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Less than thirty minutes

It took less than half an hour for LJ to privatize my request about "Increased limits for Basic accounts." (I'm not surprised; they've ignored the request I made four months ago on the topic.)

http://www.livejournal.com/support/see_request.bml?id=907482 & auth =xwjk (Remove spaces to see request; IJ's coding removes auth bits otherwise). Full text:
At the announcement of the 100-day plan at http://community.livejournal.com/lj_2008/1794.html, one of the features promised was "Increase certain limits for Basic and Plus accounts." The new post in lj_2008 mentions increased userpics for Plus, but nothing about Basic accounts.

Which limits have been or will be increased for Basic accounts?
Any bets on ever getting an answer to that one? Or will it wait a few days until they release info about the new ad-supported Basic accounts, and claim that there are "increased limits" somewhere in there? (We know a lot of you have been awaiting our decision on Basic Accounts, so watch this space for an announcement August 14, 2008. Any changes to Basic Accounts will also affect how we deal with Basic Communities, so you can also expect an update on that.)


I vote for no response, no response, and eventually a marking of the request as "closed." It's what they did for my response to "Your paid account is running out, give us more money!"
When I asked about unsearchable interest terms, they eventually marked it "answered"--without leaving any answer at all! (I think they can't mark it closed without tagging it as "answered.")

If they add anything to the accounts in a few days when they announce how they'll be inflicting ads on them, I suspect they'll answer with that; that's how they answered my questions about the content policy--"See, here's our new content policy! Which we hadn't written three weeks ago when you asked!"