March 2014




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Jun. 24th, 2013


Who: Phoebe Halliwell & Shannon
Where: Gym
When: Saturday morning
Rating: TBD; probably low?

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May. 22nd, 2013


Who: Leo and Phoebe
What: Family reunion
When: Backdated to Saturday evening
Warnings: Probably none

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May. 13th, 2013


Who: Phoebe Halliwell and either open or stand alone
What: Fighting with magicks!
Where: Glory's place
Rating: High for demon violence
Status: Open!

I had a way then, losing it all on my own. I had a heart then, but the queen has been overthrown. And I'm not sleeping now, the dark is too hard to beat; and I'm not keeping now, the strength I need to push me. You show the lights that stop me, turn to stone, you shine it when I'm alone, and so I tell myself that I'll be strong; and dreaming when they're gone )

May. 8th, 2013


Who: Diana and Phoebe
What: Two witches are better than one
Where: The Inn
Warnings: I don't think so.

Down at the bottom of the ocean I lay down. Nobody's coming, just continue to drown. And no one here could ever stop my ruin now. )

Apr. 7th, 2013


Who: Lissa and Phoebe
What: Seeing the witch's interesting aura
When: Wednesday night during the pizza extravaganza
Where: The Inn
Warnings: Probably not

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Mar. 29th, 2013


Who: Phoebe & Piper Halliwell
Where: The sacred ritual room in the prison
What: Sister/magick talk!
When: Nowish?
Rating: Probably low
Status: In Progress

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Feb. 24th, 2013


Who: Malachi, Claire, Buffy and Phoebe
What: taking a trip with the secret travel stone
When: Last Friday aka the day Viktoria got restored
Where: I honestly have no idea yet, they'll decide in the thread!

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Dec. 19th, 2012


Who: Malachi and Phoebe
What: meeting in person
When: Today
Where: outside the prison
Warnings: Obnoxious flirting on Malachi's side, but I think that is about it.

Well maybe I'm just thinking that the rooms are all on fire Every time that you walk in the room Well there is magic all around you, if I do say so myself... I have known this much longer than I've known you )

Nov. 18th, 2012


Who: Prue and Phoebe Halliwell
What: A reunion of sorts
Where: Prison
Warnings: None

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