[video / action]
30 November 2011 at 02:02 pm

[Good morning, Marina. Sheik, not normally one to show much emotion, looks almost overly composed today, his face expressionless and blank - but for a hint of sadness. There's a white puppy in his lap, looking almost subdued.]

It seems that Link, the Hero of Time, has been returned to his rightful place in Hyrule.

[He pauses for a moment, stroking the puppy's soft fur almost absently.] I wish to care for the puppy in his stead. Is it permittable to switch ownership from one to another?

And finally... [And his voice takes on a definite exasperated tone, here.] I will require lodging tomorrow. I don't suppose the annual cleaning day could have occurred when it was warm enough to remain outside?


[Later, Sheik can be found making his way down to the Pet Cafe, a wriggly puppy in his arms, so he can formally re-adopt her.]

[Well, he's hardly about to kick her out as soon as she gets settled...]

[Later, perhaps some playing in the snow in the park may be called for, Sheik's expression distant and a little pensive.]
17 November 2011 at 02:11 pm
Well, now that things have settled down~

I wanted to thank those of you who helped me out during the time when I was returned to my younger form. I didn't remember any of you at the time, which was why I was confused. But thank-you for trying despite that~

[Her tail is wagging away happily. Oh, she supposes she should add, since that the newbies have just arrived...] And yes, for those of you who are new, I am a wolf~ Not everyone here looks human~! [Playful Ammy is playful and happy]
[video/action | open]
03 November 2011 at 08:33 pm
Uh... E-Excuse me--

[Good morning, Marina, it's your favorite, friendly Hero of Time. She looks a little different today. That, and her skin is sparkling like she's somehow been dipped into a vat of diamonds. Regardless, her face is bright red, and she's fidgeting uncomfortably.]

Did... Did anyone else wake up a little--strange--this morning? [She'd just run out to get some candy for Sheik and the Princess, and couldn't help but sample some... She fidgets with the camera a little, and the video reveals a small, fluffy puppy is being cradled in her arms.]

Um. If anyone could figure out how to-- [she falters here, her voice growing more flustered and she stutters the rest] --well, if anyone has any information, please let me know!

[Fumbling hastily with the communicator, she cuts the connection.]
Location: Sector 5
03 November 2011 at 07:09 pm
[Nill hadn't really given this holiday much thought before, but she quite liked it. She was suddenly very, very sparkly after snacking on some of the candy ahead of her plans, but she felt it was pretty fitting considering her costume (tights included, of course. it was getting cold). She was currently standing right outside the shelter, gently rolling back and forth on her heels, waiting for the evening's company.]

((OOC: SO UH. Nill, Alois, and Miwako (the latter two who are currently tiny babbies) decided they were going to go around trick or treating/hang out/etc so they'll have their own thread for idle holiday fun, but! If you'd like them to stop your chara along the street or have them show up at your chara's residence, feel free to tag and get ambushed♥ tricks may or may not be included >_> /eyes Alois))
[Video | Open] Backdated to morning
03 November 2011 at 01:40 pm
[Have a video of a ten-year-old girl who might look familiar to those who know Zelda. Yup, she had one of those strawberry gummies, and as a result, all her clothes are now too big for her. Which is why you only get to see her face in this video. She captures just enough so that people will recognize her, since her voice is now that of a child's.]

Are there any women who would be willing to do me a favor?

[Guys are free to respond, of course, but she won't be asking what she needs from them.]
01 November 2011 at 12:58 pm
[This? This is the tiniest confused whimper of a baby godpuppy who doesn't know where she is. Ammy the puppy goddess can be found near the entrance to the shelter, chewing worriedly on her communicator, which is transmuting her whimpers across the network. Where is she? This isn't home...]

((Ammy + candy = disaster. Age down and memory loss combo. Have at!))
[Action] Backdated to day 136, closed
01 November 2011 at 10:42 am
[Once the excitement of the new puppy has subsided a little, Sheik makes his way across the hall.]

[He's definitely going to need to talk to Zelda - especially if there's any chance of danger for any of them.]
[ voice / action ] - backdated a tiny bit to earlier morning
19 October 2011 at 09:43 am
[he's dimly aware that his bed doesn't feel as comfortable as it usually does this morning, but that in and of itself doesn't feel strange. Suzaku's bed isn't as comfortable as his. and there's someone in bed with him, but that doesn't feel strange, either -- even though he's sleeping in the nude. he wakes up with people in bed with him all the time, one way or the other.

coffee. what he needs is coffee. he's sitting up to slip out of bed when he notices the other figure in it.

and shrieks]

[voice, NOT private]
Nunnally?! Are you okay? Where are you? [sdlkfjsl must make sure Nunnally isn't in bed with some man]

Everyone report!

[p, panic]

((ooc: Voice is open to everyone; action is open for anyone in the shelter who would come running in alarm at the girlish shrieking, especially Zeldas and Ritas. Lelouch will probably by that point be wrapped up in the sheet and in the hallway, being very unsteady. If you want to action tag with Sheik instead, just put it in your subject line.))
Voice/Private - backdated to late morning | Action/Open - Evening
13 October 2011 at 09:54 pm
[Voice/Private - Filtered to Kohran]

If you have the time, I was hoping we might meet and discuss the different festivities of our cultures. I know I promised to speak to you of the Fire Flower Festival of my world, and now that it seems the season of events is over I had hoped to have the time to keep good on my promise. Do let me know when you are available, though I advise against evenings as those are when I make my rounds.


[Later in the evening, Ashura is out in the gardens over by the koi pond, sitting on the edge of the pond and watching the fish swim, enjoying their bright colors and the sheer zen of them. He had a small basket next to him that held tea and a few sweet things to go with it. He quite enjoys the crisp weather, though he is not looking forward to the turn into full winter and blistering cold (well, not blistering, but he's used to being in a muggy rain-forest type land, so, yes, winter counts as blistering cold).

And though he is enjoying the zen, is quite open to conversation. He tends to enjoy that more than zen anyways ~]
12 October 2011 at 11:22 am
[It's early in the morning yet, and a certain Hero has wandered on a whim into the pet cafe. His head is canted downward currently, fingers currently wandering through the thick, fluffy fur of a puppy who is currently taking up his lap.]

I think... I think I want to take her home. How do I adopt her? Do I have to do something special?

[Because, quite simply, the boy has fallen in love. He's always liked animals, and he already feels a little better about--well, everything. Animals were a lot less confusing than people. They also didn't make his heart race in that strange, overwhelming sort of way.]
[Action | Open]
06 October 2011 at 11:11 pm
[Michiru is in a empty music studio, having brought her violin from Minako's apartment to the school for the chance to practice. She didn't want to bother any neighbors they might have if they didn't want to hear her practice.

She is happy to actually have her violin. As soon as she had gotten it from Acumen, she had taken it the school so she could check and make sure that it was alright. Violins were fragile, but a several million yen Stradivarius... she had had to make sure there was nothing wrong with it. Luckily it was in one piece and played as good as ever.

So now today is a day to practice. The slightly open door will allow those who are walking by to hear the music. She is playing just about anything that comes to mind from classical music to more contemporary. She just loses herself when she's playing, but at the same time she still knows what it is going on around her]
04 October 2011 at 11:18 pm


04 October 2011 at 04:03 pm
[ oh, marina asylum! good morning! a rather pretty pretty face is presenting itself in the communicator. it's a bit belatedly, but oh, well, right? the cheeks are round (a bit of remaining baby fat), eyes blue and pale, eyelashes extraordinarily thick and long—although, golden not black or brown—and hair honey in color, but a little unkempt. it's incredibly youthful, and girlish just as much as it is boyish and vice versa. for a brief moment, there's a really concentrated look, and then— ]

It's really personal to be able to know all of that—[ the break between speaking is very slight; the accent is british, light and airy, and a little more raspy than what's normal for him. (his throat is a bit raw, you see.) ] My entire life. If you're going to be so sodding personal about it, the least you could do is address me properly. It isn't, "Welcome, inmate," it's: "Welcome, the Earl Alois Trancy of Buckinghamshire."

[ this is clearly important. clearly. his face rises a little and he slides his eyes shut in what's supposed to look like offended dignity. acumen, you are such lowlife. ]

Oh, but perhaps we don't even need titles. Oh, no. Let's just do without them completely. [ it's funny, because there's a half-truth to this. for all his aristocratic and snobby airs, he really fucking hates nobles. legitimate nobles. people born with silver spoons in their mouths who act as though the world owes them everything, and isn't that a laugh? hypocrisy? oh, hell yes! but, he doesn't care. ] Addressing the Earl by 'Alois Trancy'—or, hell, even Alois alone should be dandy, shouldn't it? But, inmate is not acceptable.

If I'm to remain here the rest of my li—

[ there's a quiver in his tone, a choke. his teeth set, his eyes clench, and he swallows very, very hard. —alois arrived sometime during the night, and being easily prone to night terrors, he had not slept through it. he awoke and imagine his dismay, of course, when he found he was not in his own bed. the majority of the rest of the night and early morning, once arriving, was spent throwing the most massive tantrum.

he screamed, hollered, wailed, sobbed, and called out for claude—his butler—time and time again. 'Houheo taralna, rondero tarel' was chanted again and again and again, in throat ruining desperation. he wrecked his welcome basket and did his best to throw himself against a wall, because someone needs to be punished for keeping him from claude (he didn't walk away without a few bruises, either). it's been hours later, and claude still hasn't appeared. he is devastated and furious. and!, in spite of his needless complaining, he's teetering. poorly trying to keep himself together. to say he's 'calmed down,' is an overstatement. he's simply bitter.

... Life. The rest of my life, then you'll call me 'Alois,' at the very least. [ 'inmate' sounds like a thing and fuck that, if he's going to feel like an object again. ]

Oh—! Though, I have to tell you: this is my first time seeing the ocean! [ his voice pitches here. it's lilting, amused, like suddenly he's having a friendly chat. (yeah, what? this kid.) ] I always knew it would be beautiful, because it's so large and so fucking deep, [ oh, best brace yourself for crude language, too, ] but I hadn't imagined to what extent. A lot of things are really easy to imagine, but there's probably not enough room in our brains alone to comprehend all the things that can be found in the ocean. In a way, I suppose you could say, you've given me something I've always wanted.

It's true, it's my first time seeing it, and I always suspected when Claude would finally take me to the shore I would only get to see the surface. And, as far into it I'd go would be up to my shoulders. The surface is really lovely, too, though. How it sits so close to the sky, like they're kissing. I've seen it in paintings and I'm always so jealous of the ladies who are painted next to them. Rivers and lakes aren't as beautiful. They don't have that sort of blue. They're only green and dirty. 'Paint my portrait, too, Claude,' I've asked him, but we're always too busy and much too far from the seaside. From anywhere, really. I don't think I've been anywhere outside of Buckinghamshire in ... hum, well, quite a long time! [ he giggles a little, and the recording shows him rocking slightly. he's sitting upon some mats, doing his best to avoid exercising entirely, and kicking one of his legs with youthful enthusiasm. ] Oh, ahaha, I've almost forgotten. Of course you must have known all that. You watch very closely, don't you? I wonder, just what kind of 'artificial life form' you are, Mister Acumen? Should you be evaluating yourself for crimes, too?

—Ah. [ his eyes widen a bit, and he stills. his head cants. ] I'm really well taken care of, you know. Just what do you intend to have me do about food, and bathing, and dressing?

(bitty ooc note!: ack, i um. could be wrong about this...? feel free to correct me! but, as it's tuesday, i'm assuming alois is in sector six for exercise today. c: please, feel free to run into him or visit him or whatevs!)
14 September 2011 at 03:39 pm
Upon entering Sector 4, the very large tent that stands framed by the beach is quickly noticeable. Closer, one can see colors dancing upon the white sheets, like opalesque spires under the moving onyx sky. As you enter one of the wings of the tents, grass give way to wooden flooring, and chains of white blossoms and gold ribbons line the sides. The open dance floor in the center bids one to look up to whimsical white-gold lamps, balls of light dancing in seas of violet, blue, green and pink organza. The fabrics fall down pillars adorned with leaves and flowers. Tables set in white and gold with jewel toned flowers sit at the four wings surrounding the dance floor.

... but it is far too early to take a seat. Smile and greet your fellow attendee, take the hand of a friend, and dance to the music.

Welcome to Marina Academy's First Promenade!

There are large tables with finger foods and punch (not spiked -- save it for the after-party!), and very little space near the walls (sorry, wallflowers! You won't get away so easily. )  After a large number of people are gathered together, Jeanne stands up on the small stage set to the side of the dance floor and taps on the microphone to get everyone's attention...

+ Info post / thread index (please read this first!)
+ Jeanne's greeting speech!
+ Prom King and Queen announcement. (Spoiler: It's Euphie and Kanda.)
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[Action//Voice | Open] Backdated to afternoon
10 September 2011 at 01:42 pm
[For anyone in or about the shelter kitchens, you might hear a loud **CLANG** followed by some low grumbling. And if you follow the sound, you'll find Zelgadis, hood and mask on and doing their job covering his face, but his sleeve is pushed up to expose the skin of his arm. His other hand wields a huge butcher knife, which he holds aloft -- ]

[ -- and then swiftly brings down, directly on his arm. Another **CLANG** sounds and he winces, looking down to find his slate-grey, stone skin completely unharmed. The knife, for its part, is mangled completely, and with another grumble he tosses it to the side, where it joins a growing collection of mangled cutlery.]


[Speaking quickly, as it's evident that he's frustrated,]

Does anyone have any idea how to get blood from a stone?
07 September 2011 at 04:38 pm
[Hello, Marina. Have a miffed ninja - oh hey, deja vu.]

It seems my stay here is to be permanent, then. I suppose I should, at least, be grateful for the basket. [He holds up the scented hand lotion gingerly. Really, Marina?]

This accessory... I would prefer not to have that, however. [Yeah, there's a ball and chain on his leg. Thank you, Acumen.]

However, a mystery still remains. Yesterday, I was informed that it was day one hundred and twenty-eight. Now, however, it appears to be day one hundred and thirty-one. I cannot pretend to understand how I managed to miss two days.

[He sighs, the irritation smoothed away from his expression.] It is still possible to regain my lyre, is that correct?
The 131st Day
05 September 2011 at 08:53 pm
Good morning, inmates. It is the 131st day of the third generation. More inmates will be integrated into the facility today, so please be aware of this disruption as you go about your day.

As you are likely aware, inmate Kohran Li will be hosting a Talent Show this evening, and inmate Jeanne Francaix is arranging a Promenade on behalf of the Academy tomorrow evening. Please direct concerns or requests to the appropriate party.

The dome will be preparing for autumn shortly. Take that into consideration and begin wrapping up your summer goings-on.

Inmate Xerxes Break, the item you requested is available for pick up at the entrance to the shelter in Sector 0.