[action | mingle][setting fire to the second bar]
22 March 2012 at 09:33 pm
In which Kitty blows up the bar )

(OOC: Characters in sector five will hear multiple explosions of varying volume. The sound may carry to neighboring sectors or be heard by anyone with super hearing of course. They are located partially underground which is muffling the sound to some extent. The immediate vicinity is clear at the time of the ignition. Flames will reach and exceed the surface, but Zelgadis will be on the scene shortly after the first audible explosion to begin containing the blaze. He will have it in hand on his own, but anyone rushing to the scene is welcome to help. Feel free to mingle. Kitty will have an open thread below. People are welcome to assume they were among those asked/told/threatened to leave the bar initially!]
17 March 2012 at 09:21 am
[Ed's looked into a mirror recently (hello, automail anyone?) and he's not really happy right now. He's sitting rather subdued on his bed, really subdued for Edward Elric. Any who would know him would probably know that something was up.]

I really hate this place. It's not very nice.

[Ed's in one of his...depressed moods. He keeps seeing Al everywhere he goes, and not Al in his suit of armor, but Al in his human form, or at least, how Ed pictures how Al would look if his body were restored.]
[Action | Open]
13 March 2012 at 01:36 pm
[It can be heard from a distance: the clang of clashing blades, the telltale sizzle of small explosions, bursts of rushing air that are more felt than heard. Get close enough, and a caped figure flies overhead, an armored knight in pursuit. A ball of fire launches from the blue-skinned man's hands as he hovers above ground, toward the knight who blocks with the flat of her sword and leaps up at her attacker. His sword flashes and there's a clang -- odd, because her hands look to be empty.]

[Feel free to gawk, if you like. What, you've never seen a blonde knight with an invisible sword and a stone-skinned, fire- and lightening-throwing sorcerer battle before?]

[By all appearances, it's a fight to the death, except for two things. First, no matter how strong the attacks seem, neither of them is injured. And second, if you spot either of the combatants in the right moment, you might just catch them smiling.]

((OOC: Saber will be winning the battle if your character wants to react to that, but it should be pretty epic. Tags can come from Zelgadis or Saber, specify if you want one or the other or both! (Ari will be getting to tags tonight or tomorrow.) Please no injuries from the fighting, they'd never let people get caught in the crossfire~ o/ ))
001 → video;
08 March 2012 at 05:39 pm
[ So, there's crying.

It's not particularly bad or hysterical, but it's clearly coming from someone young. The video isn't position particularly well, because Luca has no idea what the communicator even is or how it's supposed to be used.

Instead he's apparently been smacking it against something in frustration, causing into to cut out and then start again every few seconds. There's a young face, red hair, and tears. ]


--ther, where are you? I can't get th'--

--an' it's heavy!

[ Finally the headset is dropped, abandoned as Luca starts at the ball and chain attached to his foot once again. ]

[ ooc; herp, what is being able to read and know electronics, so the headset thing is kind of...awkward. oops! ]
[ video | action | open]
22 February 2012 at 08:20 pm
[In the morning, residents of Marina will find Ukitake deep in meditation beside the koi pond. He has a slender katana resting across his lap, and his hands are draped lightly over his knees. Sitting perfectly still, he seems almost a statue, save for the faint stirring of his long white hair in concert with the movements of the air.

Later, he can be seen on the network, wearing a contented smile, the same katana sheathed at his side.]

It is always good to see an old friend after a separation. [He leaves unspoken that, for the first time since he arrived in Marina, a part of his soul feels whole again, the shard that was Sogyo no Kotowari no longer missing since the sword was returned to him.]

If there were one thing or person you could ask to be brought to this place, what would you choose?
☠ video
22 February 2012 at 11:29 am
[Sougo is sitting lazily in his room, poking at a ... voodoo doll? Yes. Perhaps you can see how it miiiight look like Michael, and if not, he's going to mention it anyway.]

Asshole, tell me if you feel something.

[Behind him are some photos that have been taped to his wall. Where did he get them from? He'll never tell. But they sure made for a fun darts session. Unsurprisingly, one is of Michael. Another? Maybe of Suzaku, and another of Helix. They're all of guys he's met here. None of the ladies or kids, oh no — he likes the ladies and kids he's met here. He focuses on those photos again, throwing a dart at each one.]

Eat shit and die. Eat shit and die. Burn to a crisp and die. Eat dicks and die.

((ooc: if you want to assume your character has a photo up there, because they're one of the dudes he's met, go right on ahead. >:3))
[Action/Open to all]
15 February 2012 at 05:41 pm
[Edward Elric was a temperamental young man. It seemed he'd already made quite the impression on the people here at Marina and there were some who already knew how to bug him like crazy. Ed almost found himself missing that bastard Ling and that other, evil bastard Greed. Damn the future Xingese emperor who insisted on being able to harness a homunculus. Both of them, actually. Both Greed and Ling knew how to handle Ed, well enough to let the alchemist be in control sometimes. At least when he was dealing with those two, he knew what they knew. Here? He didn't know what these people knew about him.]

Damn it. How can I have been here before? I don't fucking remember it. And I guess it makes sense that no one really knew what I was doing in my world before. [Yes, Ed's talking out loud to himself. He's wandering aimlessly in one of the corridors, kicking his feet against the ground every so often. His automail leg made a loud shuffling sound when he walked occasionally.] Not even the damned military knew everything I was up to. Well, except the bastard colonel. He had this annoying ability to know what I was doing and to manipulate what I did.

[And he's shoved his hands down his leather pants' pockets, shuffling along and mumbling to himself. Anyone is free to disturb him...and of course, call him short. Ed just absolutely loves being called short!]
[action][Open for aaaaaaall your kissing needs]
13 February 2012 at 05:34 pm
[Kitty is wearing her uniform. Blue. Tight. Low cut. You get the picture. She likes the comfort of having it on when she trains which is what she was out doing this morning. Where the afternoon takes her, that's another story one we tell together.]
[Video] And wiiiiide open!
10 February 2012 at 12:40 pm
[Good afternoon Marina! Should you check the network this fine day, you may see one Lind relaxing idly on the beach, propped up on an elbow and looking rather amused about something]

My, my...the weather is slowly letting up and the snow is gone. Surely this can only mean that a certain day is drawing near, hm? [He laughs a little] Ah, Valentine's Day...tis a special day, no? Makes you wonder just how many have their special one here. I'm almost jealous. [Only not really.

But there is a point to this post!]
It is always sweet though when you find out that someone you know is in love. My dear little brother was always the cute one, but it's almost too adorable to watch~ And he even has a date! Young people grow up so fast.

Tsuna-kun~ Make sure you don't do anything too naughty to Akito now, mm?
[A little wave as the post ends, Lind smiling away like a cheshire cat. Trolling older brother? Never~]

((OOC: This post is open to anything, including thread-jacks and what-not! Come help Lind embarrass Akito and Tsuna~))
[Video/Open to all]
08 February 2012 at 08:36 pm
[A young man with golden hair tied back in a ponytail appears on the video screen. He doesn't seem to be aware that anything is happening right away and appears to be mumbling to himself a bit. He then stares directly at the screen when he realizes it's on...after he's mumbled to himself a bit first.]

...DAMN THING. I STILL CAN'T GET THIS THING FIGURED OUT. What the hell is it, anyway? They couldn't have given me something useful, like steak! As long as it's not milk though, I guess it's okay...


[Yes, Ed's shouting...my apologies! He's so not used to this technology.]
[ action | open || voice | Ed ]
29 December 2010 at 12:37 am
[Kitty was out shopping for later that morning, getting the food together first so they could start on the cooking. She had Minato with her to help, and would be meeting up with Ed and Minako later as well so the group could get the decorations and set things up in time for people to come over.

Would they be stalked by kissing bots? Would someone lure a kissing bot to them? Oh the hazards of the season!]


[Kitty contacted Ed to let him know the results of speaking with Acumen that morning.]

Hey, Ed. Acumen said we'll have the decorations and stuff ready by noon in the Convenience store. Do you want to meet me there to pick it up?
[ Kissing Bots! ]
28 December 2010 at 04:31 pm
Acumen's systems tick over to midnight, and somewhere in the depths of the holding facility, dozens of little silver spheres shiver and come to life. They rise up into the air, dangling little bouquets of mistletoe, and hover in waiting for the door to open again. And when it does, they swoop out and work their way into the dome proper, making it out just in time for daybreak.

Now they're scattered all over the dome, Anissina's gifts and Eggman's souvenirs. They're seeking out people to bring together in the holiday spirit...

Whether they like it or not!

[Comment here and other people will comment to you. Details and index here. Please specify your time of day and location in your tag!]
[ video | a little while after the ball ]
25 December 2010 at 10:54 pm
Hey, all... [Kitty was still dressed in her red sparkly dress from the ball.]

I have a quick question. I was thinking of doing a short version of the Jewish holiday Hanukkah tomorrow for anyone who celebrates that instead of Christmas... or for anyone interested in learning about it. It would start at sundown... or, well, lights out for Marina. [small chuckle]

If anyone wants to come, I'm going to have it at [and the address for the house she's now staying in is here]. Just let me know beforehand, okay? Sorry for the late notice. [Another chuckle. You got it, older!Kitty... she would be going through with your idea!]
[Action | Open]
20 December 2010 at 01:08 am
[Having recovered from her sickness a few days ago, Winry decided to pay her thanks to the two brothers for taking care of her through it by giving them a little reward. As such she's carrying along another homemade apple pie as she goes out in the cold evening. Bundled up in her winter clothes, Winry makes her way through Sector Four to visit Ed & Al at their house.]

((OOC: Completely open to everyone on her way to the alchemists' house, so long as it doesn't involve something timeline breaky like assaulting her or stealing her pie. Though you may try the latter, just expect a wrench (and no success) if you keep at it.

Action at the house open to the four alchemists and anyone who might have a good reason to be there.))
Location: Sector 4 - The Elric & Tringham Household & vacinity / ~9 PM
17 December 2010 at 10:35 pm
[Private] )

What do people get each other for Christmas?
16 December 2010 at 10:22 pm
[ you just hear Asuka breathing, breathing as she figures out a way to phrase this. ]

[filtered from Kaworu]

...Let's say that you have a job -- duty back home that's really important -- at least to you it is. But then you find out that no matter how hard you try to do your job, it's inevitable that you fail or that someone else fucks it up for you. So now you're stuck with the knowledge that even if you could go home by some miracle, it doesn't matter because that job you're dedicated to? Yeah, it's useless. Whatever effort you put forward? Who cares? It doesn't matter anymore. [ takes a breath. ]

So...what would you do next? Would you just...give up? Or would you keep on doing your job even though it's useless?
14 December 2010 at 08:53 am
[Feferi's found her way into the library, her morbid curiosity about human beings getting the best of her. She's gathered a nice big stack of books together, and found a nice place to sit where she can see the ocean, as she eagerly flips through the pages of one of the books. It was awfully exciting to learn about humans.

Unfortunately, the kind of books she's selected are similar to Grimm's Fairytales. Probably not the best thing to try and learn about human behavior and culture from- but to a troll like Feferi, it makes sense. She smiles when the video feed starts- a nice smile, without all the sharp teeth. ]

Humans might not be as different from trolls as I thought before! The thought's pretty exciting, glub, glub! But, most of the humans seem to be confishing, and some of the customs seem pretty stupid-- no offense or anything! But I'd like to under-sand more- So we can all get along swimmingly!

[Right before the feed cuts off, there's a second or two of a shot of her smiling as wide as she can, fangs and all, and looking like something out of a horror film. Then it's gone!]

((ooc: feel free to do an action response set before or after the video entry. Anyone who asks about the last second of film will be giggled at- it must be their imagination! She's not scary at all!))
[voice | action | open]
11 December 2010 at 03:30 pm
[Late, sometime after ducking out of Lelouch's party, she's sitting on her porch smoking.]

With the way time moves around here I guess that would make around now Hanukkah. Maybe a little past. Hmm.

[No, she's not wishing you all a Happy Hanukkah. Just...acknowledging it.]
[Voice/Action - Open]
30 November 2010 at 12:00 am
[There's a few moments of silence before Al speaks, slowly and with a shaky tone.]

I really hope this is on... Uhm... If anyone can hear me, this is Alphonse Elric. There's something wrong with me but I don't know how it happened... I don't think that I can hear or see. It's like it's the opposite of when I was in the armor... I was petting my cat and I could feel her purring but I couldn't hear her. The power still has to be on because some of the mechanical things in the house are still working but everything's all dark...

I'm sitting outside my house in Sector 4... If... If someone could come and just... let me know everyone hasn't just disappeared [insert shaky laugh here], I'd really really appreciate it. Thanks.

[And... he's just going to sit there and wait.]
[Video - Open]
29 November 2010 at 11:27 pm
[Have a Russell glaring and looking very pissed off. He holds up a piece of paper he's scribbled a note on close to the screen.]

I fucking hate this place. Just so you all know. I'd say that outloud but my voice appearently isn't working so I can't. And before anyone says something about 'oh you just can't hear', no. No, I can hear just fine, although I might have slight hearing damage from the dog barking into my ear this morning.

[At the very bottom, Russell has drawn a lovely picture. There's a stick figure about an inch long, with arms and legs and a head. On top of it is written Me. Next to it is a very small dot. There's an arrow pointing to it just to make sure you see it. Above that is written Ed.]