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January 15th, 2015

No Evil

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And here I was thinking that my skills weren't in demand like back home.

January 14th, 2015

No Known Threats or People who are attacking other people

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So, with all these seemingly random attacks. I'm thinking of patrolling around the city. Obviously, it's a big city. So, anyone wanna help? Might help us catch the guy next time.

January 3rd, 2015


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So Tony number five thousand. How are you taking it?

December 24th, 2014

Filtered to Peter Parker and Felicia Hardy

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I keep meaning to ask. Do you two have plans tomorrow?

We were wondering if you'd Luke to come over for dinner.

December 9th, 2014

No Bad Guys!

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So my birthday is on the twelfth and-shocker, I know!-I just kind of want to keep it low key this year. All of my friends and a dinner somewhere nice but not too fancy. Like Olive Garden or Red Lobster. That border between classy and holy-shit-expensive.

So Friday night at about 7? If you want to come. I think we'll go with Olive Garden and for one night the diet goes out the window and never ending breadsticks it is. Mostly I just want to spend time with everyone.

23. Feels like just yesterday we were getting smashed for my 21st. Wow how things change.

November 21st, 2014

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[Filtered to Elijah and Katherine, Elena, Bonnie, Marcel, Josh, Davina, Hayley, Jesse and family, Kol, Grantaire, Lagertha, Rose Tyler, Lydia B., Peter P., Crowley, Anna, Lexi and Lee, Ariel, Cami, Alaric, Tahiri and Jacen, Vampire Academy people, Ginny, Erik (Phantom) and Ward*]

So Thanksgiving. I meant to send out invites last week but school is crazy so that didn't happen. But we're having dinner at 6pm next Thursday if you would like to join us.

The only rules are no drama and come with your appetite.

If you're going to bring someone just let me know so I can make them an appropriate place card. There will be enough food to feed an army.

[*ooc: I'm sure I missed someone if I did just let me know and I'll add them to the filter]

Filtered to Felicia Hardy and Peter Parker

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Do you two have plans for Thanksgiving?

Would you like to spend it with us?

November 19th, 2014

No evil/known threats/etc...

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How many consecutive hours are too many to study for one exam? Because we're gonna be on a massive downhill slide after Thanksgiving break and half my classes are doing Finals a week early because we wrapped early somehow and I think I might actually study to the point of forgetting everything.

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[Stark Industry Employees]
I think it goes without saying, that Tony Stark is both among the best and brightest people I know, and someone I admire a great deal. I think it also goes without saying that I don't always agree with him, sometimes I don't understand the direction he's going or the decisions that he makes, but I trust him.

Which means that I trust his reasons for involving each and every one of you in his company, and I want to be as invested in your best interests, your ideas and your goals as he would be, were he still here.

With that said, I know a few of you have questions beyond what's been happening between myself, Natasha & Clint Barton regarding the fate of the company, and I'd like to take the opportunity now to do what I can to clear those up and to ask you a few of my own.

Recently, Natasha entered into conversations with the Tony Stark from another universe, with an interest in bringing him on as a partner in the business. Clearly, there is a lot that he could offer the company in terms of talent and experience as well as advanced technology that this world -- and my world -- have yet to see. His main company direction, as he explained to me, would be a focus on clean energy, on advancing current technology and on -- potential -- private space exploration. He also wants to move away from weapons manufacturing completely, which is something I'm in complete support of.

What I'm not in complete support of is the idea of handing over the company to him, or giving him a majority of the voting shares (he asked for 51%). If we decide to take him on as a partner with this company, I'm going to counter that request with an offer of 26%, which I'm willing to personally present to him and explain. This would leave Natasha, Clint and I in charge -- but give him a substantial say in what's going to happen moving forward, and that's something that will effect all of you. It'll be a big change, and it'll be a big risk, and I think it's also important to consider the fact that if we don't take him on in some capacity, he'll start up a rival company, and I'd certainly rather have him with us, as opposed to against us, but I don't, and refuse to let him have so much control, that he could stand in the way of our Tony Stark stepping in and taking back the reigns (or the majority of the reigns) of his company were he to come back.

-- But --

I want you all to understand that by no means is this the only option. I do believe in you, I do believe that we're perfectly capable of making something work here, without him.

I know that, as a tech company without Tony's experience, we'd be facing an uphill battle, but we do have talent, we do have intelligence and we do have dynamic, devoted individuals here who want to succeed and who want this company to succeed. And I will, as much as I can, do my best to make sure that happens.

Ultimately, Tony left the decision as far as what happens to this company up to the three of us, and I know you all respect that, and I have a pretty good idea where my co-partners are on this issue -- but I don't want to make this decision without your opinion or your insight. I don't want to make any decision that doesn't work for all of you, and I certainly don't want anyone to feel like the door between the boardroom and everyone else is, or will ever be, closed.

No Threats and That Includes Badly Madeup Witches

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You know, as if things didn't suck enough right now.

I really hate the Seal.

[Tom and Jesse]

It took Jane. As of right now, you guys are out of a job. Unless you think one of you could step up and run the place? Or we could try and find someone else who can. They'd have to know baking and business though.

Just a heads up. And if you know anyone who could help, let me know. I think she'd have liked to have kept it going.

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So wallowing is for losers.

Whats the plan for Thanksgiving?

[MCU Avengers]

Keep me in the loop guys. Yeah he left it to the three of you but I'm not about to let you infight your way to screwing it up. Too many people are relying on you


You actual hero.

I owe you

November 18th, 2014

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I sometimes wonder if being here is better than being there. And I figure in the end its got to be. That said, Christian ever comes here, he's dead. No questions, no second chances I..


How's the warehouse without Stark? Which of course lets face it, is a lead in to conversation where you tell me to keep away from Skye or something equally as ridiculous


Come see me later?

Its just that tonights not exactly a night I want to sit around alone. I'm gonna wind up switching the damn thing on and I can't promise I...

I don't know what I...Please Skye

November 13th, 2014

No evil or Sanderson sisters

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She basically told us where they're going to be tomorrow. Shouldn't we be planning something right now?

November 8th, 2014

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[Filtered to Stark employees]
There will be a meeting Monday morning at 10am to discuss the current situation.

[Tony Stark (616)]
Would you happen to be available for dinner tonight?

[Clint and Steve]
To prevent everyone from speculating, I'm calling a meeting for Monday morning so we can get that out of the way. If you're available to come to the Warehouse tomorrow, Steve, the three of us can discuss things.

November 9th, 2014


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November 8th, 2014

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Stark's gone. His stuff too. Act of seal and all that.

Its a pity. He was alright.

[MCU Avengers]

He told me if it ever happened the business as it is was to go to you. I won't be shocked if you don't want to keep me on.

[Friends of Felicia Hardy]

She's not taking it amazingly. Someone should be with her that knows her

October 23rd, 2014

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Going as Megara.

No one steal my idea. Its dramatic with a very fancy greek dress thing and a wig. :D

Without a Herc though. This makes me sad But no man is worth the aggrivation, its ancient history been there done that

October 20th, 2014

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Been here a few weeks now. It's strange almost. After months of travelling around and living in tents, it's almost hard to feel safe with staying in one place. I know it's different here, I know it's better. But I guess [...] I guess none of it's the sort of thing that shakes off easy.

Anyone know what I mean?

[Draco Malfoy]
I met, I think, the strangest person I've come across here. Last night in a bar, actually. And I only talked to him because I thought it might be Aragorn.
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