[Dream Event | Closed] So now I'm branded for taking the fall
27 May 2011 at 02:21 pm
[The downpour earlier had only served as gentle music as she pored through books in the library. Pictures and words drew her into worlds she doesn't know of, making it easy to lose track of time. But was it already evening? She should perhaps be heading home and make dinner but her eyes felt tired. Maybe closing them for a few minutes would be alright, no harm in that...]

----- I - Home -----
And all that I have is all that I want.... and all that I have is yours. )

----- II - Battlefield -----
Painted skies -- I've seen so many that cannot compare, to your ocean eyes. )

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16 May 2011 at 06:54 pm
[So, bright and early, Tobias is in the Defense Force headquarters, perched on a desk.]

[Yep. Perched. He's in bird form right now, watching the door. He's really pissed off at Acumen right now, so he'll just be in bird form for a while to sulk.]

[Never mind that birds can't really pull off facial expressions that well.]
[Video | Action | Open | Backdated to early evening]
15 May 2011 at 10:59 am
[It's evening, the bright sparkling fake skies high up in the air outside, while inside everypony is carefully tucking themselves in for a nice, safe, and comfortable rest. Of course... it's the same for all of the animals, too! In fact, the interior walls and familiar setting of the pet shop is evident as the feed seems to accidentally switch on, a bunny hopping over the screen.

Standing amidst a myriad of different animals, all seeming to settle down is Fluttershy as she scoops up the little bunny into her hooves. Her voice is soft and doting, as though talking to a child.]

There there, Cotton Tail. It's soooo late and well past your bed time. Baby bunnies need their rest too, you know, so that we can all get up bright and sunshiney early in the morning. Mr. Sun will be so sad if he doesn't see you. [Prompting] Why don't you close your eyes for Fluttershy?

[The baby bunny sniffs the air before shifting it's head away.]

Oh, but you'll be so tired in the morning if you don't! You need your rest. [Once more the little white rabbit shifts it's head the opposite way as though ignoring her.] What's wrong, are you not tired...? [No response] Is your bed not comfortable enough? [No response] Are you hungry...? [This time the bunny begins to excitedly sniff the air, wiggling within her grasp.]

Alright, I'll get you a carrot as a bed time snack, but then you have to promise to go to sleep. [Lifting into the air on soft, yellow wings she flies out of screen for a moment, before landing carefully once more a moment later, the bunny nibbling on a carrot. Cradling him she hums softly.] There now. Just nibble on that and close your eyes. I'll sing you a lullaby. [Rocking him back and forth she sings softly in a gentle voice.]

Hush now, Quiet now ♩
It's time to lay your sleepy head
Hush now, Quiet now
It's time to go to bed ♫

The 114th Day
09 May 2011 at 09:53 pm
Good morning, inmates. It is the 114th day of the third generation. Today will be warm and clear.

The ice skating rink in Sector 6 has been fitted with some modifications. As of today, the rink can be used for both ice skates and wheel-based skates. The modifications can be activated by a switch in the rink, and is accompanied by instructions. Please only use the appropriate equipment on each.
[ voice/video || open ]
05 May 2011 at 10:36 pm
[ It’s getting to be later in the evening, and for once, he’s considering sleep. There are no nicotine patches to keep him occupied, and the world right now is dull, dull, dull. He needs something stimulating, and the communicator is right there... Normally, he’s not given to speaking to people unless they have information. This is no exception. ]

[ Those listening to the open feed will hear the dark voice pouring through their headset, smokey and slow with the weight of his dilemma. ]

Good evening, Marina Asylum.

Before you ask, yes, I am one of those new inmates assimilated into the fold by your monotonous overlord. However, I’m not interested in preaching my woes of incarceration. I am comfortable with the charges that have been weighed against me and regret nothing.

My name is Sherlock Holmes.

I’ve spent the day exploring your facilities. Anthrax Island, indeed. However, what I’ve seen of you brings questions to mind, those of which I would like to bring to your attention.

Marina's Criminal Survey )

04 May 2011 at 10:25 pm
[His voice is soft, inquisitive, and free of any expression of pain. That wound this morning may as well have never happened.]

What is in a name? Sounds. Letters. Identity. Reputation. Expectations. Limits.

Would you rather defend your name or your life? [a pause] Provided you had the skills in which to do so.

[He wonders if Sasuke is awake now, listening.]

{OOC: He is hiding away cauterizing licking his wounds in private so Kitty certain people won't find him.}
25 April 2011 at 07:55 pm
[Beautiful rain. The cold wet has always been so soothing to the pair of them, and they've currently settled themselves in the park to better enjoy it, crouched on the ground like some massive, breathing gargoyle. The only thing that moves is their tongue, and it slithers about almost mindlessly, touching their cheeks and occasionally catching some of the moisture, though they never seem to drink it.]

What a lovely morning... So nice and dark. Why can't it just rain forever, mm? That's what umbrellas are for...

[Murmuring to themselves, each statement occasionally punctured with a deep rasp of a chuckle. If anyone's up at this early hour and brave enough to muck about in the wet, feel free to say hello!]
[ voice / EVENT ]
18 April 2011 at 06:05 pm
--I can't believe they're celebrating Holi. [He's kind of thrilled about it, and laughs.]

Holi is a festival of colors. I'm not sure if there's religious significance to it or not, other than that it's for spring, but in India people would throw colorful liquid or powder on passersby. And if you say to them, "Pardon me, but it's Holi," they're supposed to forgive you.

It's a lot of fun, if you can relax enough for it. If not... [sly] maybe you should stay indoors today?

((ooc: Respond to his voice post here! Otherwise this is an EVENT POST. Comment here if you want your character to get powdered, or if you want to lurk and throw brightly-colored water at other people, and other people will respond to your comment to oblige! Calling all pranksters, goofballs, and trolls!))
[action | open ]
13 April 2011 at 02:32 pm
[Well, it's been a pretty awful week for Yosuke. Like, really awful, so he decides it's time to let off steam and try to get his mind off things for a while. So where does that take him? The arcade, of course!]

[He'll be there all afternoon, playing different games, failing hard at most of them, and likely tripping over his feet and yelling needlessly in frustration. Anyone is free to bother him, make fun of him, or challenge him to a game of whatever!]
12 April 2011 at 03:32 pm
[Ammy is lying at the foot of the Guardian Sapling, so for a moment, the video shows a view of the flowers from below before a paw comes into view, and then the communicator is shoved right so she can see~]

Technology is so fidly. A question though...it came to mind a little while ago. How many of you come from worlds of magic? Or is yours one of technology? Or both, or neither? I'm curious~
07 April 2011 at 01:51 pm
[Zinda's sitting at a table in the shelter in uniform, her boots up on the table, looking particularly displeased.]

So, what's the deal with how many kids are here? I don't mind 'em of course, some of them seem pretty dang bright and all, but i can't help but feelin' like it's wrong. Like the robot runnin' this place don't have his head screwed on right.

If he has a head, I mean. Dang technology. [She rolls her eyes, and the feed cuts off. But you can find her there for a good part of the afternoon, doing nothing in particular.]
05 April 2011 at 10:28 am
Excuse me-- [She smiles into the camera, a bright and innocent smile.]

I know it's a little rude to ask, and you don't have to answer me if you wouldn't like, but could you tell me about the person you love?
28 March 2011 at 10:07 pm
[Someone's up early this morning. He wants to run, but human legs aren't really what he feels like running with - he'd get tired out too easily.]

[Tobias runs through his mental list of options, and picks one, making sure no one's going to approach him mid-morph. Once he's sure the coast is clear, he lands, and morphs, sticking his head through his communicator so that it goes around his neck. He'll have to be careful about the time, but a quick run won't hurt.]

[So there is now a German Shepherd dashing around the park with a communicator around his neck, running as fast as his legs can take him. He stops every so often to pant, but then goes back to running.]
[action/voice] [open]
22 March 2011 at 09:59 am
What kind of treats go with a tea purrty? Inquiring kitties need to know!

[If you go to the convenience store today, you will notice certain items are missing. Namely:

-ALL of the tea
-ALL of the towels
-ALL of the sugar cubes
-NONE of the buckets

Nepeta is now totally purrpared for Equius! Just as soon as she gets this all home. It's hard to carry everything, even in bags, because of the cast on her right arm, but she is a kitty on a mission, so she will manage! Feel free to intercept her Virtuous Mission.]
[Action | Open]
15 March 2011 at 12:12 am
[It's early, but he's finally free. After an early morning flight to stretch his wings, he considers his options for the day. He flies into the clothing store, and grabs a shirt, some underwear, and a pair of pants. He drags them to a dressing room, and morphs into his human form, dressing quickly.]

[After a little bit of searching he finds a watch set to Marina time and some shoes, and he heads out, picking up his communicator from where he left it.]

[He heads towards sector 1 and the Defense Force headquarters, stumbling a little and blinking furiously, trying to get used to human eyesight and hearing and balance again.]

[Tobias opens the door to the Defense Force headquarters, peering inside a little cautiously.]

[[ooc; Tobias looks like this right now. Feel free to encounter him either in the Defense Force HQ or on the way there! :3]]
[ Video | Action ]
12 March 2011 at 01:13 am
Good evening, Marina! The sun is about to set and, as promised, tonight's special class is about to begin. [ The lights in the dome flicker on across the streets, in preparation for the impending onset of night. Neil isn't anywhere near the park, as is obvious from his vantage point. The projector cannot be seen in the frame, but there is the sound of something mechanical whirring and winding up not far from him. ] There's no formal lesson tonight, but I hope everyone gathered in the park -- or anywhere you can get a good view of the dome itself -- will still take something away from it.

[ The daylight fades out, and a bright source of light nearby illuminates his face. He's smiling wide as the projection of the desert sun over Africa is displayed on the inside of the glass just above the athletic complex fields in Sector 6. ] We have shown the stars in past lessons from an outside perspective, and it's easy to forget that we can take in the same kind of beauty from the ground with just the naked eye.

[ His own right eye, the fake one, reflects the light as the sky slowly shifts to images of sunsets. Is that a celestial body in the sky? Perhaps it was Venus.

He gives a quick glance over his shoulder. Time to wrap this up. ]
I'll let you all enjoy the show, now. Have a good night, everyone! [ And he did mean everyone. With a two-finger salute, and a rather big grin, he ends the feed.

The projection continues on, showing still images throughout the next few hours including, but not limited to:

A solar eclipse seen from Japan.

The moon over the ocean.

And, for the finale, some choice shots of the Aurora Borealis. ]

(OOC: Event-style posting! Come in pairs, alone, tag each other as you like at any point before, during or after the presentation. Plenty of room on the bleachers on the field, and hopefully the mood~ will be suitable for the holiday. Enjoy the show -- romance is optional, but encouraged; feel free to use this as an excuse to get those cross-chocolate dates out of the way~

Neil will not be answering his communicator tonight. ♥)
[Action | Open]
08 March 2011 at 06:50 am
[She's listening to the network, wondering if any familiar names will pop up, but mostly her attention is elsewhere - she's just been to Sector 0 to pick up her request, and now she's sitting at the beach, staring down at the pictures she asked for.

Her mother, and the other pilots... will she ever see them again? Is her mother okay? Did any of the other pilots survive somehow, like she and Ushiro did?

Sighing softly, she pulls her knees up to her chest and continues to examine the pictures. It's hard to look at them, but she's glad their faces won't fade with time now. She'll always have them with her.]
07 March 2011 at 08:54 pm
[The communicator shows grass, the early morning park, and the corner of a basket, but no people. Still, there's a voice coming through the communicator.]

Hey! Can anyone hear me? Hello?

Is this even working… probably not, but what the hell.

[There's a bird's screech, and the corner of the basket moves a little.]

How the hell am I supposed to hunt with this thing on?