War Is Coming Communications.

September 8th, 2014

War Is Coming Communications.


September 8th, 2014

Rose and Lissa and Sydney

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I know you both have only been here a day or so but better you hear this now. So here it turns out we're...kind of famous. Books and a movie on our lives.

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And here we go again. SO.

Welcome to the Post-Apocalypse...Apocalypse

Right. So you were pulled here by a magical Biblical Seal. Why the Seal pulled us is anyone's guess, some think its to help keep the world from falling apart, some think its because it's a big old jerk.

But we fought a war against Lucifer and some idiot Angels and somehow we won--go us--except now some even bigger idiot angels kind of want the war to continue so we're all still here. Trying not to let that happen.

Where the hell am I?
You're in Lawrence, Kansas and the year is currently 2014.

Why did I appear in a creepy graveyard?
Because the Seal is a giant troll.

Where am I supposed to stay?
We've got a few permanent residents you can try:
Greave's Aparments: ask for Kirk or Harry [ADDRESS]
The Inn: ask for Eponine [ADDRESS]
Sanctuary: ask for Florence [ADDRESS]
Kent Farm: must tolerate cows--but feel free to tip them over, I do--ask for Lois (me) or Clark [ADDRESS]

If you're like hell no, we can set you up in a hotel or give you some money to get yourself set up in a hotel. Also we've got gift boxes. They have like phones and a laptop and some VISA and MASTERCARD giftcards in them because we're nice like that.

I need to get home. People need me
We get it. We do. But you can't. Or at least not until the Seal sends you home.

But on the kind of plus side, no one will notice that you're gone because when you do return its to the exact point in time that you left.

Anti-possession amulets?
Remember, Apocalypse? Yeah, you can get possessed by demons so you'll want the amulet.
If you want the permanent tattoo talk to a Winchester. Or Bobby Singer.

So what do you do here?
That's up to you. There are monsters to fight if you want to do that. Or live a normal life if you want to do that. (and when I say monsters I mean the ones from this world. We've got werewolves and vampires and aliens and others that we do not lump into the monster group that the Seal brought here.) And I'm sure Rose will let you all know about her Arrival's Class that she offers to fill you in on all the details.

Oh right. Fictional.
You just might be. It's kind of a shock to find out you are. Hopefully you won't find out that 9/10 you're destined to fall in love with your best friend in the first five minutes of you being here. But sometimes people here are fictional in this world. Why we don't know. Chances are if you've heard of SHIELD or Sunnydale or Metropolis you're fictional. Congrats.

Need more info
Rose has a class at the Youth Center about everything ever. If we have a huge influx of newbies she'll usually hold the class at 8pm on Tuesday. There will be cake.


Filtered Against Threats, for some reason

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So, what do people do around here?

I've been here a few weeks, and then almost everyone got abducted by the seal and sent somewhere.  But, now you're all back.  I was wondering what it is that people do in this day and age to occupy their time.

I mean, the television is fairly interesting I suppose.  But, it's full of references that I don't yet understand.  100 years is a long time to catch up on.  And, I think I've explored a large amount of the city now.

Of course the Full Moon is tonight, so I'm full of energy and

[Filtered to Hal]

I'm sure you know the Full Moon is tonight.  What with living with a werewolf.

And, I find myself with that surge of energy I usually have at this time.  I was wondering if you were free to help me use some of it up.

Friends Filter (but no Tony, Molly, or Spike)

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I hate this. I hate it. Why's it send them back without their memories? Why's it only send some?

I want Perry and Harmony. But what if they show up and they don't remember? What if they were from before they even knew me?

I don't think I could handle that.

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Hello Terrans.

It seems my friend and I have been sent here by mistake. I don't seem to fit here. Already a small child widened her eyes upon seeing me this morning. I do not think your people are generally green.

Anyway. My name is Gamora and if any of you know why we were brought here I would be grateful for the help.

Incidently I wish to meet the great hero of your people Kevin Bacon. Perhaps he can help us leave here? Do you imagine he would listen to our proposals

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Right.  Just wanted to check.

I am back on Earth right?

I mean it looks like Earth.  But, it's really different.  But, I suppose it has been a really long time since I was last here.

Oh, also very important.  How did we get here.  And where's my ship?

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Hin, hi guys. My name is Abby Sciuto and I'm at this beautiful cemetery, and I really do appreciate the irony and judging from what's around me, I think we're in Kansas, but I am not walking to the nearest town or city without my umbrella.

I should've packed.

No known threats

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I know I've only been here 6 months, but I can't recall any influxes as big as this recent round. I know, in general, there's no discernible pattern to the Seal, but...does this not seem a bit strange to anyone else? I don't care what any of you say, I'm preparing for worst possibles in the near future.

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if Enjolras was not so stubborn you would not have to deal with this. im not sure if thats more my fault or his

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PACKAGES SENT OUT TO: Lydia, Grantaire, Ward, Loki, and Tom (aka the people that Alison teamed up with during their crazy Hunger Games trip from hell.) )

(ooc: If I'm missing a person that Alison worked with, let me know! I know that she was with Loki/Tom planning to infiltrate the Cornucopia for supplies and I know she worked with Ward + tried to find some way to help Grantaire/Lydia. I AM BRAIN DEAD FROM SCHOOL, SO I COULD HAVE MISSED SOMETHING.)

No evil which includes bad Heaven

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Since we've got a big influx of newbies turning up I though it'd be a good idea to invite all of you to the party this Saturday.

Come and have free drinks and food and get to know people!

It's Saturday. (Today is Monday)
From noon until whenever it ends.
For the teeny tiniest to the oldest.

How are you feeling today? Dreamless sleep help at all?

[Kol and Klaus]
Bonnie said she went to you two about help with her magic problem. Reassure me that you were able to help her please. Except don't lie if you couldn't and just tell it to me straight. Is it going to kill he

Ideas on how we can actually help Bonnie out?

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I know the werewolves that are brought here by the Seal go to the one place that is supposed to be safe for them.

But what do the native ones do?

Can they be in the city?

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Right. Drinking at the Bed of Roses aside, what's a bloke to do for fun around here?

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[Filtered to John]

Happy birthday.

I got you something. I don't even know if you'll I'm sure you'll be busy today but if you wanted to swing by at some point, you can pick it up then.

Ava made you something as well.

[Filtered to Bo H]

You were right. Ava's all better, like she was never even sick.

She made you something as a thank you. And we both made you cookies.

[Filtered to Friends who are NOT John*]

I've made a decision.

I'm getting my husband back.

[* if you think you are, you probably are!]

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Hey, y'all, Kansas looks pretty damn spectacular from the air.

Text to Damon

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>> So, I'm going to meet up with Katherine for this "How I Befriended Your Previous Self" story.
>> If I'm not back in a couple of hours, send out search parties with stakes.
>> Love you

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Okay, my Internet-fu tells me I'm in Lawrence, Kansas, magically transported by some biblical seal and I'm in a town where I'm a fictional character.

Well, it certainly explains the Mary Sue

Not cool, universe, not cool. Not only do I have things to do, but my week was kind of shitty enough as it was.

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cut, not filtered )

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Now, I have to say: waking up in a strange place, in a different time with no clue what was going on once was one time too many. This is ridiculous, now, and I'm really hoping I'm not now half way through a hat trick.


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I would prefer not to be in Lawrence this evening.

Would you care to accompany me?

No Evil, No Cap, No Khan

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We finally have the genetically altered superhero AND the genetically altered supervillain and it is pointless because the supervillain isn't killing people!!

I am so disappointed right now.
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