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23 March 2012 at 08:25 pm
[Oh great, he'd completely forgotten to pick up a raincoat for the rain today and now he was suffering the consequences for it. Darn it all. He groaned as he dragged himself to the Garden Sapling, and sitting under the large cherry blossom tree. Frowning, he leaned his back against it and rubbed the bridge of his nose, which had now turned a bright red color, matching his hair. Being sick was annoying, and he didn't like it at all. With all the things that had been going on, Yuta had been uneasy about the prison, which distracted him from using his common sense, and now he was sniffling and sneezing all over the place.

He couldn't very well go back to the apartment though, not in this kind of condition. Yuta was too stubborn to admit he was feeling miserable and would do anything to get rid of this stupid cold, so he'd just stay there hoping that he'd get better over time. Hopefully no one he knew would find him, he really didn't want to be seen in such a bad state.
Wish prank mingle
13 March 2012 at 02:41 am
Deep Puck thoughts that mostly amount to 'be more fun, guys' )

The actual spell )

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[video/action → MINGLE] yeah, that's right
10 March 2012 at 01:16 pm
[The shelter is clearly equipped for a celebration to mark the changing of wardens. Everything is neat and tidy, with decorations and a generous food spread laid over the tables for the taking. There’s also the usual entertainment in the common areas – TVs, video games, movies. Maybe you can talk someone into an impromptu karaoke party. Why not? Sentience doesn’t mind.

There’s a party to be had, so get down with your bad self.

Need an invite? Aren’t quite sure what’s going on? Well, here’s a friendly neighbourhood Judith to explain it to you. The camera feed pans over a glammed up corner of the shelter’s common area before going back to her face. It’s clear she’s pleased by the set-up.

If I had known this was planned, I would have made some special cupcakes.

[Are you wondering what goes into Judith’s special cupcakes? Keep wondering.]

I suppose after all the excitement from last night, it’s nice to have some fun and relax. I’m not sure it’s fair to have one party directly following another – but maybe I’ll get to make up for missed opportunities. [She wanted to kick a robot’s face in, okay.]

((OOC: Mingle post for Sentience’s party in the shelter! The shelter is decorated with streamers and there’s a feast spread! But only three types of ice cream, though. Create threads and tag amongst yourselves! It’s a celebration, anything goes. Backdated slightly to the early evening.

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08 March 2012 at 10:50 pm
[The communicator crackles to life and a voice can be heard, soft at first as the headset is adjusted into place.] I’ve never seen the Eloquois Ocean before. [He sighs and it’s a moment before he speaks again, louder this time, though it's evident he's still fiddling with the device.] Let's see if this works, then.

I suppose there’s no use denying the claims. I certainly am guilty of, what, impersonation, assault, breaking and entering? Though animal cruelty seems a bit extreme. And murder..?

Perhaps the basket should be considered encouragement. And seeing as there’s not been a threat of execution… Tell me, is there anyone I can speak to in regards to my sentence?

[A pause.] Well, I’m in a right mess this time. If anyone happens to be listening.. well. What have I stumbled into exactly?
29 February 2012 at 10:10 pm
I was wondering if -- Is there a high school around here? I'm a senior, so I don't have much longer to go, but... I miss having something to do, and if I can enroll... I might as well finish it out here, right?

filtered to damon salvaore.

I think Katherine's gone. When I first got here, people kept -- asking me if they already knew me, and it was pretty easy to figure out that she was why... But I haven't seen her around, and I know she would've made some grand appearance at this point, especially since... You're here. Keep an eye out, okay?

end filter.
[ Action | Open ]
29 February 2012 at 12:47 am
[ Today, Guilford is taking a break from his work, and to further take his mind off of the events of the day-before-last. He can be found:

1) In the morning at Dani's, the coffee shop, enjoying a cup of black tea and some biscuits. The booth is empty, and there is only one cup, but surely he can't be expected to read and enjoy breakfast in peace when the establishment is so popular amongst the other inmates, now can he?

2) Spending mid-day in the library, perusing the shelves while he hopes something catches his eye. Fiction is the order of the day, and perhaps he should expand his reading now that he has the opportunity to peruse selections from multiple worlds so easily.

3) Finishing off the evening with a quiet drink at the tavern. The Devil's Compass might have had a number of occupants earlier in the day thanks to the other man's call, but it doesn't seem like a lot of individuals stuck around. Which suits Guilford just fine as he sits at a table, nursing some bourbon on the rocks. In an uncharacteristic sight, his glasses are off and resting on the table, and even his hair has been let down. His expression is far from being relaxed. ]
[action | open]
14 February 2012 at 04:26 am

[Kallen has settled into a pretty quiet life - almost normal. She's not quite at peace, with several million questions swirling in her head, but she's not sure who to trust with asking. So she remains silent, thinking of theories of what may have happened instead.

Today she's in the arcade, completely owning the shit out of the A.I. and yelling and in general being really, really competitive.]

No, no, no-- damn it! Lost again. All right, you think you can beat me? Think again stupid computer.

[Later she'll be shopping around - she's wanted a new light dress. She's thinking pink, actually, but in the end may go for a red sweater and some jeans. Girly things are so-- girly, after all. She thinks the robots around are just the usual - nothing strange here. Right?]

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[mingle] Mistletoe Bots
13 February 2012 at 04:14 pm
[Lovely day for being in any open, common area of the dome, isn't it? Of course there is a chance of kissing bot, but it's always something in the underwater prison.]

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[ video ]
06 February 2012 at 08:46 pm
[ When the video entry starts, there's a girl who is staring right into it with a look of mixed curiosity and confusion. Having gone through her welcome message she had a basic understanding of what sort of predicament she was in, but clearly this device was strange to her. She tapped the device lightly as if to see what would happen.

Then, with a very faint sigh, she shifts a bit to sit more comfortably. It was off screen but the sound of the chain at her ankle rattled in the process. ]

I don't remember just how it is I arrived here. The last thing I recall was being outside at home. But now...

[ There was a pause while she brushed loose strands of blue hair away from her face. ]

It had spoke of imprisonment; Of being brought here to pay for one's crimes.

[ A very faint tone of amusement could be detected in her tone, but it lacked humor. Her manner of speaking was different that what was to be expected of someone of her apparent age. ] I suppose it isn't something to be surprised about. While I don't understand how this all came to be I can't say I am undeserving of being held accountable for my actions.
[Video | Action | Filtered from Aidan] Forward dated to sometime after dark
27 January 2012 at 01:05 am
[Sometime after sun down, once Helix has successfully planted his little gift and escaped Axel. Helix decides it's high time to get the show on the road. The red head is probably still looking for him, so he's in a nondescript area for this. He's got a small window of time, best get the actual threat out before they find his little bomb. So Marina, you're greeted with the familiar blue visage.]

Greetings Marina. I have a public service announcement. [He seems serious yet very nonchalant.]

If I were you, I'd stay a good... [Pause to consider.] 200 feet--give or take--away from the Defense Force Headquarters. Unless you want to end up in tiny chunks splattered all over the sector.

There is currently a bomb hidden within and set to go off at midnight. [Which is only a few hours from now.]

You can thank me later for the heads up.

Have a nice day--Night--Whatever.

[A small, Wiley sort of smile before the feed shuts off. And he's making a point to move to a new location, just in case he can be traced like one would a cell phone call. He'll have to keep moving unless he ditches his headset, he's thought about it, but decides not to for one reason or another. He doesn't want to be caught too easily, but he doesn't really care if he is. It's not like there's any real threat or that he'll talk anyway.]
[video | action]
24 January 2012 at 08:14 pm
Good morning, Marina. My name is Michiru Kaiou. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in violin lessons. I played professionally at home and would like to offer my expertise if someone is interested in learning.

[Michiru will be in one of the practice rooms if someone should happen by, using the opportunity to tune her violin and get some practicing in]
[Mail Post | Day 150]
21 January 2012 at 08:29 pm
  • Sanji: a letter from Miwako Sakurada.

  • Nasuti & Hikaru Hitachiin

[Though PM finds herself contemplating a new set of duties with her acceptance to the Defense Force, she's naturally still going to deliver the mail. The slower mail day gives her the opportunity to try and adjust her schedule, along with other volunteers'. Still, she doesn't have her weapon yet, so it's mostly a matter of getting used to the idea of being on a force and also meeting her fellow coworkers.]

[So PM can be found either on her route, or learning her way around the Defense Force HQ!]

[Click here for pen pal signups. Mail submissions for Day 151 go here!]
[video - open]
02 January 2012 at 01:17 pm
[The message she received was all too strange. Is this a dream? Though she’s not entirely surprised she’s been caught and sent to prison. After everything she’s done… she’s technically a criminal right? She should accept her fate…

What she doesn’t notice are her restraints, or rather she underestimates them, causing her trip and her device to fall off and flip on. Her face shows an expression of slight pain, but she easily shakes it off as she stands up, picking her device up with her. Noticing it’s on, she does her best to force a smile. It looks genuine, but to anyone who knows her well enough, it’s easy to tell there’s a fake attribute to it.]

Ah, good morning everyone! I understand I have been brought here due to the crimes I’ve committed, but it seems we’re still allowed to communicate with one another, am I correct? I’m honestly so glad! [And that part is genuine. She rather doesn’t like being lonely.]

My name is Estellise, and it would be a pleasure to make all of your acquaintance. [Then a pause as she looks thoughtful…] Is there a library here or at least a place that sells books? If anyone could tell me, I would be so grateful!
31 December 2011 at 01:36 pm
[Euphie needed to make this call sooner. She would delay herself with thoughts that Guilford might be having a meal at one time or asleep at another. She told herself that while they were all in the shelter she might see him and answer for her demeanor better in person, but then she kept to her room, seldom leaving. She hadn't been hungry either, so snacks were taken at odd hours rather than traditional meal times. She wasn't interested in starving herself or making Nunnally and Suzaku worry unnecessarily.

But ever since learning Lelouch had left Marina with nothing to return to, it had been hard to be around others. Acumen always said people were held in some sort of suspension rather than going home, but she couldn't be sure of that. She couldn't be sure of anything except that he was like her. It was only in this prison that they could live and make new memories. It had been days since she was really living or making new memories for herself. That had to change for the sake of others if not her own. And it would change with a call.]

Guilford? If it isn't too much trouble I wonder if I could speak to you.
[video | open]
26 December 2011 at 10:41 pm
It's been nearly two weeks, now. Really- I've tried to be understanding. Crime must meet punishment for the functioning of society, as weak as this punishment truly is. Corrective containment without the reinforcement is all you need in a bubble full of petty thieves and murderers wet behind the ears.

It was quite cute, nearly charming for oh, say, the first few days. I laughed because jokes are meant to be funny, and I certainly didn't want to offend. That would be rude, and a princess minds her manners.


Surely the Almighty would find its time better spent dealing with crimes of a higher caliber.

I tire of all this camaraderie, this friendship that spoils even the bloodiest of hands. Punishment is most effective under fear, power, and brutal authority. You crush until the prisoners can no longer crawl on their own. How I hate to see all this opportunity wasted.

Take pleasure in the relationships you have established here, my fellow criminals! Enjoy this peace- for it is only the eye of the storm! People are nothing more than pawns, and without the proper measure, even pawns will turn and strike.

Speak to me of kindness and of love if you so desire. Soon you will understand how worthless it is in the end- how easily loyalty can be tossed aside by fools!

It is nothing- do you hear me? Nothing!

[ooc | Azula is going off the deep-end. I apologize to everyone I didn't tag in my last post- but I'm getting out of that RP slump, now and I'm back with some fresh crazy :)]
[Video//Action | Open] BANQUET MINGLE GO!
20 December 2011 at 12:16 pm
Good morning, Marina! [Have a very smiley pink haired girl on your video feed!] For anyone I haven’t met, I’m Lacus Clyne and I’m very glad to meet you.

It seems as though we’re all going to be in the shelter today, so we should make the best of things. I was thinking that we should get together and have a big winter banquet! Anyone who wants to help cook should please feel free to come to the kitchens and assist, and if not you should still come and enjoy the food with us.

Dinner will be served at 5 in the main cafeteria, and after that maybe we could have fun playing games and watching movies together. I hope everyone has a good day, and I hope to see everyone at the feast!

[A few minutes later]

I just learned that today is also Ritsuka’s birthday! To celebrate there will be a cake and some special desserts and decorations. [as many decorations as they can find without access to the store.] Everyone please, stop by to wish him a happy birthday!

((OOC Notes: Mingle post, open to all! Reply to Lacus by [video] or there are several action options: [cooking] any time before 5pm ICly, [dinner] a huge buffet of almost anything you could want, or [after dinner] for card games, board games, and movies throughout the cafeteria and nearby common rooms! Your character is in no way obligated to be at all of these, but they could be if you want~

Also! A link to Ritsuka’s birthday party will be added once it goes up. There will be cake and lots of special desserts and pretty decorations in one area of the cafeteria.

If anyone wants to intentionally or unintentionally sabotage the food, please contact me OOCly before you do so. Thanks and ENJOY!))
[ Video ]
07 December 2011 at 07:06 pm
[ Surprised to see him again, Marina? You should be. That makes at least two of you, as many things are a surprise to Guilford at the moment, starting with the fact that it was far too cold. He is utterly unprepared, dressed in a simple long-sleeve button-up shirt and slacks, and he is all but shivering as a robot looms behind him; between him and one of the Shelter entrances.

Also, he appears to have... sunglasses on? What's up with that?

Someone is unhappy about a lot of these facts, not least of which being the greeting he had just finished reading on the device he was now using to address all of you. ]

Someone explain to me why this infernal contraption will not stand aside and allow me passage to the underground quarters. [ His teeth are on the verge of chattering, but one can't tell because of how tense he has his jaw set. Yeah, he's just a little mad at the moment. Can you blame him? ] I was led to believe that there would be available rooms, and I would like to have the moment to evaluate my... situation. [ If one looks closer at the hands as he has his arms folded over his chest, clinging to himself for warmth, one can see the tip of a welcoming pamphlet clutched in tense fingers. ] Precisely how long will this "annual cleaning routine" last?

[ In a low tone, he wonders aloud as he gives the robot another sidelong glance. ] —and why is it so bloody cold?

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[ Action | Closed ]
17 September 2010 at 09:06 pm
[ He stood inside of the unoccupied shelter room that had been selected for today's... well, perhaps "procedure" was the best way to put it. Gino stood beside him, and Guilford gave him a weak look as his hand rested on the doorknob, awaiting Orihime's arrival.

The full weight of what was about to occur was catching up to him, and though it was set to relieve his burden, he could not but feel some apprehension. He was about to ask a young girl to use magic to remove his curse. When did he step from the history books into the pages of fantasy? ]

This is all so very strange. [ He said with a sigh. ]
[Action/Video | Open | Sector 5] II - Familiarity
14 September 2010 at 08:23 pm
[Quite pleased that the restraints had been taken off, and that no bot had come after her, she had taken to getting settled and getting things she might need -- most specially clothes, as the gown and embellishments were definitely not needed. Brochure in hand, she went around Sector 5 into the clothes store... and was frankly a little lost. One can actually make out the background of the racks and racks of clothing she does not seem to take heed of.

Perhaps asking for a little help wouldn't be so bad.]

Hello and good morning! First of all, I would like to thank Lady Euphemia li Brittania, Lord Lelouch vi Brittania and the Marina Welcoming Committee -- the pamphlet is very helpful, and the basket's contents were delightful. Thank you very much.

[She gave a polite bow, and --]

I have a few questions, however, if it is not too much of a bother --

Is there a place where one can buy material and sew?

Alternatively, are there tailors from whom I can ask for help? I do not have money, but I am sure we can arrange for an exchange in kind?
[ action | closed ]
04 September 2010 at 07:10 pm
Shall I think of honour as lies / Or lament its aged and slow demise? )
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