for Spa mingling, and open to all women in Marina -- or party crashers, since she didn't filter this. Have at it! /o/ ))
[Action|Open] Self-Defense Class Day 2 - Pre-Assessment
13 June 2011 at 06:48 pm
[You may have missed the first day because of oversleeping, but if you do today you might regret it.

Itachi will be testing your skills today. Don't worry, he'll go easy on you all for the first day.


Today will be a short class, he thinks.]

{OOC: No "before" class today, only First Part, Second Part and After! There will be threads to tag into.}
Location: Training Field in Sector 6 / 6 AM
[Swordsmanship Class | Action | Open]
11 May 2011 at 10:00 pm
[With today's lesson, Cain intends to make sure his students have been learning the right things in his classes. It is also designed for his own amusement, but he wouldn't dare admit that openly.]

[After all, it would take years for any of the beginners to become formidable fighters. If his students are at least able to keep the pointy end out of their eyes, he considered it a fine accomplishment. But there is one lesson he can instill in them in a reasonable amount of time: how to keep control over themselves and to analyze their situation. Maybe he can't craft them all into fantastic warriors, but he can get them thinking properly.]

[That's why he's doing a mock tournament today--get the competitive blood pumping and see what happens. With his usual casual but authoritative air, Cain paces slowly back and forth in front of his students while explaining today's activities and the rules.]

--Alright, each bout will last three minutes. The person with the most blows against the other wins. You don't have to hit too hard, or try for a knockout, because you'll be disqualified if you do either one. The winners will gain personal glory and honor, and a token prize if those lofty goals aren't enough of a motivator.


((OOC: As with all of Cain's class posts, they are event style, so please threadjack and tag around! You're welcome to play out bouts with your classmates, or to just handwave the outcome. Subject header your tags with [Before], [During], or [After], as usual.))
[ Action | Open ] Soccer Class #4
02 May 2011 at 11:55 pm
[  He doesn't even have a lesson plan for today. After his announcement, he's just running the field as a warm-up, not caring how absolutely drenched the grass is from the past two days of rain. Neil has too much on his mind, and it's keeping him from thoroughly enjoying the afternoon. Not even this morning's rainbow gave him much in the way of cheer, though he did wonder why Acumen was suddenly being more ... cheerful?

--not that he won't put on a casual smile for whoever actually shows up to the field. Oh no, he's not going turn away what few prospective players he can get, just because he's in a foul mood. ]

(ooc: First football practice of the new spring! Action tags welcome at any point before, during, or after class. Please assume he made a simple announcement before this, too! This post also serves as a good place to make any unrelated calls if you want to. He'll be at the Sector 6 field from 2-3PM, and then head on his way home to Sector 4 to shower off after.

ETA: Also, class style post, so feel free to mingle, tag each other, threadjack, etc!)