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September 9th, 2014

September 9th, 2014

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I don't know what I expected if she came back.

If she knew more. If she lived it all of course she wouldn't understand.

Between that and Rogers showing up...

Friends, seriously?
It just racking up the weaknesses
No wonder its

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i have a whole lot of biscuits and things with your name on it

think you can come get them before Enjolras gets back?

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Do you wanna go to Jesse's?

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Went and forgot my own birthday was the other day. Didn't even realize what day it was until I was reminded. Thank you Mary and to others who turned up at dinner. You really didn't need to go out of your way? Hope it wasn't too much trouble.

Bloody hand is acting up again. Not going into work, can't exactly perform with it like this till it loosens up, so it appears I've got a bit of a free time until then. Bit odd.

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How are you feeling today hm?

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I know its dumb. But its a thing we...well Cap is here. And there was a theory once, some of us.

Who would win in a fight.

And okay so fighting would be bad.

BUT would you arm wrestle Captian America to put our minds at rest?

No Evil douchebags

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Hot blonde, you could have just asked for a job rather than breaking into my lab to leave me your resume.

Not that I'm not impressed. It just changes my plans for the evening.

[Attention Employees]

You all need to exit the building at 5pm sharp, or you will get locked in for a large portion of the night while Jarvis revamps the security system.

Don't go calling me if you get stuck. I've given you plenty of warning.

No evil, that's still a thing I think

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Is there still a big witchy group around? Because I remember there were a lot of us the last time I was here.

Hi. I'm Willow. I like magic and people who do magic.

Also other people. I'm not prejudiced against people who don't do magic. I just want to talk with people who do. And others who don't. I want to talk to everybody?.

Technology has also improved since the last time I was here and its still light years away from what I was using back home. Taking apart this laptop and getting to the nitty gritty will be occupying my time tonight. I miss T

Mikaelson family

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Who wants to take Henrik to the doctor?

He's got an appointment on Friday at 1pm and I've got class so which of you might be available to bring him to his check up and the start of his vaccination schedule.

Which first shots ever so you know, good luck with that. Paperwork is already all filled out since they offered an online option so its just the vaccines and weighing and stuff. Look up well care appointments if you really want to know what they're like. He should get a lollipop after so don't think of spoiling his appetite with ice cream.
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