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Aug. 23rd, 2008


Russian goes after Russian Live Journal bloggers

Russian Government goes after Live Journal bloggers.

I wonder if SUP owning Live Journal and them having close ties to the Russian Government is making it easier to go after people expressing their political opinions?

Aug. 9th, 2008


Less than thirty minutes

It took less than half an hour for LJ to privatize my request about "Increased limits for Basic accounts." (I'm not surprised; they've ignored the request I made four months ago on the topic.) & auth =xwjk (Remove spaces to see request; IJ's coding removes auth bits otherwise). Full text:
At the announcement of the 100-day plan at, one of the features promised was "Increase certain limits for Basic and Plus accounts." The new post in lj_2008 mentions increased userpics for Plus, but nothing about Basic accounts.

Which limits have been or will be increased for Basic accounts?
Any bets on ever getting an answer to that one? Or will it wait a few days until they release info about the new ad-supported Basic accounts, and claim that there are "increased limits" somewhere in there? (We know a lot of you have been awaiting our decision on Basic Accounts, so watch this space for an announcement August 14, 2008. Any changes to Basic Accounts will also affect how we deal with Basic Communities, so you can also expect an update on that.)

Jul. 26th, 2008


Paranoia run rampant or... ???

Have you recently had Russian LJ'ers friending you? I've noticed that the last 3 of 5 new people who have friended me are Russian. Now I have no problem with someone friending me Russian or whatever else, but looking over their profiles there are NO common interest. The journals are all in Russian so I can't read them. Am I being paranoid or does this reek of something????

Jul. 21st, 2008


Seems like fandom is starting to turn on itself.

A friend of mine recently posted an entry in their LJ that I think everyone needs to be told about.

Jul. 17th, 2008


I don't know if anyone has noticed, but LJ's bringing basic accounts back by the end of the summer for the Northern Hemisphere.

Thoughts? Comments?

Jul. 8th, 2008


LiveJournal Abuse Really Takes the Cake

This is cross-posted from my journal here.

I posted this to LJ Abuse from a community I belong to. It's illegal in New York State to sell fireworks and I thought it would be illegal on LJ to do that do.



I have tons of them that I bought in PA a few months ago. I'm looking to sell them. So, if you're interested in buying them, get at me! It'll save you all that gas money from driving to PA for them. Also, they are NOT silly little bottle rockets and such. I'm talking real fourth of July boomcrackers. I have a car, so if you don't drive and really want them, I'm willing to drive them to you -- for a small gas fee of course.

You can just drop me a comment here and we'll discuss prices, or if you prefer privacy e-mail me at I can take pictures of the fireworks for you as well.

So this is what I wrote:

Prozacnation (********
Account type: Plus Account
LiveJournal: username: [info]prozacnation
style: (S2) core: public, i18n: none, i18nc: none, layout: public, theme: public, user: custom,
email validated?yes
cluster: Soybean; data version : 7
scheme: dystopia; language: en_LJ
underage? no
Support category: Abuse
Time posted: Thu, 03 Jul 2008 03:55:54 GMT (3 days ago)
Status: answered (still needs help)
Summary: +(03) unk poss IA in buffalo_dorks [PE]

This is a private request. It is not publicly visible.

Original Request:
This is illegal in New York State:

Diagnostics: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US; rv:1.9) Gecko/2008052906 Firefox/3.0

Their reply

More found Under here )


CNN article on internet freedom of speech

Here's an article on Internet Freedom of Speech that mentions the 07 debacle on LJ. Admittedly, they have glossed over or or erred on some details. However, beyond picking at the specific context, it's generally an interesting look at speech issues on the net. The piece makes an excellent point about the social significance of being expelled from a community like LJ or MySpace, among other things.

Jul. 7th, 2008


New default sitescheme poll

A poll is up, on [info]announcements, to vote on a new default sitescheme for IJ.

Go vote.

Jun. 1st, 2008


Thoughts on journalling preferences

Thank you to everyone who's taken my poll on journalling preferences. It's still open so if you haven't taken it yet, please come on over. I've just put together a few of the (hopefully) interesting things I noticed.

May. 30th, 2008


IJ vs. LJ

This is something I've been wondering for a while now, but in light of LJ's announcement, I'm even more curious. I'd appreciate it you could take a second to fill out a quick poll on your journaling habits.

Please feel free to distribute this poll on InsaneJournal! I'd like to get as many answers as possible from IJ users.

Thank you!

May. 14th, 2008


Comments @ GreatestJounal no longer working?

Every once in a while I like to check up on GJ and make a big "BACK UP YOUR JOURNAL! FLEE NOW, WHILE YOU STILL CAN!" comment to the last ~news post. This morning when I went there I got this when I clicked the "comment" link:

This happening for anyone else?

May. 12th, 2008


Support requests marked "answered" w/o answer

Found two more today--support requests marked "answered," with no answer listed.

#824444, about the unsearchable interest terms.
#836059, about graphic artwork policy not included in the TOS or FAQ.

That's the third support request they've closed without answering; there's another, from late March, that they've just been ignoring--I assume that when it gets old enough, they'll mark it "answered" and let it drop off their "open requests" list. (#862270, asking what promised "increased limits for Basic and Plus users" the new owners will be implementing, since they got rid of Basic accounts.)

I suppose this is not news to anyone. Just thought I'd mention--if you made a support request a while back, especially on a touchy subject that takes a policymaker's decision rather than an abuse team member's judgment call ("is this random wankage, or real harassment?"), it may have been marked "done" without telling you.

May. 9th, 2008


Squeaky Headquarters

As it stands now, [info]squeaky is a strong contender for the LJ Advisory Board, coming in at second place for number of actual nominations. I believe that squeaky actually does have a chance, but the word needs to be spread that squeaky represents the choice of substance over style, that he knows how to listen to a userbase, and that he is not a Drama Goon.

Other candidates are setting up communities for campaign headquarters on LJ, so I think there ought to be one for [info]squeaky as well. Does anyone want to volunteer for this? Please don't volunteer unless you've had experience running fairly large communities, and are willing to heavily promote the comm in the various LJ promo communities. I don't really feel qualified, so I'm hoping that someone else will step up.

ETA1: So far [info]aristoboule has volunteered.

ETA2: I went ahead and set up [info]vote_squeaky here on IJ as well as LiveJournal.

Squeaky. Srs Bsness.

May. 6th, 2008


Squeaky Posters

Support Squeaky!

I thought it would be cool to use the symbol for Open Source to represent Squeaky. There's also the dual meaning of "openness" with the userbase that I'm hoping to convey here. But I'm sure there's plenty of creative folks that can come up good alternatives.

ETA: Squeaky likes the poster, but asked me to make an icon. I'm just not an icon wizard. This was the best I could do:

I'll leave it up to more artistic folks to run with the idea.


Squeaky Throws His Hat In The Ring!

[info]squeaky had thrown his hat in the nomination ring for the LJ Advisory Board. Let's show him our support! Go here to support his nomination.

Apr. 28th, 2008


dang it...I can't get my email posts to work.

Anyone else having this problem?

Apr. 18th, 2008


Vote for what kind of service you want

Squeaky has posted a poll asking IJers what kind of hosting service they would prefer to move to, and what we'd be willing to pay for it. Seemed like the kind of thing this community would want to know of.

Apr. 17th, 2008


LJ Archive possible overwrite question

I forget where I saved this information or where it is, but I want to be sure before I do anything.

I archived everything back in January, then imported it all with LJ-sec.

My question is: I want to archive my IJ regularly. Do I need to make a new folder/name for each time I do this? Or do I actually *want* to overwrite my older file, seeing's how I've added to it?

What do you-all do? What is best?

I promise I will put this post and all its replies in my Memories!! :-D

Thanks in advance!


People who have paid accounts and are not upset at Squeaky and Insanity over the recent downtime - considering how hard they worked to get it fixed ASAP and keeping us up to date on Twitter - if you don't want or need compensation for the 36 hours we were without the site, Ardath has set up [info]no_comp_needed. Like [info]fandom_counts on LJ last June, it's not likely to have any real post traffic, it's just a head-count asylum to show support for the staff and let them know that we don't feel that they owe us anything for something that was out of their control.

Apr. 6th, 2008


Need feed help

I recently started a weekly newsletter to promote the Queer as Folk fandom on InsaneJournal. It's a roundup of all fandom activity on IJ, and there's a lot, so it's a long, graphics and link heavy newsletter.

I created a feed on LiveJournal for it, and have a lot of subscribers, but every time I have sent it, the entire newsletter dumps onto LJ friends pages, with, just to add insult to injury, mangled code.

I've done a LOT of feeds since moving here, and I understand them. I had it set to give a summary. The newsletter is in a table format, behind a LJ cut.

I have used my backup journal and experimented with "set title" and "set summary," with a lot of plain text before the cut, with the table eliminated, and NOTHING works. If I skip the table and set it to summary, it does truncate about halfway through, but that's not good enough.

Even "set title" results in the exact same result as "set summary."

And the commands are successful when I enter them at the IJ admin console, so that's not it.

This is the newsletter:


Obviously if I can't fix this, people on LJ will stop subscribing, as it's a hot mess on their friends page. I've run out of ideas, personally. If you want to see what I've tried, it's all at [info]xie_backup.

Thanks for any help you can give!

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