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LJ Archive possible overwrite question

I forget where I saved this information or where it is, but I want to be sure before I do anything.

I archived everything back in January, then imported it all with LJ-sec.

My question is: I want to archive my IJ regularly. Do I need to make a new folder/name for each time I do this? Or do I actually *want* to overwrite my older file, seeing's how I've added to it?

What do you-all do? What is best?

I promise I will put this post and all its replies in my Memories!! :-D

Thanks in advance!


I'm going to say overwrite it.
Okay, thanks! I didn't this time because I was keeping my backup of my LJ files in a separate folder. This was my first backup of my InsaneJournal. But I will keep this in mind as I do further backups...maybe weekly? I post everyday.
weekly or monthly. depends on how many posts you make every day.
Heh, I think I'd better back up weekly--I am part of that Blog 365 challenge, so I post at least once a day. :-D
If you've made changes to your files, then yes, you'll want to over-write those with your more recent additions unless you want to keep the older files for any reason. Some people want to keep both the original files and revisions, but most users shouldn't need copies of their previous versions.

However, if you plan on archiving more than one journal, you'll want to create separate folders for each journal you're archiving.
I will do this next time I do a backup of my InsaneJournal. I just now did one in a separate folder from when I backed up 7 years' worth of LJ.

If I'm not totally mistaken, only my new entries were downloaded and added to the local archive.

(Make a backup, then try it out ;)
I will find out next time I do a backup on my IJ. :-) The only previous one I had done was my LJ. I didn't want to overwrite that one. :-)



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