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March 7th, 2015

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So, apparently the deadliest woman in the galaxy, can still be distracted by a dance-off.

I think this deserves mocking. All of the mocking in the universe.

February 26th, 2015

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I have discovered since being back that the management of the graveyard is much more organised.

Skye, is it? I'd very much like to be involved. I sadly missed your discussion of it while readjusting to the place.

Other than that I have rediscovered my love of your terran music and have been annoying Quill by playing things from the 1990's. He refuses to admit the decade happened but I have to ask, who or what are 'Steps'

For those who don't know me, my name is Gamora. And it is not y first time in this city

February 17th, 2015

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So, this wasn't a crazy ass dream. Awesome.

Hey, hey, Lawrence! Did ya miss me?

November 25th, 2014

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Hey, what's up?

I feel like all of you -- and me -- I feel like we need to have a little talk to get a few things straight. Seems like a lot of you, well, you might be familiar with a world like mine. Maybe you've watched some movies with Edward Norton or Eric Bana -- and if you have, I'm sorry. Maybe you think I should look a lot more like the affable love interest in 13 Going on 30 or maybe you just think I'm always angry.

But, dig this, all of those things are wrong.

What I am -- and what the Hulk is is dangerous. Indestructible, incredible, irrational, irradiated -- whatever you want to call it, the Hulk, if left unchecked, could rip this city apart faster than you could say "Smash". And if you're wondering if I'm writing this to tell you that there is some trick, some way to stop him, some charm like the way music works on the Three-Headed Dog in Harry Potter? You're wrong. You can't stop him. They've tried everything from shooting me into space to greasing me up with bacon and maple syrup and leaving me in a room with Wolverine. It doesn't work. It never will.

Magic doesn't work either. We've tried that.

Why I'm telling you this is -- well, it's simple. If you see the Hulk, you run. You don't be a hero, you don't try to stop him, you don't try to reason with him, or talk him down. I can sometimes do that, and God knows, I'll be trying -- these days, I even have control most of the time. But it's not a risk anyone ought to take.

Just run.

Why am I bringing all this up?

Because there's been a lot of talk about second chances aren't something anyone deserves. I certainly didn't -- or the third, forth, or fiftieth. Second chances aren't something that are earned, either: I've saved the world a hundred times over, I'll probably save it a hundred times more because that's what I do, but it doesn't make up for any of the lives I've ruined or the worlds I've destroyed. The planets that have been shattered to ashes because I failed to intervene in time. What second chances are are a gift, they're a sign of mercy, of compassion, of civilization and of hope.

They shouldn't be taken for granted, they shouldn't be revoked without reason, they -- basically -- shouldn't be fucked with. If someone fails at their second change, maybe they should be granted a third -- maybe not. But that's decided after, not before.

Because you can fuck with a lot of things, right -- but don't fuck with people's hope.

Especially not until you can stand up, look me in the eye and tell me you know what it's like not to have any.

November 23rd, 2014

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(backdated to late night 11/21, sometime after this)

( Filtered to all MCU + Warehouse EXCEPT Ward and Garrett )
Garrett's here.

(note: there will be a reasonably lengthy delay before she answers any replies while she does a little hyperventilating and getting the hell out of Ward's apartment and then some more hyperventilating)

November 21st, 2014

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Your land conquring and subjegation of culture holiday is certainly very popular. I am given to understand it mostly involves eating more food than is probably healthy and giving thanks for the things you are grateful for.

Which is nice but implies you are grateful for your conquring, which I have to admit holds no appeal for me.

October 28th, 2014

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Can someone explain why there are now two of Stark now?

If a second Quill turns up I'm out.

October 11th, 2014

No Evil Dicks.

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So, I have 20 years of Earth Culture to catch up on. And, need to introduce Gamora to a few things.

Anyone have any recommendations? Tv, Movies, Music? Or hell, places to see that might have been built since I left Earth?

[Filtered to Gamora]

Found a lead on something interesting? Want to do something bad, which could possibly become both?

September 28th, 2014

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I've decided I should be social.

Are some of you willing to facilitate this with a trip to a less than reputable drinking establishment?

For those new here. I'm Gamora. Not here long either but I've been taking some time to adapt to Terran culture and "technology"

September 22nd, 2014

Those who wish Midgard harm are banished from this post

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I am at a loss of what I can do in this realm. Were I home in Asgard I would have my lessons in books and in combat but the tomes and tutors from home are not here.

September 11th, 2014

Filtered against evil bitches!

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WHAT UP, NEWBIES? Welcome to Seals 'R Us - the très mystérieux land of monsters, mayhem, and inevitable confusion! I'm Kenzi and my contributions toward your unfortunate post-apocalyptic vacay are as follows:

1. Ruh-roh! You're in an alternate universe! Demons are real! The Seal is an unpredictable mystical douche that could randomly dump you on the moon or turn you into a monkey or send in your worst enemy AT ANY POSSIBLE MOMENT! Well, shit. What's a displaced person to do? Simple: get your party on. Ditch your displaced woes for a night and breathe! You don't know anyone here? No prob! I'll take you out, I'll get to introducing, and soon enough you'll find that you actually aren't as alone in this mess as you think you are.

2. Not much of a drinker? No big! There's one form of therapy that I find even more appealing than washing away your woes behind a bottle - SHOPPING. You're new. You have nothing to wear. It is time, my friends, to treat yo selves. And who better to do it with than your friendly, neighborhood me? Lawrence is limited when it comes to fashion, but I know the wheres and I am all too willing to help you all rustle up a wardrobe worthy of your fab selves.

3. So you don't like shopping. That is incredibly tragic and we're probably going to need to have a serious conversation, but okay, okay. I'll deal. There are still sights to see and places to go and you're probably gonna want to get the lay of the land. If you need a tour guide? Look no further. I've got you covered, ladies and gents.

In other news, I'm off the meds and up and at 'em (hence the post!), but these bandages are super itchy. I've said it before and I'll say it again: PETER PAN AND HIS LOST BOYS ARE LITTLE BITCHES WHO DESERVE TO BE STRANDED ON THAT STUPID ISLAND.

Oh, and Felicia. Dude, I'm glad you're back, but the coffee delivery was really not a thing that needed to happen. You know how I feel about shit coffee that is actual shit.

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I would very much like to join those who hunt. In that vein I will need to know what classes you expect me to pass and how to go about this.

Also does this, perception thing I have been given by the Doctor. Will it hold if I get the tatoo of the symbol to repel demons? I do not wish to alarm the tatoo artist. It could be painful if he is suddenly suprised.

Also. I have discovered Terran alcohol is disappointing.

September 10th, 2014

Casa de Beacon Hills

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Okay, so two things, kids...

1. Has anybody seen Chris lately? Is he off doing mysterious...Argent-type things?
2. There is literally a post about murder, grudges, etc .....what the hell?
3. I never thought I'd miss Beacon Hills and alpha pack danger mixed with a nogitsune

[Adults of Lawrence]

I need a beer desperately right about now. My brain is breaking

Suggestions on a bar and/or a good liquor store?

September 8th, 2014

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And here we go again. SO.

Welcome to the Post-Apocalypse...Apocalypse

Right. So you were pulled here by a magical Biblical Seal. Why the Seal pulled us is anyone's guess, some think its to help keep the world from falling apart, some think its because it's a big old jerk.

But we fought a war against Lucifer and some idiot Angels and somehow we won--go us--except now some even bigger idiot angels kind of want the war to continue so we're all still here. Trying not to let that happen.

Where the hell am I?
You're in Lawrence, Kansas and the year is currently 2014.

Why did I appear in a creepy graveyard?
Because the Seal is a giant troll.

Where am I supposed to stay?
We've got a few permanent residents you can try:
Greave's Aparments: ask for Kirk or Harry [ADDRESS]
The Inn: ask for Eponine [ADDRESS]
Sanctuary: ask for Florence [ADDRESS]
Kent Farm: must tolerate cows--but feel free to tip them over, I do--ask for Lois (me) or Clark [ADDRESS]

If you're like hell no, we can set you up in a hotel or give you some money to get yourself set up in a hotel. Also we've got gift boxes. They have like phones and a laptop and some VISA and MASTERCARD giftcards in them because we're nice like that.

I need to get home. People need me
We get it. We do. But you can't. Or at least not until the Seal sends you home.

But on the kind of plus side, no one will notice that you're gone because when you do return its to the exact point in time that you left.

Anti-possession amulets?
Remember, Apocalypse? Yeah, you can get possessed by demons so you'll want the amulet.
If you want the permanent tattoo talk to a Winchester. Or Bobby Singer.

So what do you do here?
That's up to you. There are monsters to fight if you want to do that. Or live a normal life if you want to do that. (and when I say monsters I mean the ones from this world. We've got werewolves and vampires and aliens and others that we do not lump into the monster group that the Seal brought here.) And I'm sure Rose will let you all know about her Arrival's Class that she offers to fill you in on all the details.

Oh right. Fictional.
You just might be. It's kind of a shock to find out you are. Hopefully you won't find out that 9/10 you're destined to fall in love with your best friend in the first five minutes of you being here. But sometimes people here are fictional in this world. Why we don't know. Chances are if you've heard of SHIELD or Sunnydale or Metropolis you're fictional. Congrats.

Need more info
Rose has a class at the Youth Center about everything ever. If we have a huge influx of newbies she'll usually hold the class at 8pm on Tuesday. There will be cake.


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Hello Terrans.

It seems my friend and I have been sent here by mistake. I don't seem to fit here. Already a small child widened her eyes upon seeing me this morning. I do not think your people are generally green.

Anyway. My name is Gamora and if any of you know why we were brought here I would be grateful for the help.

Incidently I wish to meet the great hero of your people Kevin Bacon. Perhaps he can help us leave here? Do you imagine he would listen to our proposals
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