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greatestjournal's gone screwed up again. For those of you who still has journals there DO NOT try to upload icons for you will lose all but ten of them. Plus they once again locked out new journals.


That sucks. I wish I could say that I was surprised but I'm not. I don't think people anticipated the numbers of people who would be either leaving LJ or cc'ing their journals in the anticipation of eventually leaving in such numbers... and the servers just can't handle it.

I'd love to see the stats for each of the sites, especially over time.
That site's not been the same since system screwed up the coding there. I use to think that site was awesome. Who would of thought that back in 2005-6 when gj was at it's peek that it would be such an epic fail.
Yeah, no kidding. I've had a few journals over there and it was a VERY popular alt to LJ.
What's funny now is that LJ is actually gj's superior. LOL Irony....and kinda sad.
Yes that IS both ironic and sad.

I'd migrate to IJ completely were it not for the majority of friends and very active fandom communities over on LJ. I'm just a fandom junkie. ^_^
and I still have some people up in gj. Though now the major part of my journaling is here.
Yeah GJ is like a ghosttown at this point. I think most of the people gave up and went to IJ or stuck with LJ.
Also some others went to commiejournal. I checked out cj. You got more features here.
Ooh. I may have to check that place out... sadly I know of no one over there...
I know no one there as well. All my people are either here or gj.
And CJ is chock full of wank it seems, and the owner doesn't even understand the code the site uses!
Wow. I guess ij is the standard for journaling sites.
Excuse me, but please get your facts straight before making assumptions. The owner of CJ doesn't pretend to know everything about the code there, nor is she ignorant to the mistakes she may make.
:-( Someone commented somewhere that he got into a fight with a user. And then didn't want to link it and give the site a bigger black eye. I wish they had.
I think this really says it all.

And who are you to make snap judgments?

I understand the code, thank-you-so-much.

Tell me, are you a programmer? Are YOU well-versed with the coding mess that comprises the LJ code? I wager the answers are no and no.

Until you are, leave it up to us programmers, will ya?
LOL. CJ can't really handle the traffic, and if you've been watching syn_promo - Aristo made an RSS feed of their news comm? Yeah, that was to keep track of the wank. The owner of the site doesn't know how to work the code and is incredibly condescending and bitchy.
They lost a lot of my icons a while ago. I quit using that place after our drama community got suspended.
What was the comm called and why did they suspend you?
"ljusersecrets". Some angry, fat, drug-addicted, pizza-faced, cat-hoarding, racist pathological liar was angry that she got outted and reported it multiple times.
Wow, did not even notice my commie journal was deleted.

Seems deciding on IJ was the right decision. I got the feeling I will be very happy here with my permanent account.

Although I doubt I ever get around to uploading 300 userpics. That amount is just insane *gg*
Maybe you'll have 300 different moods. lol who knows. :)
I never even used up my 117 pics at LJ, but who knows. I want to make more icons in the future anyway.

I am sure I can come up with something and if not, no harm done *gg*
Too late. :(

I only just found out when I wanted to upload a new icon. How did GJ go from awesome to crap within a couple of weeks?

*wanders to IJ*
Well from what I heard, four years ago system @ gj ruined the code. It pretty much went downhill from there and we see the results.