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Oct. 9th, 2013


One more for the road

Characters: Drea and Sam
Setting: The bar, considerably later

It's not drunk driving unless it's an electric wheelchair. )

Oct. 5th, 2013


A Quick Meeting

Characters: Jason and Reggie
Setting: The bar, around noon

To Tide Us Over Until Later  )

Oct. 1st, 2013


The Stalker on the Move

Characters: Jonas and OPEN
Setting: The bar

He'd watched her in the camera feed, the blonde, headed towards the basement when it was open. Jonas saw the opportunity and when he saw her appear on the cameras in the bar he left his room and headed there. Not wanting to drink while he was working, he ordered a club soda and found a corner where he could watch her, eyes on her as she spoke to another man. Yes. She was perfect.


The Doctor is In

Characters: Wes and OPEN TO ALL
Setting: Clinic, afternoon and evening

Wes could hardly contain himself as he slid the code on his wrist bracelet over the reader on the clinic door. Other people may have been heading straight for the bar, or the laundry room. He had only one destination in mind.

He wasn't disappointed. He made short work of his investigations of the clinic, getting his bearings. It was a damn shame this place wasn't open all the time. Still, he had to work with what he had. So, he started by putting together two bags of emergency supplies, one for each block. That would keep him busy until he got some patients. Or even someone who wanted to call in for a chat.

Sep. 28th, 2013


Partly Cloudy

Who: Angel and Rosa
When: Afternoon
Where: laundry room bar

on the best of days )

Sep. 27th, 2013


Just one won't hurt, right?

Characters: Drea and Cassandra
Setting: The bar, tempting fate
Warnings: Harsh language, sex talk, death talk

This would be quite a test of how far she'd come, Drea thought as she entered the bar. How would she know if she'd beaten her addiction if she didn't test herself? One would be fine. She was a big girl. And besides, with everything she'd been through in the past couple of years, didn't she deserve a little relaxation? It wasn't like she was going to be driving anything besides her chair anyways.

So much justification was going through her mind as she looked around, unsure how to proceed. Did someone act as a bartender, or did she just go behind the counter and grab something? If that was the procedure, that was going to be a problem. The entryway behind the bar was just a little too narrow for her to get through. Maybe this was a sign. Maybe she didn't need a drink after all. Maybe someone would come along to give her a hand. There were already a few people here, including the girl she'd been talking to over the computers lately. But she seemed in a conversation already, so maybe she'd bug her later.

Sep. 25th, 2013




July 27th - 3 pm

Adrian is put into the block B elevator (blindfold and shackles are removed once he is in the elevator and he is not given any opportunity of talking with any guards etc). He is given a bag containing his clothes and an ID tag on a bracelet stamped with a QR code, and a paper tag that has the correct room number. He is left to find his own way to his room.


New residents receive this welcome message on their computer. The message blinks until it is read.

OOC note: Update your friends list

Sep. 24th, 2013


drinky, drinky

Characters: Sam and Adrian
Setting: The Bar, thank god

Sam hadn't been sitting around with baited breath, waiting for those doors to open and allow the masses into the basement area. Frankly, she wasn't entirely sure if would happen, even if everyone played nice. Also, she wasn't too keen on the possibilitiy of being locked underground with a bunch of stir-crazy inmates, if that was the intention behind all of this. Still, boredom, curiousity, and a thirst for alcohol drew her down to the place to be, about an hour after access was granted.

Blues scanned the area and the people within, before she headed to the bar area to find out how to get herself a drink. For now, she would watch, and if approached, she could play this just like a local bar at happy hour. A pretty, flirty girl with a drink in her hand rarely had trouble, especially if she knew how to handle herself.

Sep. 21st, 2013


Field Trip to the Laundry Room!

Characters: Alice and OPEN

Setting: Laundry Room, around noon

When Alice read the notice that the basement was accessible, she was excited for all of five seconds before she realized there was one minor flaw in her plan to wash her clothes. She only had the one set of clothes, plus the t-shirt Rusty was letting her borrow, and she wasn't willing to go naked until her clothes finished. That realization put a bit of a damper on things, and she had almost decided that she simply wasn't going to head into the basement at all. Still, the idea of not having to wash her clothes in her sink again called to her and eventually she decided that, if nothing else, she would at least wash her two shirts.

Stripping out of the t-shirt she was wearing, she pulled her hoodie on so she wouldn't be indecent and, picking up the two t-shirts, ventured out to the elevator. She hurried passed the bar before finding her way to the laundry room. She heaved a sigh of relief at finding it empty, although it was obvious by the way one of the dryers was going that someone had already been there. Dropping her shirts into a washer, she added the detergent and turned the machine on. With nothing to do but wait, she hopped up onto the washer she was using. Sure, there were chairs, but she had a better view of the door this way. Lazily knocking the heels of her tennis shoes against the washer, she tucked one hand into the pocket of her hoodie, fingers curling around the knife she had stashed there. She knew she was being paranoid, but considering the laundry room was right next to a bar, and there were probably other inmates in there right now getting drunk, she didn't really care.


Change of Direction

Characters: Adam and Kyle
Setting: Basement - bar, then laundry room; once the basement level opens

With nothing to do but wait, Adam made a real effort in getting ready. Call it his version of primping but he showered, shaved, and spent way too long in a pair of boxers trying to piece together the clothes he had, to figure out something that wouldn't be wrong. He wound up in a pale blue button down that fit far better than the one he'd brought with him over to the block and wasn't even sure if it worked on him since he was used to wearing plaid, but really it was the nicest thing he had so he added his jeans to it and went with it, hoping for the best.

As soon as he could get downstairs, Adam was there and headed straight towards the bar. It was weird, thinking that just a few days before he'd actually worked down here which he figured gave him permission to just wander behind it and fiddle with drink options. He also wound up serving a few other people who had already come down, watching the door for Kyle.

Kyle had hit the elevator the moment that it was clear - and given that his room was right by the thing, he was the first of his block down to the basement. Sure, he was in a hurry to go meet Adam, but he also had a stop to make first. Or maybe it was just that this was the first time that he would be in the presence of the other man since they decided to make a go of it. Possibly he was nervous. Either way, he stopped at the laundry room first and put a load of washing on before taking a breath, trying to check out his reflection in the surface of the machine, and then heading for the bar.

Nerves or not, he couldn’t stop the wide grin that broke on his face as he walked into the room and saw Adam there, behind the bar. And there was a definite bounce in the artist’s step as he walked over. “So, how am I meant to buy you a drink if you’re serving?” he asked, teasingly, leaning on the bartop and resting his chin on his knuckles.

As the customer said to the barman... )




July 27th - 10am / 11am

The doors in both A and B block open at 10 and 11 am respectively. Messages are sent out to everyone when their block opens.


Congratulations, you have completed your task as a community. The basement has been unlocked, please enjoy your time down there, until midnight!

Sep. 19th, 2013


It's Kind of Like Ding Dong Ditch

Characters: Alice

Setting: Garden, then outside Room 34

But With Plants! )

Sep. 18th, 2013


Playing the Game

Who: Hayden
Where: Block B

When Hayden saw the message blinking on his computer, he sighed, expecting it to be another message from Cassandra. He didn't really know what to say to her, her apologies throwing him off balance, and it would just be easier if she disappeared. When he saw the message wasn't from her, he relaxed, taking a seat to read it over once, then again. Seriously? Shrugging to himself, he headed out the door, almost tripping over a bucket of popcorn before going to find his own item to deliver.

Not having any items of his own, Hayden ended up in the kitchen. There were so many things to choose from that he almost found it difficult, but eventually he chose an egg beater. Returning to the courtyard, he dropped the item off at room 33, then returned to his own. Now he had a clue to leave, and then hopefully he could get access to the basement, and maybe even his stuff. It would be nice to have a change of clothes.


The hunt

Who: Pippa
Where: Block B

Pippa now had her mint plant and was happy to go out of her room to find an item for someone else. It was all part of the game, and right now the game was to get everyone together. Once they were there, she'd be able to see their hope again, the happy reunions, and monitor them to see which pairs meant the most to each other. It would be fun, like watching animals at the zoo.

She found a fork from the kitchen and wandered along the halls until she found an empty doorway outside of room 40. Dropping the fork, Pippa flitted off back to her room with a grin on her face.


Following Directions

Character: Anne Marie
Setting: Block B

Anne woke up later than usual to see a message beeping on the computer. As soon as she read it, she immediately got dressed and began to wander around Block B, trying to decide what the perfect item to leave would be. If she hadn't had to give herself away, her selection might have been different. She might have left a bomb at Pippa's door, if she knew how to built one. In the end, she settled for settled for a hammer from the workshop.

Now who to leave it for. She noticed immediately that most of the doors already had something outside of them, which meant she was just going to have to pick randomly. Not even knowing who's room it was, she placed the hammer outside room 32, then happily retreated back to her room, picking up the orange outside her own room on the way in.


Different Way of Thinking

Characters: Zach
Setting: A Block

Zach had gotten the message and while he'd left, he hadn't rushed. He'd started in the library, finding a spare sheet of paper and grabbing that, but it wasn't what he was after. Instead he went towards one of the lamps on the study tables, turning it off before unscrewing the bulb and taking that with him instead. He wandered by doors, eventually settling on one, Room 14, setting the lightbulb right outside it.

Task half complete he contemplated the piece of paper, folding it as he walked. When he was done it was hardly a piece of paper anymore, but an origami crane. That he set outside of Ru's room, just to fun. Or to see if she would know it was him. Maybe. Content with the little trick he went back to his room, content to read the posts others were making after making his own.



Characters: Cassandra
Setting: A Block, Room 11

Cassandra had read the note three times before making a decision. She wasn't going to miss out on seeing her twins again. Of course they might not come down to the bar, but she could try yes? She would.

It didn't take long to make a decision, picking up a frying pan from the kitchen and laying it outside Room 11 on the way back to her room. She would help out with this silly task to get to see them again. Then she'd talk to Ru about what to do about it.


Access Needed

Characters: Jonas
Setting: A Block, room 12

Jonas wasn't normally one for community, not caring one way or another, but access to the people on the other block meant the woman. And that he did want. He wanted to watch her up close. So he left his room after watching her set her popcorn container out for someone. He almost stepped on the book when he walked out, picking it up and holding on to it as he went looking for something for his person. He wound up in the cafeteria, finding a set of salt and pepper shakers, setting them in front of Room 12. Then he was headed back to his room and his camera feed, flipping through the book of poetry.


Presents from an apathetic Santa

Who: Mazie
Where: A Block

This was not really something she cared about right now. It wasn't something she cared about so much that she contemplated not helping. Like really, truly, gave it some deep thought. In the end, it was Adam and Rusty that kept coming to mind. Just because she was made didn't mean she had to be mean to other people, right? Rusty had called her out on it and she didn't want to be that person to him. And she didn't want to be that person to Adam either. And it would be devastating, she figured, if Adam didn't get to see Kyle. So while she was still deciding if she was even going to show up at the basement, if they got access to it, she was picking through items in the pool storeroom.

Why the hell she was in the pool storeroom, she didn't even know. It was where her feet had let her and it was a bad idea, because she had flashbacks to the time that Autumn had been hit. To the time that she'd punched that asshole to keep him away from Autumn. Groaning, she grabbed a deflated inner tube, bright pink and translucent, and started on her way back to her room.

She didn't even really care what room it stopped at, just dropped it at an open room and kept going. She didn't stop to look to see that she'd dropped it outside of room 10; just went back to her room and shut the door behind her.



Who: Rosa
Where: Block B

Rosa was not sure she wanted to do this. Half of her didn't give a shit, but another part of her was very, very interested in one specific person on the other side of this prison. She was still warring with herself when she headed toward the maintenance closet.

She rummaged around for a while and found something useable, one of those giant, flat construction-worker pencils, and brought it with her as she started toward the rooms again. Finding the room she was looking for, Rosa placed it right down in front of the door of room 38 and then started back toward her own room. Her mind was full of thoughts and the less she dwelled on the fact that she was actively participating, the better.

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