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Mar. 31st, 2014


Who: Faith Lehane and a few friends
What: Reflecting on the past and looking to the future
When: Today
Where: The Prison
Warnings: No

We're made out of blood and rust looking for someone to trust without a fight. I think that you came too soon. You're the honey and the moon that lights up my night. But right now everything you want is wrong. And right now all your dreams are waking up. And right now I wish that I could follow you to the shores of freedom where no one lives. )


Who: Serena van der Woodsen with a bit of Alec, Faith and Hayley thrown in
What: Against all odds Serena survives the apocalypse
When: Today
Where: The Prison
Warnings: No

These times will try hard to define me and I’ll try to hold my head up high but I’ve seen despair here from the inside and it’s got a one track mind. And I have this feeling in my gut now and I don’t know what it is I’ll find. Does anybody ever feel like you’re always one step behind? Now I’m sitting alone here in my bed. I’m waiting for an answer I don’t know that I’ll get. I cannot stand to look in the mirror, I’m failing. I’m telling you these times are hard but they will pass. )

Mar. 30th, 2014


Who: Krissy, with brief appearances and mentions of Max, Will, Lorne
What: Packing up
When: Backdated to the morning the pack left Everett
Where: Prison

When the night is cloudy, there is still a light that shines on me; shine on until tomorrow, let it be. I wake up to the sound of music, Mother Mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom, let it be. Yeah let it be, let it be, let it be, yeah let it be; oh there will be an answer, let it be. )

Mar. 28th, 2014


Who: Christian and Dimitri
What: Guarding his Guardian
When: The morning after Connor was staked by Dimitri
Where: The Inn

lyrics go here )

Mar. 27th, 2014


Who: Scott and Allison with a side of Kol NPC'd with permission
What: Allison and Scott kill Kol and run away from Everett because in my version of the story Romeo and Juliet live forever.
When: Tonight
Where: Everett woods and then out into the great beyond
Warnings: Yes

And if you wait for me, I'll be the light in the dark if you lose your way. And if you wait for me, I'll be your voice when you don't know what to say. I'll be your shelter I'll be your fate, I'll be forever, wait for me. I'll be the last train, I'll be the last train home. )

Mar. 26th, 2014


Who: Julie and Dante
What: Saying goodbye
When: Today
Where: Julie's apartment
Warnings: None

Turn the light out say goodnight, no thinking for a little while. Let's not try to figure out everything at once. It's hard to keep track of you falling through the sky. We're half awake in a fake empire. )

Mar. 24th, 2014


Who: Laurel Miller
What: A Mystery
When: Today
Where: The prison to start
Warnings: Caleb's impending heart attack

And the world was gone. )

Mar. 23rd, 2014


Who: Derek and Faith
What: Breaking the news that he's leaving
Where: The prison
Warnings: Derek's and Faith's language deserve a warning, but otherwise idk

Ashen faces in cold breeze, all the stories you will leave; I'll see you in the future when we're older, and we are full of stories to be told. Cross my heart and hope to die, I'll see you with your laughter lines, I'll see you in the future when we're old. )


Who: Elena
What: Life takes its toll
When: Today
Where: Her room
Warnings: Flashbacks to character deaths

So it's better this way, I said having seen this place before where everything we say and do hurts us all the more its just that we stayed, too long in the same old sickly skin I'm pulled down by the undertow I never thought I could feel so low oh darkness I feel like letting go )


Who: Heather and Abigail
What: Turning Heather
When: Today
Where: Katherine's brothel
Warnings: Character Death

I’ve been alone this lonely road Looks like I’m not coming home But I don’t mind, please don’t cry. )


Who: Penny
What: Reflecting
When: This morning
Where: The prison supply room.
Warnings: The thing about new beginnings is that they require something else to end...

hey soul sister, ain't that mister mister on the radio, stereo, the way you move ain't fair you know. hey soul sister, i don't wanna miss a single thing you do ... tonight )

Mar. 22nd, 2014


Who: Buffy and Faith
What: Doing what Slayers do
When: Tonight
Where: Prison to start
Warnings: Slayage, Faith's filthy mouth, angsty woobs and letting go of the past by talking about the future.

on the first page of a story, the future seemed so bright. and this thing turned out so evil, i don't know why i'm still surprised. even angels have their wicked schemes and you take that to new extremes, but you'll always be my hero.... )


Who: Zoey and Ellis and Bill and Jimmy-Keith
What: Zoey tells Ellis and Bill about the baby and sees into the future
When: Today
Where: The garage at the prison and the cafeteria
Warnings: None

You belong here. You were meant for me. )

Mar. 21st, 2014


Who: Faith and Alec
What: Alec gives Faith the news of Connor's death
When: Tonight
Where: The cabin they've been staying in
Warnings: None

I never meant to start a war I just wanted you to let me in. And instead of using force I guess I should have let you win. Don't you ever say I just walked away. I will always want you. I came in like a wrecking ball, I never hit so hard at love. All I wanted was to break your walls all you ever did was wreck me. )


Who: Angel
What: Finding out and reacting to Connor's death
When: Right after this.
Where: Wilderness outside Connor's cabin
Warnings: :(

God bless mommy and match box cars God bless dad and thanks for the stars God hears 'Amen,' wherever we are And I love you Godspeed, little man Sweet dreams, little man Oh my love will fly to you each night on angels wings Godspeed Sweet dreams )

Mar. 20th, 2014


Who: Dimitri and Connor
What: Fulfilling a promise
When: Friday night
Where: The wilderness close to where Connor has been staying
Warnings: Um, yeah. Character death.

And all that stands between the souls release This temporary flesh and bone We know that it's over now I feel my faded mind begin to roam Every time you fall And every time you try Every foolish dream And every compromise Every word you spoke And everything you said Everything you left me, rambles in my head There's nothing I can say There's nothing I can do now There's nothing I can say There's nothing I can do now Up above the world so high )

Mar. 18th, 2014


Who: Thor
What: Receiving a message
When: Today
Where: His cabin (that he built himself)
Warnings: None
Note: Mentions of events from Thor: The Dark World

Soldier on, soldier on Keep your heart close to the ground )

Mar. 17th, 2014


Who: Connor and Wes
What: having a family reunion
When: Wednesday
Where: the wilderness and then a house in the burbs
Warnings: yes.

Lyrics here )


Who: Needy and Castiel
What: Needy has an eating disorder
Where: The projects
When: Bendy time whenever we get this done
Warnings: Character death

Don't feel bad for me. I want you to know deep in the cell of my heart, I will feel so glad to go. )


Who: Katherine Pierce
What: Katherine feels something for someone besides herself
Where: Her home at the brothel
When: Tonight
Warnings: None

All the ashes you spread, all the love that you give. That is who you are, how hard you break for the love you take. All the fires you burn to dry oceans of hurt. All the time you've wasted in vain. And you're standing still. You are tired and you're losing will. You've got so much time to kill. You've been running just to stand still. )

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